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Visualizing what’s at stake

by Nina Sanchez

Here is a visualization of the Common Credo, thanks to a nifty online tool called Wordle. The Common Credo is the spirit behind Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas’ platform. (By the way, has anyone seen the other candidates’ published platforms?)

These words instantly jump out at me: People. Restored. Principles. Public. Unity. Integrity. Genuine. Freedoms. Democracy. Share. Lead. Commit. Filipino. MUST BELIEVE.

In so many words, this is what Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas represent. The transformation of a country that so desperately needs it. Read the rest of this entry »


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Martial Law: a culmination of GMA’s long grasp on power

by Carlos Garchitorena

Ring the bells. Martial law has once again sounded throughout the land.

In unprecedented violence, disregard for human dignity, and the peace of mind that only comes with impunity, the unearthing of the Maguindanao Massacre is the latest open secret of this administration.

Fifty-seven bodies and the tangled steel of their cars were lifted from the ground—televised evidence that, in this land, brute force still prevails. Might is right. Power begets power.

Unsurprisingly, Mrs Arroyo has replied in similar fashion; brute force; the iron fist; extraordinary means to contain an extraordinary embarrassment. The Maguindanao Massacre and the resulting Proclamation 1959 is the clearest indictment of Mrs Arroyo and her fictitious Matatag na Republika.

The illusion of a nation-state accountable for its citizens has been undermined for the last time. It has been undermined by toothless laws and propagandist decrees; by the intellectual dishonesty of some, and the brazen ignorance of others, and the political impotence of the rest. The nation-state has been weakened by the constant coddling of criminals inside and outside the moth-eaten blanket of presidential authority.

Nobody is held accountable for our country’s ineffectiveness anymore. Senate and congressional inquiries are snubbed and suppressed; motions for impeachment are designed specifically to fail; and everyone who plays along gets a goody bag at the end of the day. Read the rest of this entry »

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Maguindanao: Impunity continues to reign supreme under GMA administration UPDATED

Latest news: Government weapons found in lot near Ampatuan mansion, investigators confirm they belong to government arsenal. Read the story.

The departure of foreign forensic experts from Maguindanao because the places they were staying in kept being visited by alarming armed men, means Justice once more recedes for the victims of the Ampatuan Massacre, while the dark shadow of impunity deepens over the area.

This only shows that what the administration has been doing is posturing as it remains unwilling to enforce the law without fear or favor due to the web of lies and past favors in which the President, her cabinet, and the Ampatuans are tangled.

If anyone had any doubt that ultimately, Justice would become a victim in the continuing crime of this adminsitration being trapped by “utang ng loob,” just as its former and present allies have refused accountability and justice out of transactional ties to the President, no one should doubt anymore that under this administration and its ruling party, impunity will continue to reign supreme.

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Righteous indignation vs corruption, not hatred – Mar


Senator Mar Roxas today said Filipinos’ righteous indignation against the corruption and wrongdoings of the Arroyo Administration, and not hatred, fuels the call for transformational change in the national leadership that Liberal Party standard-bearer Senator Noynoy Aquino and the LP national slate carry as their platform for the 2010 national election.

Roxas said Malacanang’s mistaken notion that Aquino’s call for reforms is a “platform of hatred” against President Arroyo only proves the Administration is out of touch with reality that leads to the corruption that pervades in government now.

“Talagang lantad na lantad na ang pagka-manhid ng administrasyon sa tunay na nararamdaman ng taumbayan (The administration’s uncaring attitude towards the true feelings of the people is evident),” he said.

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Our Common Credo

Our Common Credo

see the pdf version

A government, based on core values of transparency, personal and institutional integrity, honesty, and good governance, is a goal we must all share. To achieve this goal, we must unite based on shared principles.

We therefore present this Credo to the Filipino People so that our basis for unity is clear and unequivocal. These are our guiding principles in approaching the perils and problems of our society as elected officials, and we hold ourselves accountable to each other and the public to uphold these principles in the campaign and in office. Read the rest of this entry »

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PLATFORM: Noynoy Aquino’s Social Contract with the Filipino People



simple pdf version || one-page version for printing

A National Leadership in Need of Transformational Change

  • Its legitimacy is under question;
  • It persecutes those who expose the truth about its illegitimacy and corruption;
  • It stays in power by corrupting individuals and institutions;
  • It confuses the people with half-truths and outright lies;
  • It rewards, rather than punishes, wrongdoing;
  • It offers no lasting solutions for the many problems of the country;
  • It weakens the democratic institutions that hold our leaders accountable.
  • It hinders our local governments from delivering basic services;
  • It has no vision of governance beyond political survival and self- enrichment.

A People Crying out for Change Read the rest of this entry »

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An Inconvenient Truth, Part 2

Think that today’s students are clueless about national and social issues? They are far more active and inquisitive about them. But how do our schools communicate that to them? Rick Olivares visits several institutions and talked to administrators, teachers, and students about how corruption and other issues are discussed in our classrooms.

“Bakit pa nila kailangan mangurakot?”

It is a question asked by many students to their teachers (and parents) across the country. It isn’t as simple a question during class. Today’s students feel the impact of social issues on their lives.

Ruth Katalbas, a teacher at the Community of Learners, a private elementary and secondary school located in New Manila, Quezon City, says that she and her fellow faculty members are asked that all the time from students. Read the rest of this entry »

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