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Love for Country Index — a personal e-mail

From: Robert

Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2009 17:07:56 -0800

To all,

I am a member of a forum for Ateneo graduates and I was asked by a friend C.B. on why I was supporting this movement for the Noynoy – Mar candidacy.   Previous to this, there was an article written by Emil Jurado questioning the legislative record of Noynoy.

Following is my reply:

Subject: Love of country versus love of self Index


My decision to back the Noynoy Aquino – Mar Roxas ticket is based on a simple idea. Read the rest of this entry »


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10 Things you can do to Support Noynoy and Mar

10 Things You Can Do To Support Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas

  • Tie a yellow ribbon in your gate/car/motorcycle/tricycle/ jeepney. Magtali ng yellow ribbon sa inyong mga gate/kotse/ motorsiklo/ trisikol/jeep
  • Put up the sign/poster or streamer “Tuloy ang Laban” in front of your house or office. Magpagawa at ilagay ng poster or streamer “Tuloy ang Laban” sa harap ng inyong tirahan o opisina.
  • Organize your own group to talk about Noynoy for President and Mar for Vice President. Feedback your groups comments to our center. Magorganiza ng grupo at pagusapan ang kandidatura ni Noynoy bilang presidente ni Mar bilang pangalawang pangulo. Ipadala ang inyong mga rekomendasyon sa aming sentrong pangugnayan
  • Organize a family reunion, pulong bahay, picnics or fun/sports/games and other activities in your neighborhood, and include time to talk about the election and why you support Noynoy and Mar. Magsagawa ng fmily reunion, pulong bahay, piknik, palaro atbp., at isama ang konting panahon upang pagusapan ang eleksyon at kung bakit sinusuportahan natin si Noynoy at Mar.
  • Join any of the organizations supporting Noynoy and Mar. Sumali sa mga grupong sumusuporta kay Noynoy at Mar.
  • Write letters to the editor, school papers,create blogs and social networking sites explaining your support for Noynoy and Mar. Sumulat ng letters to the editor, o sa mga school papers, o gumawa ng blog at sa mga social networking sites tulad ng Friendster o Facebook at ipahayag ang inyong pagsuporta kay Noynoy at Mar.
  • Talk with your parish priest or religious leader, and request for a meeting with faith-based organization to talk about Noynoy for President and Mar for Vice President. Kausapin ang pari sa inyong parokya, or ang pinuno ng inyong relihiyon, upang hikayatin ang faith-based organization sa inyong lugar na pag-usapan si Noynoy para sa pagkapresidente at si Mar sa pagka-bisepresidente.
  • Regularly share with us at the Volunteer Center the work you are doing for Noynoy and Mar. Ugaliing makipag-ugnayan sa Volunteer Center upang ipaalam ang mga ginagawa nyo para sa pagsuporta kay Noynoy at Mar.
  • Make your own 10 things you can do to help Noy-Mar, and share it with the Volunteer Center. Gumawa ng sariling listahan ng sampung bagay na pwede mong gawin para matulungan si Noy-Mar, at ibahagi sa amin dito sa Volunteer Center.

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Glimmers of Hope and Change

by Louie Lapat,
Davao del Norte

Wherever I go and when perfect strangers talk to me about politics, the topic would always fall on truth, transparency in government, corruption and their excitement to vote and aspirations of a clean and credible election this coming May 2010.

Again, this is triggered by that piece of yellow ribbon which I wear everyday when I go out along with that Lipad Pinoy pin on the strap of my backpack. As what I had shared in my previous post, this yellow ribbon is indeed a silent campaign material that ignites excitement among the people who will see it and reminds them of the noble task that lies ahead of us: to elect leaders who will take this country forward, unite and inspire us and clean the system of governance that has long been tainted with corruption and immorality in the past years. That’s what we are fighting for and we must win this together. Read the rest of this entry »

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Kay Noy ipagkakatiwala ang kinabukasan

In keeping with the conviction that the Internet is a forum for the voice of the people to be heard, we asked Noy’s Facebook fans, “Bakit nais ninyong kay Noy ipagkatiwala ang kinabukasan ng ating bayan?” In two days, we got 200 responses. Here’s some of the responses, unscripted, unedited, undirected. Take a look at what YOU got to say. Read the rest of this entry »

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The true meaning of People Power

by Mark Anthony D. Malcampo,
Paranaque City

Thanks to the democracy that Ninoy died for and Cory nurtured, we have a chance in 2010 to elect a leader to clean up the mess that our current administration brought us into. Nobody except Noy represents a legacy and platform of hope, optimism and change. I am for Noy because he embodies our nation’s collective aspirations for a clean and honest government.

I was born in 1985, a year before EDSA I. I have only read, watched, or listened to stories of those who faced the tanks with flowers and sandwiches – ordinary people who bravely defied a tyrannical regime. All I knew was that we owe the democracy we were enjoying to those people. I took it for granted and I never knew what the Spirit of EDSA was.

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100,000 Facebook Fans and Counting!

Noynoy Aquino Facebook Account Reaches 100,000 members

We now have more than 100k supporters on Facebook. Dahil sa inyo, mas marami na akong fans kay Kris 😀 Salamat,” tweeted presidential candidate Senator Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III today on his Twitter Account.

This outpouring of online support reflects the substantial role the Internet will play in the 2010 presidential elections. Presidential aspirants have been using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to gather and rally supporters.

Noynoy’s Facebook Fanpage, which was started last September, had garnered around 30,000 fans in just two weeks. A month after it was made an official Facebook fanpage, 60,000 more people had joined the account.

The 100,000th member joined on Thursday 5 November, at 8:05 AM Manila time.

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Wearing Yellow

by Jeanne Carmel Puertollano,
Quezon City

The fifth of August 2009 will forever be etched in my mind. From La Salle, I marched with several other members of the community to pay our final respects to the woman to whom I am greatly indebted to for the freedom I enjoy.

As the flag-draped coffin on top of the truck guarded by four honorable men from the Armed Forces passed by me along Roxas Boulevard and “laban” signs were flashing right before my very eyes, I knew that Filipinos will never be the same after the heroine of democracy has been laid to rest. I knew that the dormant activists will be awakened:  like the heat of the lava that comes out of a volcano after it has erupted, citizens of this country knew that the country needs a revolution. Somehow, hours spent being drenched in the rain, weeping for the loss of the country’s former leader, the fire inside each mourner’s heart started burning.

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