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Cory-Ampatuan link: Poor research or polluted sources?

to: Isagani Yambot
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Dear Sir,

After reading Belinda Olivares-Cunanan’s 10 December 2009 “Political Tidbits” column in the PDI, I was very alarmed to see that Mrs. Cunanan stated as a “fact” that Former President Corazon C. Aquino appointed Andal Ampatuan Sr. as OIC of Maganoy in 1986.

As an avid reader of the PDI, I am disappointed to see such an irresponsible statement printed, whether or not it is attributable to poor research or polluted sources.

What is perhaps more disturbing is that this malicious historical error has been refuted over and over by credible sources even from within your paper.

Furthermore, Fr. Eliseo “Jun” Mercado, OMI, has publicly corrected the outright lie that President Aquino appointed Andal Ampatuan Sr. as OIC.

The truth is that Ampatuan Sr. was already OIC of Maganoy (now Shariff Aguak) and was appointed by the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, when President Aquino came to power. In fact, President Aquino *removed* the Ampatuan patriarch and replaced him with a non-political member of the Ampatuan clan, Datu Bodhi Ampatuan, who served as Chief of Police in Maguindanao.

Fr. Mercado, who was then parish priest and NAMFREL Chairman of Maguindanao, personally told Ampatuan Sr. that the latter was being replaced by President Aquino. Read the rest of this entry »


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Jun Mercado, OMI: No link between Cory and Ampatuans

DISCLAIMER: This text is redacted from Jun Mercado’s blog on GMA News. Read the full text here.

“These were the actual arrangements in the political chess board when the Massacre occurred in the Province of Maguindanao that fateful morning of the 23rd of November 2009.”

Background: What is warlordism?

The Maguindanao massacre brought to the fore the issue of ‘warlodism’ in Muslim Mindanao. 

Warlordism in the Philippines, especially in Muslim Mindanao, is primarily based on a feudal system that continues to characterize the power relations not only between clans and families but also between the central power (Manila) and the periphery.

Warlordism is often associated with two major issues. The first issue involves the control over the machineries of the state that includes the security sectors (PNP and the AFP).

The second issue is about lawlessness with impunity. 

The ‘warlords’ are sort of ‘sui generis’ – ‘the rule of law’ is understood as the execution of their whims and caprices.

In modern times, the power basis of the warlords is no longer measured by the blood ancestry but by the actual ‘connection’ of the warlords to the all powerful Presidency of the Republic. 

People cite the infamous three “Gs” – guns, goons, and gold – in the making of the warlords. 

But the sad tragedy is that these three “Gs” are government’s ‘properties’.

Under the present dispensation, particularly in the ARMM, people speak in whisper of yet another ‘G’. 

That fourth ‘G’ refers to Gloria or President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Read the rest of this entry »

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Explainer: Why Noynoy Aquino won’t be on Nov 29 “Isang Tanong Isang Sagot”

This is a response to the mounting questions as to why Senator Noynoy Aquino did not participate on the second half of “Isang Tanong, Isang Sagot,” which will air on November 29.

Senators Aquino and Roxas will be filing their certificates of candidacy on November 28, and the decision to do so was made as early as the first week of November.

According to the Omnibus Election Code, and in light of the recent Supreme Court decision in the case of Penera vs. Commission of Elections, after the certificate of candidacy has been filed (Nov 28 in the case of Senators Aquino and Roxas), candidates may not participate in election-related events until February 9, 2010, for those vying for national positions Read the rest of this entry »

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Noynoy Aquino on burying the remains of Marcos at Libingan ng Mga Bayani

In the interest of TRUTH against some news articles that had irresponsibly taken the Senator’s words out of context, here are the words spoken by Sen Noynoy Aquino himself.

During the open forum at the Isabela provincial capitol on Friday 20 November, a reporter asked Sen Noynoy Aquino for his stand on moving the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ remains to the Libingan ng mga Bayani if Sen Aquino becomes president.

His answer:

“Mayroon akong personal na opinion diyan. Pero kung magiging presidente ako, hindi pwedeng pairalin ito, dahil hindi ako diktador. Ang dapat diyan ay mayroong pagpupulong kung saan makakarating sa isang desisyon from a majority. Decision should be as president, not personal.”

We hope this clears any misinterpretations.

~ Ed.

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Corruption: An Inconvenient Truth

Tired of the never-ending exposés on graft and corruption? Changing the leadership or the system isn’t as easy as it may sound. Fortunately, you can affect your own corner of the world. But that change has to start first from within.

by Rick Olivares

Public display of corruption
The man behind the clerk’s counter took a long puff from a cigarette then exhaled. If the menthol in the stick soothed his nerves, first his actions, then words, betrayed his true emotions. “Mga aktibista,” he spat. “Hindi pa nila naintindihan ang takbo ng mundo.”

This monologue happened recently at the Land Transportation Office in Cubao, Quezon City, where a couple of college students had put up a few posters with a stinging message in big bold and black letters: WAG MAGLALAGAY PARA SA MAPAYAPANG PILIPINAS.

A cabbie of perhaps 40-plus summers was renewing his license when he overheard the clerk’s muttered disdain. He laughed and chimed in, “Mga bata pa…”

It was as if the man had pronounced the students with all finality, that once they’ve graduated from college to the real world, they will understand its machinations and the convenience of skirting the proper way.

Apparently, the driver had some problems with his license due to a vehicular accident, and for his license to clear, he greased the palms of the man behind the counter. Only when the pesos were counted did the clerk allow a mirthless smile. “Sige, okay na. Pwede mo na kunin.” Read the rest of this entry »

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RH Bill: A matter of conscience

by Jaime Oscar M. Salazar

Certain representatives of the Catholic Church, a staunch and powerful opponent of the reproductive health (RH) bill, have gone as far as threatening those in favor of the controversial piece of legislation with excommunication. A somewhat less extreme reaction has been to imply or to state outright that any supporter of the RH bill would do well to leave the Church. For example, Rev. Fr. Robert S. Embile, JCL, in a letter published in Philippine Daily Inquirer on October 20, 2009, said that, “Any believer who does not abide with the teachings 100 percent is not a genuine Catholic.” Such reaction perhaps stems from the misconception—an erroneous one, in light of the actual provisions contained therein—that the RH bill legalizes abortion. It does not. Read about it

Despite the difference in degree from excommunication, such a pronouncement is animated by the same impulse of exclusion from the community of the faithful, as though the position of the Church on reproductive health were so absolute and so unambiguous as to leave no room for healthy, critical discussion, much less disagreement. This is certainly not the case for “artificial” contraception.

The condemnation of “artificial” birth control is enshrined in the papal encyclical Humanae Vitae, and what seems to be its most significant argument is that “artificial” birth control methods seek to separate the unitive and the procreative functions of sexual intercourse—functions that God made inseparable. Though “based on natural law”, and in line with what has been “constantly taught by the magisterium of the Church”, such a formulation ultimately begs the moral question, saying little more than this: artificial contraception is morally wrong because what it does is, and has always been, bad. It is a circular argument: it presupposes what it seeks to establish. In other words, The conclusion that artificial contraception is bad, is supported by the same premise: that artificial contraception is bad.

Even the assertion itself that artificial contraception is inherently wrong is also difficult to sustain, as will be shown below.

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The Truth About Noynoy Aquino’s So-called “Dark Secret”



This is to refute the malicious allegations raised in an article titled “Noynoy’s Dark Secret” written by Alfred Dalizon and published in the October 26, 2009 edition of the People’s Journal.

This is an old story and it is unfortunate that Mr. Dalizon’s article got the facts completely wrong. A certain “Charlotte Marie Datiles” indeed died during the August 28, 1987 coup d’etat. She was not the girlfriend of Senator Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III nor was she in the same car as the senator.

According to Ramon Tulfo in his September 9, 1987 column “On Target” that appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, she was the 19-year-old girlfriend of a certain Lt. Teodoro Sanchez, an undercover operative of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Tulfo wrote: “Sanchez and Datiles and another ISAFP agent were passing by Malacañang aboard a car during the attack on the palace. They came from a mission following up a lead in the slaying of Local Government Secretary Jaime Ferrer. Sanchez’s car was sandwiched between the Palace guards and the rebels firing at each other.”

A copy of the said article is attached. While we all expect evil propaganda of this nature to continue as the election nears, we have no doubt that truth will prevail in the end. We must not be distracted in the campaign to fight for what is right. The Filipino people deserve nothing less. Our call remains: “Tanggaling ang tiwali, itama ang mali!”

Florencio “Butch” Abad
Campaign Manager


View the text of the September 9, 1987 PDI article about that incident here:

On Target


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