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Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III is running during the Philippine presidential elections 2010.

Noynoy Aquino is running for president under the Liberal Party. Senator Mar Roxas is his vice president.

Noynoy stands for good governance, integrity, transparency, fiscal responsibility and true democracy.

This blog aims to open a forum of healthy discussion of the issues relevant to the campaign of Noynoy Aquino for president.

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    Alejandro B. Ibay said,

    The articles below is UNEQUIVOCAL SUPPORT for NOYNOY
    I hope they get published too in Noynoy’s website. Lots of
    Pinoys in Ontario, Canada had already read it in
    BALITA, Toronto.

    thanks from

    Aleajndro B. Ibay

    By Alejandro B. Ibay
    (First of two parts)

    Published in BALITA Toronto October 1-15, 2009

    In most contract documents, especially on insurance and likewise in medicine labels, the unaware or the sight-challenged get kicked in the butt because they didn’t pay attention to the fine prints. In the above title it’s only a two-letter word. Of course, Noynoy can’t win, by all or any means (not counting by hook or by crook), so says all the other winners and their barkers, hackers and backers. Conversely, Noynoy might win the election because of a tsunami of voters support, but later lose the presidency because of the rascals within.
    This an attempt to do an extensive (but not exhaustive) scanning of the election environment which include facts and rumours, people and dummies, butterfly-opportunism and scruples, sincerity and plasticity, hidden agenda and secret agenda, cash and checks, blind loyalty and arse-kissing, bribes and sinecures and more of the same. The fact remains writing about election can hardly be scientific when surveys and candidates can be secretly bidded for or bought; and when only the voters’ ceiling selling price can be of public knowledge. Only God, the devil and buyers know the last price of a candidate who’s secretly for sale. Only some COMELEC people knows if there is as alleged, a candidate’s proclamation price.

    Philippine elections held today are hardly normal or regular. Or uninteresting or boring. Each and every election is significantly different from the past one. Technology, people’s desire and craving change in their nature and intensity. GIGO (garbage in-garbage out) computers stand for the radical techno-change in honest and dishonest elections. Where before cheating can only be designed in softwares, it can now be selectively embedded in hardwares. If election computers can be designed like slot machines in the casinos with the people as owners, they will always end up winners, though they cheat themselves. It’s like no matter how massive you are cheated, you end up with honest results. Never happens in the Philippines, of course.

    The other big variable causing dissimilarities in the conduct of elections are desires and cravings—their changing nature and intensity. Desires and cravings constitute the essence of Buddhism in place of a belief in God. Moreover, desires and cravings transcends religion and redefines human relationships. Generally, their manifest indicators are the changing web of support and opposition to a candidate, the large increase in money circulation, changing color of friendships, and the physical elimination of enemies .
    Noynoy can’t win the 2010 elections, if:

    • If there’s no election
    • If he is cheated in the election
    • If only a minority voted for him
    • If his campaign machinery is unable to form, operate; instead splinters and folds up. And
    • Martial Law whatever is declared

    If elections are held, Noynoy can’t win if he appeared clueless, backboneless or failed to make a strong stand for or against the following socio-economic and political issues:

    PRESIDENTIAL CONTENDERS. If the free for all situation among contenders will change such that Noynoy will run in a three corner fight: against the administration candidate (Gibo Teodoro or de Castro, or Escudero or Legarda) , and from another opposition party (Villar) and provided Erap drops out, Noynoy can win the election. Erap’s running decreases the chances of Noynoy to become president. It will divide the anti-administration votes. Erap’s running will serve as effective smoke screen for the magic that can happen to millions of votes cast for Noynoy. In which case, it’s not 1986 but 2004 again. The opposition have not learned lessons of history which is what happened to FPJ. Noynoy can’t win under that situation. Worse, Erap’s candidacy effectively emasculates the possibility of mass actions of protests against election fraud aimed at Noynoy. A few deaths can replicate the recent events in Iran. A scary calm after the storm.

    It will be darn exciting however, if unforeseen events intervened and the fight becomes Homeric—Between Noynoy (Liberal Party) and Villar (Nationalista Party). It could mean rebirth and revival of the much clean two party system of the good old days.

    HIS PARTY BAGGAGE. The dynamics within the Liberal party appears to be in flux. The democratic party system mechanics in Philippine politics has been so bastardized to as to defy classification. Unprincipled and personalistic, political parties are solely based on possession of distributable resources in the form of cash, power and authority. Any president in power can organize his own party. There is no dearth of party butterflies. Defeated parties retreat into their cocoons, until some members morph into those in power.
    The tragedy of political parties is their tradition—not so much of their history of service—but more because of their members whose image is just a notch below derision and spittle distance from the populace. Somehow, politicians regardless of party affiliations are tolerated if not respected and even loved in their constituencies. The people depend on their service and assistance, no matter how palliative or inadequate. Better than nothing some people will say, like the services received from substandard emergency clinics of government hospitals. Fittingly or not, they are called trapos –a term for traditional politicians—whose meaning can make their children cry. Because trapo is a cloth rag used to wipe away dirt and slime of surfaces. They aren’t and can’t be washed clean. Though dirtier than dirt, is kept for repeated use for lack of a better material substitute. Trapos (not the politicians) are important in squatter areas and poor communities to keep houses and furniture cleaned of their dusts.

    Nowadays it seems the support of two taipans can be stronger than the support of a political party. It is not the party’s critical mass but the mass of the disgruntled demographics that will carry Noynoy to victory. The support of Liberal Party is not expected to be a decisive factor in Noynoy’s loss or triumph in the election.

    RELIGION AND MASA. If Noynoy will distinguish the voters in terms of their religious or theistic affiliations, he can consider their votes in droves, in clusters or in small groups. The Iglesia ni Cristo, the Confederation of Christian Churches, the El Shaddai, Jesus is Lord, The Muslims, etc. are those which can probably deliver in droves. Noynoy should know if they really can deliver based on what they will ask and what he can promise.
    Noynoy will probably know if the votes are solid or splintered by the nature and weight of the agreed compromise. Individual preferences are oftentimes surrendered to the welfare of co-believers in the same sect. And he should be able to smell the charlatans. Noynoy is likely to lose their votes if he turns his back on any of them—voters in big bundles.

    NOYNOY’s FAMILY. Noynoy being an only son with four sisters creates doubt on his macho image and magnifies perception of possible weakness arising from vulnerability and dependency on support, care and affection of female members of his family. The fact that his mother or a sister chooses his clothes and other things for him should generate more votes. He lacks the propensity for extravagance and vanity. Noynoy not being a dresser now negates not his becoming a good dresser if and when he becomes president.
    Strong views seem apparent on highly visible relatives like Peping and Tingting Cojuangco, Lupita Kashihawara, Butz Aquino, Tessie Oreta and Paul Oreta. Suffice to say, it is NOT Christian or Islamic to line them up a wall and pelt them with stones. It is enough that for now Noynoy is keenly aware that the public knows them as his relatives whose potential contributions are suspect. He might win the election despite them. However, he could also lose the Presidency because of them. They (and of course, salivating greedy cronies) could put him on the wrong side of history.

    PERCEIVED PERSONAL DEFICIENCIES. Despite all the criticisms trumpeting his lack of knowledge and skill, his unpresidential look and his lack of achievement, Noynoy must be feeling good with very strong conviction about the aphorism of Hazlitt:
    It is wonderful how soon men acquire talents for offices of trust and importance. The higher the situation, the higher the opinion it gives us of ourselves, and as is of our confidence, so is our capacity. We assume an equality with circumstances.
    Loosely paraphrased in our context: “It’s cool how quick we gain knowhow required by important positions of trust. The higher the position, the higher becomes our self-esteem and confidence and higher also, our ability to act. We are equal to the demands of office whatever the circumstances.” Call this Ibay maxim if Noynoy wins. In another article I referred to this axiom as “the position makes the man.” Noynoy of course can’t win, if to the voters—swayed by influential critics—think the above is nothing but bullshit or hogwash.
    Politics is the art of the possible and stretchable. To make that stretch: Noynoy can be likened to a lackadaisical sleeping dog awakened by his master to guard the perimeter. His political foes then should have “let the sleeping dog lie.” Lest they be badly beaten.
    End of First Part

    (Last of two parts)
    By Alejandro B. Ibay

    Published BALITA, Toronto, October 16-31, 2009

    In the first part I attempted to elaborate the significance of selected issues and variables. I also implied that winning the election is not tantamount to winning the presidency. So far the first part tackled: presidential contenders, political party baggage, experts riding his shoulders, his family and his alleged multiple inadequacies. This part expounds more issues believed to be of equal importance.

    EXPERTS ON HIS SHOULDERS. Short of a biblical deluge or a nuclear holocaust, few national leaders can start on a clean slate. When the Aussies drove out the Indonesian soldiers along with their bureaucrats from East Timor (Timor Leste), UN peacekeeper and peace builders landed with high hopes of creating a new nation. So were its two revolutionaries Tsanana Guzmao and Oscar Horta and the masses of poor Timorese. In the beginning, the entire political system and bureaucracy became write-off machineries and were thrown away for good.

    But the bureaucracy and the political arena may now no longer be the clean slate expected initially. Guzmao and Horta, historic first president and first prime minister, respectively, have to exchange places in the slate for very valid reasons. In fine, some bureaucrats of the old regime especially the professionals are back in the new bureaucracy. In a good way, this development meets the need for professional like doctors, accountants and engineers. The Singapore experience of Lee Kuan Yew can be different but close and handy.

    The despotic cases of Mao, Fidel Castro, Myanmar Generals and the Khmer Rouge who had come close to being able to really clean the slate and made it stay clean is not relevant and is only mentioned in passing. Yet the critics of Noynoy don’t seem to be far off in asking for a likely clean slate which is devoid of expert politicians and high bureaucrats riding his alleged incapable shoulders.

    To these well-intentioned critics Noynoy can’t win the presidency if Kiko Pangilinan, Alex Magno, Secretary Atienza, including other former supporters and officials of President Arroyo and the civil society that toppled Erap from power will be members of his entourage. Their past deeds and public image could constitute cement on his feet or a rock tied around his neck. A plausible case of Noynoy can’t win the election because of them.

    THE BUREAUCRACY. Noynoy can’t win if he can’t convince Filipinos at home and abroad that he can tame his to be inherited bureaucracy. A bureaucracy’s character mirrors the character of its past chief honcho. It’s part of the legacy left behind by past administrators. Agency policies down to rules and regulations are subservient to the fragrance or stink of the Big Boss. A sick boss is likely to contaminate his bureaucracy. In a bureaucracy bad examples become precedents of behaviour that develop deep roots over time. The educated approach is thorough diagnosis, then treatment of the non-surgical or the surgical and intrusive kind. The second, common sense approach is herbal, based on the strong belief of the patient’s natural ability to heal itself with minimum intervention.

    The first approach had been tried many times before and found to have done more harm than good. Countless meetings, countless committees, kilograms of reports, wasted time, etc. If the overall result is a portrait, it is abstract, not everybody knows what it is. There seems to be no face, no arms, no legs or underbelly but it had cost millions.
    The second approach apparently more rational, had also happened before in some little nooks and corners of the bureaucracy. But they were few, unnoticed and inconsequential; done mostly by academics in their little fiefdoms.

    The point being made here is that bureaucratic—structural and or functional—change can be done wholesale or retail. Taipans would like it wholesale for big profits while entrepreneurs prefer retail for consistent and steady state operations. The analogy is awful but it drives home the point that high ranks bureaucrats should know how to tinker their territories. Chances are trainee, apprentice cabinet members on their own are likely to bungle resuscitative change in their departments. A cabinet member should do the job well and not be trained while doing it.

    THE BARNACLES AND RASCALS OF THE PAST. Initiated, instigated, abetted, cultivated, fed, nourished and ignored or protected by past presidents, the pernicious barnacles of governance that have welded themselves permanently to the government machinery must be held accountable and punished for their illegal deeds IF—a truly big if—the disgusted majority is asked on what to do with them. There is perceived wide spread infection of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches—and the private sector—that it can be hailed even by foreigners as an example of a successful acculturation process—a changed way of life.

    From Presidents Macapagal, Marcos, Cory, Ramos, Erap to Arroyo to put the barnacles under a magnifying glass will mean countless articles, even a hundred books and cannot be contained in this article. Readers may try to google corruption in the Philippines (about 2,200,000 results) for the truth of this assertion.

    When Noynoy uttered a desire to run after Marcos’ illegal wealth, there was a howl of derision and insults. It will be unfair, even unkind to suggest that Marcos beneficiaries being that numerous is the cause of it. Noynoy probably unknowingly has put his hand on the lid of Pandora’s box. Or he has uttered the magic word: “Open sesame,” to Ali Baba’s cave. Noynoy may have unintentionally started unravelling the tapestry of Philippine corruption through the Marcos loot. On subtlety there’s a Filipino adage saying: you can whip the horse and have carabao get all the welts.

    Noynoy can’t win the presidency without a yelp or a word against this pervasive issue causing national shame. Equivocation can result in his defeat. If it is God’s call to make him run for the highest office, it is now the people’s call for him to use his lance against these windmills.

    POLITICAL PLATFORM. The lack of a political platform is one big stone thrown in the way of Noynoy. This buttresses the claim of his unfitness to the Presidency. In the political scene political platforms actually create no significant ripples. Platforms are ideas on paper that remain paper ideas, replaced in importance and displaced by active blue prints derived from the legislative pork barrel and the president’s shopping list of payback and rewards. Noynoy the seasoned low- profile and alleged underachiever of a lawmaker knows this and isn’t bothered about it. After all, he can produce one that is well-worded, substantive and comprehensive in a matter of hours.

    Drawn and messed along with the other topical issues discuss here, Nonoy must present a workable (realistic and feasible) plan for his six-year incumbency. It should consists of two plans: a Platform of Reform and another Platform of Development, implementable and achievable during his term. His few reform programs should give priority to reorganization and rehabilitation of agencies, rescue of particular moribund institutions, fiscal policy, defense capability, justice, taxation, and penology reforms.
    The other half of the twin plans should be his platform of development with programs touching socio-economic aspects like health, education, agriculture and environment, labor and employment and very definitive programmes protecting the welfare of the seniors and children population.
    If Noynoy can put this programmes into orbit within four years, the people might support him in transforming the government into a parliamentary form patterned after the Canadian or Australian model.
    Those two platforms, reform and development are routine public administration, once jump started can be self-driving. Only the badly informed will think they can self-destruct. Platforms execution—as embodied in the Annual Appropriations Act—are better left to the Cabinet and their bureaucracies. Noynoy if he wants to, can make a million public servants happy and proud at the end of the day—because he allowed—down the line—for them to do their job their own way, the way they saw fit. Micromanagement may be good in business but it’s utterly dysfunctional in public service. It is unwelcome, irritating, and erosive to competence. If the least governed is the best governed, so are the cabinet members. The best coordination is no coordination. Just the simple order: If other cabinet members ask your help, GIVE IT. The best cabinet is one that have boring meetings and must adjourn in happy moods because they discussed nothing but accomplishments, NOT PROBLEMS.
    Noynoy’s best fun for the day, probably his “hands-on-no-utensils” main dish every day and his micromanagement focus and first aid practice that the people will love and which Philippine history will never forget are the following:
    (1) Justice for the rascals of past administrations
    (2) Land Reform
    (3) Overseas Filipino workers
    (4) Mindanao Insurgency
    (5) Environment
    At least during the start of these endeavours, cabinet members should be on a 12-hour red alert. Presidential shadow omnipresence in these concerns indicates with utmost certainty Noynoy seriousness of purpose and his eligibility for statesmanship.
    Noynoy can’t win the presidency if he is an empty vessel of public administration. A statesmanlike administration is not impossible for Noynoy if he can turn the thieves into his soccer balls.

    Finally, Noynoy can and may win the election, BUT like Erap and Gloria he can also lose the presidency—which is no riddle. Erap won the election overwhelmingly but bungled the presidency, thereby losing it. Conversely, Gloria Arroyo may have lost the election, but fate—through political apathy and people’s indifference—gifted her the chance to win the presidency. Surveys repeatedly said, like the election she lost, that too she lost, definitely, miserably.

    Philosophically, the presidency for what it stands for, is not won until the end of its tenure. A bad presidency is not presidency. It is not a rose that will smell as sweet as any flower falsely so named.
    End of article
    The author is a former faculty member of the National College of Public Administration and Governance

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    a short take on Luisita:

    Is Noynoy or Cory really involved in the murder of farmers or agitators in Luisita? Consider the tragic incident in context. Who calls the shot so authorities can commit murders or massacres? What was the political situation at the time. Who benefit more from the massacre? Who will be destroyed more? Cory or Noynoy as President will not do that. Gloria will not issue the order if her properties in Pampanga were involved. That’s hara kiri for a family’s name forever written in history. A good justification for murder is, if it is a good frame and will punish your enemy, which is evil. Any president might not issue any order but events follow its evil course without orders. Followers can incorrectly or accurately read the desire of their leaders. Good leaders know and watch out to avoid that.

    It is our conscience that bothers us for our wrong doings. Not so much if it we have done it for our enemy. Conscience is paralyzed by happy thoughts if we notched a win against an enemy, even if it cost the lives of many people, so politics is war because like war, all is fair in love and politics. If there is true democracy in Luisita and the Aquinos are bad or worse, murderers, any Aquino in the past would not had received a single vote, do not deserve a single vote in the election Precincts in Luisita.

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    Alejandro B. Ibay said,

    my short take on the highway right of way:

    If statistics can mislead or LIE about something so can MERCILESSLY, headlines of newspapers. For example:

    Noynoy, family P33-B SCTEX beneficiaries

    Educated readers will react: My God, that’s 33 billion pesos, that’s 33 thousand million pesos. What Criminal family is going to do that. That’s Noynoy family, Noynoy and his sisters only because he is single. THAT IS WHAT THE HEADLINE SAID.

    Deep inside the news a little CONSCIENCE speaks out:

    “Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino and the Cojuangco family were direct beneficiaries of the P170-million private road interchange in Hacienda Luisita as well as a P80 million for the right of way (RoW), it was bared yesterday.”

    Anak ng tinapa! Hindi lang pala Noynoy and his sisters. Kasama naman pala ang malaking Cojuangco family, hindi rin pala 33 billion, 170 (80 yata) million lang, isang patak lang ng malaking alon.

    Yung malaking pandora’s box, baka ang laman, nanigas ng alikabok.

    I think Noynoy’s staff should straighten the issue with factual details.

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    Alejandro B. Ibay said,

    Dagdag sa right of way

    33 billion pesos, sinolo ba ni Noynoy, ganid naman. Papaano yung mga Senador at Congressman, yung mga taga Public Higways, yung mga Kontratista, Yung mga taga Budget Management, yung mga amuyong sa Malakanyang, yung mga asungot na auditors, yung mga bayad na reporters, Puede bang solohin ni Noynoy and his sisters, 33 thousand million pesos?

    Himutok ni Noynoy: Nakakaiyak nga mga Pare ko. Nasa kusina kasi ako, wala kasing LPG or electric stove, kaya tiyaga sa palayok at panggatong pa rin. Naulingan na, napasok pa ako at pati mga sisters ko.

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    john santiago said,

    madali lang naman yan para malaman talaga ang totoo. ipakita ang vouchers kung saan nanduon ang detalye ng pagbabayad kung totoo man yan.

    imposible namang ang ganoong kalaking bayaran ay kaliwaan.

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    Enna Alikpala said,

    “…like a comet blazing in the dark…”

    I am a privacy freak and I consider this a very personal experience, but I feel the need to share it. As a backgrounder, I am the type of person who prays and talks to God anytime and anywhere, and this is the reason behind this experience.

    About a year ago, while reading the results of a presidential survey, I felt so disheartened that I asked the Lord if we, the Filipino people, deserve these kind of people to serve us. I asked Him, if it is still possible for Him to give us somebody who will really have the interests of the people and not their own. I even said: “Alam ko suntok sa buwan, but you know, nothing is impossible with You.” At that time, nobody was in the horizon talaga. I have to admit this, that I even challenged Him na when He gives us that person, He must make the message very clear, “like a comet blazing in the dark kumbaga,” para maintindihan agad nang mga Pinoy. After that, prayer forgotten na, kasi suntok sa buwan nga, e.
    When Noynoy proclaimed his candidacy I knew I would vote for him, but I had my doubts because I don’t know him. Then recently, while reading again the results of a survey where Noynoy registered 60%, I commented to myself, “this is coming out of nowhere.” I almost fell off my seat when the “like a comet blazing in the dark” suddenly dawned on me. I felt so embarassed and guilty because of the doubts I had. I asked for it and yet when it is given, I doubted it. Now, I am taking it upon myself to know Noynoy and in my own little way support his campaign. I believe that he is the answer to my prayer. I also hope and pray that the Filipino people will get the message.

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      Alejandro B. Ibay said,

      Nov 14, 2009
      Ms E Alikpala
      This is a recycled piece but parts of which are echoes of what you said before you said it. Read and cogitate.
      MtLbwy (may the Lord be with you)

      The Noynoy Survey
      By Alejandro B. Ibay
      September 19, 2009

      Any survey as a rule have a design with appended questionnaire of several pages. The whole thing is not bulky enough. If dipped in a basin-full of coffee or chocolate, it can then be eaten by its designers if found fraudulent or by the critics criticizing its validity if the survey is proven accurate and factual. The idea though ludicrous or inappropriate—may foster integrity in Philippine election polling.

      Why make the survey instruments palatable to the palate? The significance and consequences of possible impact of the survey demands the highest levels of integrity, paramountly so if the survey deals with national sovereignty. If marketing surveys for soap and toothpaste, bras and panties require stringent accuracy and sophistication, more so if the surveys purports to indicate choice of national leaders. In terms of costs the survey seriously implicates consequential wise use or squandering of taxpayers money estimated in trillions of pesos. This could be gleaned from the total gross national product, the total annual national budget and the total amount of public debt. Not a ludicrous matter, indeed.

      What for are the surveys that candidates and their financiers are willing to pay through the nose to have it done. To measure their relative standing among other candidates, to create perception of strength, to attract greater financial contributions from opportunists, speculators and investors, to determine the need for a possible switch in the sought after elective position, and to have a firm basis for withdrawing early in the game are some of the raison d’etre for pre-election polling.

      How? If the results of the Noynoy surveys were really defective in survey methodology from sampling to analysis and interpretation; if it is designed to misled, and if regardless of the outcome its results were doctored to favour Noynoy’s candidacy; then there must be a fool proof way to establish deceit and fraud. Refuted survey firms from Singapore or the US can provide impartial analysis and conclusions. There should be money available for that if the rival candidates are truthful about their campaign capability. If the results are found fraudulent and misleading, the survey documents must be dipped in coffee and chocolate and eaten by the survey honchos.

      However, if the results of experts’ investigation is such that the conducted survey is aboveboard, in terms of its methodology, and the determination, interpretation and presentation of results are accurate and objective, then the critics whose intention is not only to criticize but to nullify the results thus producing ulterior effects on the public, the critic honchos should have the survey documents for their merienda cena.

      Suppose they don’t want the Singapore or US guys to know their ways of polling (not fooling) election desiderata, they can let their own subsequent surveys, or the ultimate results of the election to give us a better view of the correctness of the surveys. Either way a public apology by the pollster or the critic can enhance the credibility of surveys in future elections.

      Again, why? It’s a matter of credibility of past surveys. People aren’t credulous or trusting on who paid for the surveys and who did the surveys. The brickbats received by past surveys indicate usefulness even of questionable surveys on the gullible public. Admittedly, the surveys situation during elections does not totally negate it’s possible contribution to establishing certain patterns of voters preferences. The point of the eating is for people to do the right thing and say the right thing thereby raising the quality of the election process. Clean elections can be fostered by clean surveys. The above are generalities. What about the specific contentions?

      Now to deconstruct the comments and observations. Cluster, stratified, random, cross-sectional, grabbed or passive sampling seeks and aims for results indicating representativeness of the population. Sampling is the alternative to complete enumeration. What is true of the samples is presumed also true to a certain degree of the population. For example, with the right sample size and sampling method, the responses of Bicolano respondents stand for as closely as possible for all Bicolanos. If there is no claim for representativeness of the results, there could no defect in the sampling done, which can only be purposive sampling which does not intend to infer anything involving populations. The pollster should be very clear about that.

      Not many people probably are aware of any formula that establishes statistical improbability. That being the case, Noynoy’s statistically improbable 50% preference or choice by those surveyed, and Villar et al improbable plunged to less than 20% can be a credible assertion that can only be diminished by common sense.
      For instance, young and middle-aged women who were polled for the most handsome celebrity, could have Willie Revillame leading against Joey de Leon, Gary Lising and Dolphy with 40%, 30%, 10%, and 20% scores, respectively. When Richard Gutierrez suddenly joined the MOST POGI contest, the women gave him 53% transforming, confining, limiting the total scores of the rest less pogi hunks to no more than 47%. Statistically improbable? Tell that to the women polled.

      Anyway, another way to confirm or confute statistical improbability of Villar et al dived to the bottom of the totem pole is to turn back the hands of time and replicate in toto the survey to many other areas. If the dive is maintained, then probability is proved. Doing a resurvey at another time discolours and disfigures the exercise. If memory is non-alzheimeric, statistical probability first came out in one of the decisions of the Supreme Court. A mathematical formula will be of help to a lot of doubting Thomases. But of course, the wisdom of the supreme justices sometimes need no formula.

      Sub-contracting particular phases—like enumeration or interviewing—of surveys or pooling of opinions requires certain expertise, experience and trustworthiness of both parties to the contract. It is reasonable to conjecture that imprudent sub-contracting can result into spurious results. Sub-contracting in public works provides bad examples—like constructed sub-standard roads and bridges, etc.—where out of the total project cost only about 35% went to the sub-contractor. It could be how far the money can go that determines output quality. So, and therefore, it is not sub-contracting per se that can undermine accuracy or falsity of survey results.

      If Nonoy pollsters were clear and specific that 50% of all those interviewed chose him against all others and that preferences outside of those interviewed might be very different, critical commentators might be stopped short in their tracks. However, for the pollster, probably the better part of valor is to wait for the brouhaha to become water under the bridge—until the next election season.
      End of essay

      SORRY medio mahaba lang PERO napatunayan naman ng mga sumunod na surveys: TAMA-TAMA pala yung unang survey.

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    Alejandro B. Ibay said,

    This comment was my earliest written August 27, 2009; antedates the decision of Noynoy to join the Presidential contest. In broader terms, the piece seem to have
    answered some issues stiill to be raised against him. It’s nice to look
    back on words that still ring true.


    Noynoy’s To Be or Not To Be
    by Alejandro B. Ibay
    Excerpts of Published in BALITA, Toronto, September 1-15, 2009

    The cacophony of noises increases in decibels as hacks and followers of varied interests position themselves on both sides of the starting line for the 2010 presidential race. A quiet onlooker Senator Benigno “Noynoy” C. Aquino Jr. III is being pushed to the line to contest the race.

    To be a presidential candidate or not to be a candidate at all should not be Noynoy’s dilemma in next year’s presidential election. In Philippine politics what will be will be. Dirt can flood the landscape. But there was that slim chance like that which unexpectedly materialized when a fresh clean flower like his Mom Cory appeared and floated among the political debris. That time nobody was powerful enough to stop that.

    To let the mind ascends even farther, for those who failed to have learned its lessons, history tends to repeat itself even under different circumstances by different actors. Like a flood of political dregs and trivia, there is no stopping the march of history. If Noynoy is in it, then so be it. But no one knew –and should claim to know—like during the time when Noynoy’s dad was shot dead at the tarmac that his Mom will turn clean president and be part of proud history.

    Regardless of who Noynoy is, what he can do, no one can really know. What anyone will profess to know, speaks in relation to himself. Anyone’s self-interest, and the limits of his knowledge and experience defines the worth of his opinion. It’s like saying Noynoy will be good President to me and therefore for the country too. If he is bad for me, then it is bad for the country too. Arguments for or against any candidate becoming a good president shall only travel in that natural but narrow free way of self interest and prejudice—which can be congruent or adverse to national or public interest.

    In their young life, when they were at the gates of a hall of fame and greatness, nobody really knew who they really were; what they will become. Magsaysay the mechanic, Gandhi the weaver, Lincoln the woodsman, or Mandela the political prisoner. They led their countrymen by deed and example. No signs at all of what they can become when they heeded the call to ride the flow of events. These men seemingly appeared from nowhere during troubled times. And the Philippines is in trouble now. Deep trouble than any Filipino will accept. The Filipinos were categorical and resounding during Cory’s funeral. The sycophants who before were shouting there’s no one, no leader to take the helm of the nation SHOULD SHUT UP NOW. The others who were not there should listen to the multitudes who braved the rains.

    The point hammered at this point is, we can say something loud. Hoping that by so doing, we can diminish subjective forecasts and misleads about speculations on Noynoy’s to be or not to be president.

    There are some things, pros and cons to go by Noynoy’s fitness to be president. He is qualified if he qualifies as required by law. If he is physically and mentally healthy then he is fit. The integrity and honesty of the members of his immediate family contributes positively. If a parent was once an honest president, then he can be too. This is as credible as that example of a bad president whose parent may have been also a bad president bested only by his offspring. Just as a mango tree will bear only mango fruits, so is a snake will give birth to only a snake, a saying that is gospel to Filipinos.
    The cons is factual and not a mere invention. Noynoy is not presidentiable. Doesn’t look one and never was a presidentiable even in the tabloids. And that tells it all. A judgment of the times, not a prediction of the future.

    But really, who can really know? Even Noynoy doesn’t seemed to know some aspects of the future. He was reported to have asked in effect: “Will my candidacy really result in positive change for the country?” He probably meant if he wins, he is not even sure his presidency will produce positive change for the country. He seemed unconvinced. Will he also get the same support he got for the presidency when he try to institute change for the country? That is what he really meant, his brand of sincerety.

    He was not even thinking like a politician like Barack Obama. Unlike Obama he doesn’t want to ran just to raise the hopes of the people when nothing really will happen. Obama is widely known as superior in rhetoric, as the apostle and bearer of hope and was believed and embraced by the multitudes with the shouts of: WE CAN. WE CAN. Nothing of that sort inhabits Noynoy’s imagination.

    Those who experienced it, especially the humble and self confident can believe that position makes the man (but not the hopeless or useless man). Even the uniform or the attire makes the man. In the same manner that a position or a uniform or attire can be soiled and made disgraceful by its wearer. A man denied a brush, paints and canvass will never have a chance to prove he can be a good painter. Monching Magsaysay and Nelson Mandela will never know the limits of the good they can do without the bestowed mantle of presidency. They became presidents without being considered presidentiables (a polluted concoction in media traposphere).

    The fact is, no one had imagined Noynoy to be a senator until he became one. That he can do a clean job without photo-ops and media build up. To many politicians his image of young congressman remains indelible. Now it’s being a senator’s image that tends to persist. The presidency and the senate are poles apart. The roles are oil and water. The presidency commands and leads while the senate backups and supports.

    There is no reliable predictive indicators on positive congruence of senator to president. An experienced and skillfull senator doesn’t mean a good president. Ditto for a slow performing senator. A senator may turn out to be a good president when he becomes one. The senate contrary to popular opinion is not necessarily a reliable training ground for future presidents. The senate can, even in the absence of intent and purpose train good senators to become bad presidents.

    To digress, to be flippant: so what if the guy is only a paramedic, not a doctor. Why not if he can stop the haemorrhage, if he can re-start the heart with a defibrillator. Then you can give the patient a chance to heal himself. Likewise, even a buffoon will know that in a community of the blind a one-eyed man will be a better leader if two-eyed men are abusive and criminals. But that’s neither here nor there.

    It is in Noynoy’s genes, in his blood and veins to do good for his fellowmen. There’s nothing antecedent that will prove otherwise. It’s only up to him. To fail. The nation is aware of his political capital: the life of his dad, the clean service to the nation by his mom; also his sisters rare and incredible disinterest of the awesome opportunities to be rich via government. Indeed, not much of a non-monetary capital but enough to give him a good start.

  8. 9

    Christian Deiparine said,

    Pwede pa din po ba ako makatulong kahit ako po ay eleven years old pa lng?

    tutulong po ako hanggang sa mkakaya ko. .

  9. 10

    Alejandro B. Ibay said,

    KASI, mainit pa at laging pinaguusapan,
    heto ang sinulat ko:

    The Guard Dog and the Pussy
    Cat: Or Noynoy Cuddling Ralph
    By Alejandro B. Ibay

    I read a few times; bloggers, angry critics and political pundits tell the world: “Our country has gone to the dogs.” Though I am aware that the motto of the SPCA is “Be Kind to Animals”, this didactic piece—written by a human—which is more kind to humans without being unsympathetic to pet animals, hopefully brings focus to the latest news involving Ralph Recto, Serge III and Noynoy, the inevitable president, unless.

    And this is about long time perceptions, some facts and truth in politics. And of course answers to: who really gained, who really lost in this recent political brouhaha. Definitely not Noynoy, or Ralph or even Serge the third.

    In the Philippines there’s no loser or born loser among politicians. Some ends tragically, but while alive they are always winners. And who’s the perpetual loser? The reader’s guess is as good as mine. My guess if the reader got it right is about profusely bleeding INTEGRITY, not the country as the loser. Integrity is like gold. Adding gold nuggets enhances it, adding pyrite (fool’s gold) gives it a false shine. adding lead or acid destroys its value. It debunks the crude gospel: politics is addition. Integrity defines a country. Makes a Nation proud.

    In the NBA or PBA, here’s the score after the first buzzer: Noynoy will win in Batangas even without the Rectos. He doesn’t need Ralph and Vilma for a convincing win there. Noynoy’s coaching team wants a massacre, a little blood tainting Noynoy is to them “wala yun.” Noynoy as team captain wins this first half but with his right little finger broken. Serge the third, point guard, leaves the bench for home and will collect his winnings later. Ralph—with his past game stats of questionable defense—smiling from ear to his nape is the biggest winner, hiding his fears on what can still happen in the last half. After the game if the crowds didn’t like his antics, he won’t know to which team he can trade himself. He could end up as greeter in one of Manila’s Vegas, but with Vilma always by his side he can’t be a loser.

    In the animal farm, sa totoo lang, Noynoy as the people’s guard dog died a little, when he allowed Ralph the cat enter his territory and cuddled him. Serge the third, a proven meticulous, thorough and relentless hound dog of the senate showed his Osmena ancestral integrity by leaving the dog farm. It is notable that Ralph and Serge names had never been connected to hundred millions of corruption in pesos or in whatever. In a tinier scale, Ralph and Serge can’t be a cat or hound dog; they are really merely butterflies, sipping nectars from flower to flower. Not political locusts who are most dangerous, devouring, gobbling up entire vegetations.

    In the political arena, the illustrious names in this ruckus, are already etched in history, in history’s right side actually. Ninoy and Cory Aquino, President Sergio Osmena—the unsung statesman and Claro M. Recto, astute, adroit, our country’s genius of a lawmaker—pinakamarangal na mambabatas. It is not for me to say but the people surely know by now who of these three had already done damage to their own historic surnames and who in the future is likely to inflict it with shit in the animal farm of politics—straight to the dark hole of history.

    OH Yes not forgetting, our Vilma the diamond, the fourth variable in this political triangle. She is still the unbeaten, outstanding actress, hardest working and pristine, the living Athena of dramatic arts. Provincial Governors should erect a statue in her honor. She’s has restored respect and integrity, and faithful service to the word GOVERNOR (not the persons) where before, was almost dirt and useless to the poor. As a creature of nature, Vilma has played biological host to many dependents, and even parasites. God always takes care of His chosen hosts—that’s Vilma’s priceless reward.

    In the Philippines, politics as basketball game or animal husbandry or merely entomologic hobby of agile butterflies and dreaded grasshoppers, constitute bits of its unique modern history.

  10. 11

    Gene David said,

    25 November 2009

    Honorable Senator Benigno S. Aquino III
    Room 526, Senate of the Philippines,
    GSIS Financial Center, Roxas Boulevard,
    Pasay City, Philippines

    Honorable Senator Aquino:

    More Filipinos, like me, are seeing a light of hope in you leading our Country very soon. But still the waiting seems so long and hard till June of 2010 in the midst of all the corruption, the present Government’s indifference to the suffering of many that are powerless and impoverished and in the midst of hypocrisy, killings, lies and all sorts of injustices.

    May you have the Divine Guidance always, specially now, where political prostitutes who plundered our Country and abused our people are milling around you crossing fences to perpetuate themselves in power for their own personal selfish interests. Opportunist congressmen, cabinet secretaries and local executives who betrayed our people are not needed in your quest for presidency. You are standing tall in a strong and stable ground of morality, integrity and advocacy for reform. These alone will lead you to 2010 victory because these are what our people have been longing for.

    After the long wait and years of suffering, please do not fail your people. You are now our only hope to lead our Country back to dignity. People are seeking for reform and this reform can not and will not happen if you tag along in your team the same unprincipled political trapos. Because a perfectly designed government will never work perfectly if manned by callously corrupt officials.

    We are unconditionally pouring our supports to you. We believe in you, And our people are fed up with the unprincipled and corrupt trapos.

    God Bless you and our Country.

    Sincerely yours;

    Engr. Gene David

  11. 12

    Weil Ylagan said,

    Are you registered to vote in the May 2010 elections?

    Do you have an existing Facebook account?

    Are you registered to Sen. Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III’s Facebook Account/Page?

    If your answer to the three questions is all YES,

    please do answer the survey on the following link:

    Thanks! You will be a great help for the accomplishment of our thesis!

  12. 13

    agnes s. escabarte said,

    Ive read Noynoy’s Platform, it is very general and all motherhood statement. If it could be transformed into a very simple , specific and understandable style maybe the masses will appreciate more what Noynoy will do for the country.

    PEOPLE ARE TIRED of hearing motherhood statements. Maybe 4 or 5 specific platforms which will inspire and give people hope is enough.

    Rich out to the masses and have a “grass root touch” of the country’s problems,else talo ka kay ERAP..Actors and actresses as supporters will not help much.

  13. 14

    Alejandro B. Ibay said,

    dear ms escabarte:

    Here below is culled from my posting No. 1, above, a long read, and could have escaped the eye of readers.

    Platforms should be broad enough so as not to exclude essential details. What people want and understand is an IMPLEMENTABLE PLAN with estimated allocation of resources, if possible the location of projects and the specified beneficiaries: the unemployed, the mothers, children, the teachers, the students, the bureaucrats, etc. WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM. With only 60%, repeat only 60% of the current annual budget, Noynoy can do wonders for the poor and the country as a whole.

    I have not read Noynoy’s Platform, probably not yet posted in his web pages. After having taught development theory and practice, with a little experience applying what one teaches, I will be glad to comment on it. Anyway if Noynoy and his think tank thinks my ideas below need some FLESHING OUT, I’ll be glad to do it for them.

    May I invite Noynoy bloggers, to brutally comment on my ideas below. THANK YOU.


    Drawn and messed along with the other topical issues discuss here, Nonoy must present a workable (realistic and feasible) plan for his six-year incumbency. It should consists of two plans: a Platform of Reform and another Platform of Development, implementable and achievable during his term. His few reform programs should give priority to reorganization and rehabilitation of agencies, rescue of particular moribund institutions, fiscal policy, defense capability, justice, taxation, and penology reforms.

    The other half of the twin plans should be his platform of development with programs touching socio-economic aspects like health, education, agriculture and environment, labor and employment and very definitive programmes on improving maternal mortality, protecting the welfare of the seniors and children population.

    Those two platforms, reform and development are routine public administration, once jump started can be self-driving. Only the badly informed will think they can self-destruct. Platforms execution—as embodied in the Annual Appropriations Act—are better left to the Cabinet and their bureaucracies.

    Noynoy if he wants to, can make a million public servants happy and proud at the end of the day—because he allowed—down the line—for them to do their job their own way, the way they saw fit. Micromanagement may be good in business but it’s utterly dysfunctional in public service.

    Noynoy’s best fun for the day, probably his “hands-on-no-utensils” main dish every day and his micromanagement focus and first aid practice that the people will love and which Philippine history will never forget are the following:
    (1) Justice for the rascals of past administrations
    (2) Land Reform
    (3) Overseas Filipino workers
    (4) Mindanao Insurgency
    (5) Environment

    At least during the start of these endeavours, cabinet members should be on a 12-hour red alert. Presidential shadow omnipresence in these concerns indicates with utmost certainty Noynoy seriousness of purpose and his eligibility for statesmanship.


  14. 15

    Alejandro B. Ibay said,

    I said I’ll do the whole thing, the entire platform by some
    minor modifications in style, NOT in substance or content.

    PLATFORM: Noynoy Aquino’s Social Contract with the Filipino People


    A National Leadership That
    Will Result in Transformational Change

    •Its legitimacy will never be under question; but endorsed and supported worldwide.
    •It will prosecute those who have persecuted those who exposed the truth about illegitimacy and corruption of past administrations;
    •It will not stay in power unnecessarily and will never do so by corrupting individuals and institutions;
    •It will never confuse the people with half-truths and outright lies;
    •It will punish, rather than reward, wrongdoing;
    •It will strive to provide lasting solutions for the many problems of the country;
    •It shall resurrect and strengthen the democratic institutions that hold our leaders accountable.
    •It will provide people inspired assistance to all local level governments to enable sure delivery of basic services;
    •It shall strive to bring to reality its vision of democratic selfless governance.

    A People Crying out for Change, because it has experienced the gruesome and horrible evils of corruption throughout different levels of governance, all over the country, it shall reverse this evil acculturation process, and make corruption no longer a dominant part of governance.

    •We shall restore and make stronger the lost trust in the democratic institutions we so courageously re-established after the dictatorship.
    •We shall develop and encourage a capacity for collective outrage and righteous resistance to any wrongdoings in governance.
    •We shall resurrect our virtues of patriotism and national cooperation which has made us a strong people in the eyes of the world
    •We can become divided to articulate public issues and shall encourage balance and harmony on the rights and welfare of an individual against communal interests.
    •We will strive to effect a return to our traditional values while we encourage deliberation and even adoption of new ones.
    •We shall frown upon actions which might lead to self-absorption, self-aggrandizement and cynicism and eliminate our feelings of despair..


    We consider the presidency of the later Cory Aquino as our gift of Light, when she passed on, was like a shaft of light cutting through the country darkness. Her legacy of selfless love rekindled people’s caring for one another.
    In death, she enabled us to hope again for decent government. The millions who connected with Cory at her funeral represented something more than euphoria, sentiment or transient emotions. They represented the reverent memory of a good leader in the past and the firm hope of having a similarly good leader in the future.

    A People’s Campaign of Renewed Hope…

    •Anchored on Ninoy’s and Cory’s legacy of change through democractic means.
    •Fostering honesty, integrity, humility and trust-worthiness in national leadership and in all levels of public service.
    •Recognizing firmly the absence of these qualities in government as a major causes of widespread poverty, misery and despair.

    This is WHERE WE WANT TO GO …..
    The Vision for the Philippines:

    A country with…

    1. A re-awakened sense of right and wrong, through the living examples of our highest leaders;

    2. An organized and widely-shared rapid expansion of our economy through a government dedicated to honing and mobilizing our people’s skills and energies as well as the responsible harnessing of our natural resources;

    3. A collective belief that doing the right thing does not only make sense morally, but translates into economic value as well;

    4. Public institutions—as instruments of social justice—rebuilt on the strong solidarity of our society and its communities

    Our Mission:

    Guided by tenets of democracy and by our constitution, we will start to make these changes first in ourselves—by doing the right things, by giving value to excellence and integrity and rejecting mediocrity and dishonesty, and by giving priority to others over ourselves. We will make these changes across many aspects of our national life.

    With utmost resolve to make our VISION a reality the meat and bones of our mission are :

    1. From a President who tolerates corruption to a President who is the nation’s first and most determined fighter of corruption.

    2. From a government that merely conjures economic growth statistics that our people know to be unreal to a government that prioritizes jobs that empower the people and provide them with opportunities to rise above poverty.

    3. From relegating education to just one of many concerns to making education the central strategy for investing in our people, reducing poverty and building national competitiveness.

    4. From treating health as just another area for political patronage to recognizing the advancement and protection of public health, which includes responsible parenthood, as key measures of good governance.

    5. From justice that money and connections can buy to a truly impartial system of institutions that deliver equal justice to rich or poor.


    6. From government policies influenced by well-connected private interests to a leadership that executes all the laws of the land with impartiality and decisiveness.

    7. From treating the rural economy as just a source of problems, to recognizing farms and rural enterprises as vital to achieving food security and more equitable economic growth, worthy of re-investment for sustained productivity.

    8. From government anti-poverty programs that instill a dole-out mentality to well-considered programs that build capacity and create opportunity among the poor and the marginalized in the country.

    9. From a government that dampens private initiative and enterprise to a government that creates conditions conducive to the growth and competitiveness of private businesses, big, medium and small.

    10. From a government that treats its people as an export commodity and a means to earn foreign exchange, disregarding the social cost to Filipino families to a government that creates jobs at home, so that working abroad will be a choice rather than a necessity; and when its citizens do choose to become OFWs, their welfare and protection will still be the government’s priority.

    Government Service

    11. From Presidential appointees chosen mainly out of political accommodation to discerning selection based on integrity, competence and performance in serving the public good: a civil service based on merit and not political patronage.

    12. From demoralized but dedicated civil servants, military and police personnel destined for failure and frustration due to inadequate operational support to justly compensated, professional, motivated and energized bureaucracies with adequate means to perform their public service missions.

    Gender Equality

    13. From a lack of concern for gender disparities and shortfalls, to the promotion of equal gender opportunity in all spheres of public policies and programs.

    Peace & Order

    14. From a disjointed, short-sighted Mindanao policy that merely reacts to events and incidents to one that seeks a broadly supported just peace and will redress decades of neglect of the Moro and other peoples of Mindanao.


    15. From allowing environmental blight to spoil our cities, where both the rich and the poor bear with congestion and urban decay to planning alternative, inclusive urban developments where people of varying income levels are integrated in productive, healthy and safe communities.

    16. From a government obsessed with exploiting the country for immediate gains to the detriment of its environment to a government that will encourage sustainable use of resources to benefit the present and future generations.

    This platform is a commitment to change that Filipinos can depend on. With trust in their leaders, everyone can work and build a greater future together.


  15. 16

    Dr. JV Jaurigue said,

    The anatomy of my vote.

    I remember when I joined people power 2, my wife and I were there in edsa. I went there because I couldn’t accept the fact that the truth is being witheld by some senators in the “open the envelope issue” of the Jose Velarde case of former President Joseph Estrada. My “perception” of it was that the truth is being suppressed and is being kept from us citizens from knowing. Why? Probably because it will hurt them.
    I remember a line from the movie “The American President” portrayed by Michael Douglas. The line goes: “Politics is about perception.” Indeed! Perhaps that’s the reason why we have all these surveys and approval ratings because perception and public opinion matters in governance and politics.
    When election came and President Gloria and Mr. Fernando Poe Jr. went head to head. Admittedly, I voted for PGMA. Allow me to give you an autopsy report of my vote. In my vote contains the following:
    1. I don’t trust FPJ because of the issue surrounding the man behind him. (Mr. Velarde’s or Mr. Estrada’s envelope issue)
    2. I trust Gloria’s educational background as an esteemed economist which then I believe we badly needed.
    3. I trust Gloria’s strong resolve then that she would like to lead us (not only the poor) out of the poor economic state we’re in.
    4. I don’t trust FPJ’s intent of leading us for I believe it’s more like a favor to a best friend’s request who is in dire need.
    5. I trust Gloria’s experience and capability in representing our country in the community of nations.
    Simply stated: My vote is all about trust. I trusted PGMA.
    The day I took notice that Malacanang was going through a face lift was during PGMA’s second term. I began to notice the difference. The walls and the perimeter fences became higher and more impenetrable. So high that I could no longer see or hear the President I voted for. Interestingly and in stark contrast, I had a chance to see PGMA face to face once, when she was a senator running for VP then at a road-side gas station in San Pablo, Laguna. She was riding a Toyota Lite Ace van with Atty. Mike and they made a stop over. My father and I were doing the same. My dad happens to know her and they briefly exhanged greetings. She was cordial and very nice. For me, it was a rare “hope I had a camera moment.” A “kodak moment” as some would say.
    Now, the woman I voted for can only be seen or heard through the barong-clad gentlemen whom are called either “secretaries or spokespersons.” Everytime the media ask, it is they who answers in her behalf. Regardless of the issue, I never anymore saw her answer directly point blank. Honestly as a voter and supporter, I find this quite disappointing and I feel betrayed. I’m not accusing PGMA of being guilty of all these so called “accusations” hurled towards her and her family. I’m not an insider. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, for I presume that she’s innocent till proven guilty. What tapered my trust on her is that she created distance between herself and the people that elected her, me included. I didn’t vote for Sec. Ermita et al, I voted for her. Majority supposedly voted for her.
    I have this habit of observing and not just listening whenever I listen to someone speak, privately or in a forum. The difference between her answering and the gentlemen that answer for her is that i don’t get to see her eyes, her emotion nor her bodily expressions in answering the questions, loaded as they may. Whenever I listen to someone speak, in the eyes I can see sincerety, I can see where the heart is. For me, in the eyes of a leader emanates the soul of sincerity and strength. Thus, I feel inspired and assured. Listening to her men while wearing their spectacles as the read official statements is not a bit inspiring at all. Not a shade of sincerity can be felt. Thus, my trust got eroded, my vote got wasted and the hope inspiration brings is dead. Nothing was left except doubt and despair.
    I hope the next President of this land will inspire us and stand behind no one in facing up to questions tossed. I hope he or she will remain connected and will be polite enough to stand in front of the microphone and give us a moment every now and then or when needed. We don’t need official statements, we need answers dished out by the one who actually gives them. Perception? Of course it matters. This is the only way I can hold on to the trust and support I give. I don’t care if the President sees otherwise in reference to the way i see things. What is important for me is that I see leadership emanating from the eyes of the one who speaks and holds the power. It is the only way I can continue trusting and hoping. It’s the only way I can assess, not if he/she is right or wrong but more of if he/she is sincere and speaks of the truth. The President has to continuously be personal to the people (not just during elections).
    Come 2010, I shall vote again and it’s going to get personal once more. “Mano a mano.” The anatomy of my vote will still be the same. I won’t listen to their endorsers, I won’t pay any attention to their well conceptualized ads, I won’t even pin my hopes on what they say as written on the papers about an issue the other day. I will wait for them to speak and answer to people’s questions freely, candidly, spontaneously and personally….and they better be not wearing sunglasses.

    Noy, I hope you stay in touch with the people when you assume the presidency next year. Good luck to all of us. Jv

  16. 17

    Alejandro B. Ibay said,

    sinabi ni Rizal, hindi natin dapat kalimutan
    ang mga kababayang nabulid sa dilim.


    By Alejandro B. Ibay
    November 24, 2009

    In the days of grandfathers fear stalks the hearts of wives and mothers when in the middle of the night the barking of dogs is followed by incessant knocks on doors. Then men and boys are dragged out into the night and never heard of again. This happens anywhere, in cities or towns and it seems to happen less today—these unexpected knocking. Much has changed and gone worst since then, a sign of progress in the wrong direction.

    Today it is no longer fear alone that strikes the hearts of law abiding citizens. It seems the grim reaper can be anywhere and everywhere. For it is evil not fear that stalks the land. Not only in the dark of the night, but under bright sunlight, amid flood and rains, even under romantic moonlight, one can get shot, kidnapped, ambushed, maimed or crippled, or dead with or without reason. Evil lurks and kills, unstoppable.

    Evil through the grim reaper could get you: in your car, in the street, in your house, in front of your children, in eating and drinking places, in your work place, in your classroom, inside churches, while riding your bike, going out of your house, while talking to friends. Evil comes in the body of a paid killer, gun for hire, a dismissed soldier, an active policeman, bodyguards, a hungry vagrant, a bag snatcher, a pickpocket, jeepney and bus holdupers, an ex-convict, a rebel or a terrorist, taxpayers paid and supported militias, a walking psycho, or even a business partner. Life seemed don’t even come cheap anymore, it is free for the taking. WHY? The answer is PASSIVITY—a quality of the mind found only among slaves of olden times.

    What happened in Maguindanao is God’s lightning and thunder. His voice of a hundred sonic boom from the skies—an explosion of His anger and disappointment over failure to fight evil. What happened there is CRYSTAL clear: there is no more safety in number, no respect and safety in being a woman and being inside your mother’s womb, in being a housewife, a father protector, a relative, a friend, a supporter, an advocate of the law, a reporter of truth, or a mere driver serving your master. In Iraq or Afghanistan a soldier or two die riding a single Humvee because of IED or ambushed. In Maguindanao 40 or more riding in convoy of many vehicles can die worst than cattle. If evil can do that to 40 or more, it can do without killing much much worst to many many more. Millions may be.

    This is not GENOCIDE, but could weigh no lighter in human conscience. When evil stalks the land even brave be-medalled Generals shake in their boots in fear of their loved ones; wives and mothers’ eyes had that terrified look never seen before. When evil stalks the land NOBODY is safe, even evil’s own perpetrators is not safe when evil starts fighting evil because what is good ceased and failed to prevail.

    PASSIVITY is the bastard son of bad history.

  17. 18

    Alejandro B. Ibay said,

    here is a shorter version interpreting, and
    elucidating on Noynoy’s VISION
    into a Philippine Dream:

    Noynoy’s Social Contract with the People may,—put in its proper perspective—be considered his Philippine Dream. We can find it in his stated vision for the country: (1) A re-awakened sense of right and wrong, through the living examples of our highest leaders; (2) An organized and widely-shared rapid expansion of our economy through a government dedicated to honing and mobilizing our people’s skills and energies as well as the responsible harnessing of our natural resources; (3) A collective belief that doing the right thing does not only make sense morally, but translates into economic value as well and,(4) Public institutions—as instruments of social justice—rebuilt on the strong solidarity of our society and its communities.

    To recapitulate in more specific terms the essence of Noynoy’s vision is about three concerns: restoring people’s virtue of right and wrong, harnessing resources for economic prosperity, and resurrecting the structures of governance as instruments of social justice. It looks so simple and narrow, but is not. As it is more down to earth, current, and doable and non-committal where it should not be.

    The vision looks inadequate and simplistic without belabouring its context. The people’s virtue of right and wrong leads on to more complex issues of education reform; nationalistic attitude of patriotism and love of country; deep changes that can lead to “new politics”, a politics that overhauls the authoritative allocation of values in the Filipino society; the intrusion of religion on purely Caesar’s jurisdiction; fostering excellence in the sciences and the arts; recognition and honour for its heroes and upright citizens, just compensation for victims of neglect, atrocities and misgovernance, etc.

    The second essence of the dream is about managing an economy towards egalitarian prosperity; taming pernicious poverty; wise use and application of natural resources; of a reformed business-government integrity; of rewarded honest toil; humane and just taxation; of productive results from foreign debts and public borrowings; of a rehabilitated economic image in the ASEAN and respect from the world; and so forth.

    The third essence is the mammoth engine of the dream, what Noynoy calls the structures of governance. It is so large, overlapping the three others, it is considered the fourth branch of governance: the BUREAUCRACY. It is the super Jumbo jet, so colossal that when piloted by the morally unfit, technically decrepit, leadership incompetent could dehumanized and crashed the nation into poverty then turmoil. They are co-pilots, they who work alongside the pilot, the branch which make the laws, and the branch which interprets the law. They shall also be held commendable or equally responsible should the pilot makes or unmakes the nation.

    Noynoy needs ALL the help he can get from all Filipinos: the pious and the peacemakers, the zealots and the crooks, the clean and the dirty politicians, the opportunists and free-loaders, the radicals and the communists, the misled government men, the OFWs, the immigrants and the double citizens, the young idealists, all creatures with two legs whose DNAs and spirit are Filipino—who according to John Donne is no island but a minutiae of a grain, all are pieces of the whole, the Philippine Dream.

    Not probably known to many but Noynoy knows the moment he was sworn in as President of the Philippines, he has become the President, the leader and protector of all Filipinos, anywhere and everywhere in the planet and must pursue his Philippine dream at the cost of his pride, party loyalty and political debts. Unlike Abraham Lincoln, NOYNOY need not wage and win a civil a war to free the enslaved segment of the citizenry.

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