Do you stand for change? Do you hope for a clean government in the service of the people? Do you believe in a better Philippines? 

Are you for Noynoy Aquino for president?

Make a difference this Philippine presidential elections 2010. Volunteer for Noynoy at: http://noynoy.ph/volunteer.html

And don’t forget to exercise your right to vote!


Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is running during the Philippine presidential elections 2010.

Noynoy Aquino is running for president under the Liberal Party. Senator Mar Roxas is his vice president.

Noynoy stands for good governance, integrity, transparency, fiscal responsibility and true democracy.

This blog aims to open a forum of healthy discussion of the issues relevant to the campaign of Noynoy Aquino for president.


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  1. 1

    KC Catapusan said,

    Hi,I’m 24 yrs old, a call center agent, single-mom and a career-mom, as well. well, all i can say is, “Ninoy is the perfect person that we are looking for!” we all know that he can help strong Filipinas like me.
    anyway, i’m actually from tanay, rizal, Brgy. wawa to be exact..It’s still flooding in our area.we still have evacuees in the school.we are hoping that Ninoy could somehow extend help in our barangay.we guarantee that all of us tanayans, will be supporting noynoy, all-through-out… since we believed in him, and we admired Kris, also.
    WE Love ninoy!!! you’re not alone!!!!!!

  2. 2

    Jean said,

    I’m Jean 42yrs old currently working in Dubai… i’m for noynoy… i hope and pray he’ll make a difference to our battered country… sana di sya madiktahan ng kahit na sino dahil sa utang na loob… para umangat naman tayo… we are the most corrupt country, the poorest of the poor… and it will take a miracle… that miracle would be you, Noy… ipagpatuloy mo ang sinimulan ng iyong mga magulang… sana maging iba ka sa mga politicians…

  3. 3

    tala said,

    I am PRO-Noynoy! I just hope that he would stand as NOY-NOY who can make a difference. Not someone who will be just a puppet of the people around him.

  4. 4

    ren said,

    just want to inquire if u have any website that allows people to post blogs about noynoy? thanks! id like to help by addressing the issues that i hear in public places.

    • 5

      noypipol said,

      Hi Ren,

      No, we don’t have an user-generated blog.
      Although if you would like to be considered for a post on this blog, you may email your entry to Nina Sanchez at newsletter@noynoy.ph

      You are also welcome to send us links to entries you wrote on other blogs.

      Thank you!

  5. 7

    vilma said,

    i am for change.

  6. 8

    migo said,

    I am pro Pinoy! I hope that Noynoy will be like his father, Intelligent, Kind, and a strong will to make a change!

    I hope ninoy is still alive and be our next president. Noynoy, please adhere to your father’s strong principle of good governance.

  7. 9

    vincepaul valdez said,

    i am for change. i am a piNOYNOY!!!!

  8. 10

    chard said,

    im gonna volunteer because i believe that you will be an agent of change to our battered country!

  9. 12

    Cris said,

    months ago I am fed up with aspiring politician’s advestisement which keeps on airing every now and then…all those papogi points, makamasa effect, pro-mahirap and everything are really nerve wrecking…so I told myself, do I need to vote??? But all were changed when Noynoy proclaimed his candidacy…Nasabi ko na lang, “sana sya na nga”! Keep it up!

  10. 13

    niwde said,

    Isa akong kawani ng gobyerno at sa tagal ko na dito alam ko na rin na ultimo kaliit liitang kawani ay apektado na rin ng corruption, gumagawa ng corruption , biktima, at katulong sa paggawa ng corruption. Minsan ko nang sinubukan na ituwid ang mga kamaliang nakikita ko sa paligid ko pero sad to say nasa pamunuan din ang dahilan kung bakit nagpapatuloy ito. Lahat ng maaaring mapagsumbungan ay kasapakat nila.Sa dami ng mga opisyal na tiwali sa gobyerno kinabibilangan ko ay kayang kaya nilang paikutin ang sistema at ikaw ang babaligtarin. Marami akong ebidensya ng corruption ngunit yung mga pinagsumbungan ko,sila pa ANG NAGTUTUWID ng mali at ako pa ang inilayo para magawa nila ang gusto nila . Isa lang ako ,marami sila, bagamat gusto ko ng pagbabago sa gobyerno kinabibilangan ko mahirap gawin dahil isa lang ako at marami sila dun sa taas. Ngayon alam ko kasama na ako sa volunteer dito alam ko hindi na rin ako nag iisa. kasama nyo na rin ako magmula ngayon

  11. 14

    im for liberal party pres for noy and vice for mar sobra na tama na ang ginawa nila sa plipinas natin were paying taxes religiously halos di na makakain ang mga tao sa kakabayad ng taxes pero saan ginamit ang pera ill site u an example dito sa amin lugar sa iligan particularly sa purok mabuhay road may budget na 600,000.00 para sa cementing of road alam nyo na cguro kung ilang meters ang mapuntatahan ang pera na yan but it only takes 50 meters we went to dpwh complaining this matters but they only answered the contractor has shared, sub contractor and the barangays anong ibig sabihin nito…. haarap harapan na ang nakawan ng pera akala cguro nila hindi marunong magcompute ang mga tao ..NOY please when ur in malacanang soon please try to check infrastructure projects… dyan napunta halos ang pera sa bayan pero walang nangyari kanya kanya ang bulsa ng pera…….mayroon pang mga posters ng mga politiko nakadikit.

    • 15

      Hello Virgenia,

      I’m happy to tell you that Noynoy, now as Senator and even more as president, wants roads and other infrastructure to be properly handled and budgeted, and done so efficiently. He believes this is very important not only for the economy but for the people living in surrounding areas as well.

      Tuloy ang Laban!

  12. 16

    Erombo Ang said,

    Allow me compare President Arroyo and President Marcos

    Marcos Arroyo
    1. Corrupt ./ ./
    2. Spouses corrupt more? ./ ./
    3. Cheating each election? ./ ./
    4. Declared Martial Law? ./ ./
    5. Comelec as Tuta? ./ ./
    6. Likes to be president lifetime? ./ ./
    7. Human rights violation? ./ ./
    8. Cronies? ./ ./
    9. Military as Tuta? ./ ./
    10.President and Prime Minister? ./ she is drooling

    May I volunteer. I am in the US now but I will be going home this coming March 1 up to the end of May 2010. I am from Zamboanga del Norte and I will be delighted if you can include me as one of the campaign volunteers in that province. Please email me who are those that are already working there. I will communicate with that help is coming. I will see them as soon as I land Dipolog City. I have done this in 1986 volunteering for Cory and for democracy. Now, I have this burning desire do something for my country. NOYNOY I AM WITH YOU, COUNT ME IN.

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