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Pasay City, Philippines


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  1. 1

    Allan Gierran said,

    Hello Senator Noynoy,

    Just to express my support to your campaign for changed- my house has a big poster in the living room of your logo with noynoy as my way of silent campaign to all of my visitors and during religious meeting. I’m with the ideals of your dad and mom – I can still remember when you came to Cebu after the burial of your father
    and you spoke to Cebuano at plaza independencia- i escorted your car travelling
    to the plaza.

    Am now in NZ wellington since 2006 but still at heart a yellow guerilla- am campaigning for you here to pinoys and to their families back home.

    any development and instruction to give me direction as guide for me here is much appreciated.

    need to know the actual design of yellow ribon so i can reproduce it here.

    kind regards and mabuhay po kayo at ang pilipinas..

    Allan & family

  2. 2

    Ina Aquino said,

    Hi Senator,

    I am strongly supporting your efforts to push our country towards the change that it badly needs. I am a development worker, an educator. I travel extensively from Manila and across Mindanao every week. I would like to know how this could be used as an opportunity to help in your campaign for the top post. I can bring materials and things to Mindanao and back if necessary. I have friends whom I can mobilize to do legwork as needed.

    Anyway, I will coordinate with the volunteers group, sir. I just would like to encourage you to go on an lead us. We will pray for your health, your strength and courage, and for unwavering faith. Just know that there are many of us who may not be physically around you but silently supporting your cause, our cause.



  3. 4

    A TEAM FOR 12.
    By CN Barrameda

    Six years for a good president is short. It is long for a bad one; but for a good one, it is short.

    In our present affairs, an incoming president spends his first two years getting his act together. He creates a team by first replacing those whose loyalty belongs to his predecessor.

    The new president gets a well-oiled operating machine running, when fortunate, at the beginning of his third year. His programs get well underway, often discontinuing for political reasons those of his predecessor’s, no matter how meritorious they were.

    Then on the last two years of his term, his energy gets absorbed in grooming his successor to protect whatever interests he wants to protect going into the next presidency.

    And the whole six years become a mere revolving door. At the losing end, of course, is Philippines Inc.

    Given this revolving door syndrome, it becomes imperative for a turnaround-wanting economy like ours to ensure the continuity of a good president. I will forego defining what a good president is. An easy definition would be the opposite of who we elected, or got by default, in the last 12 years.

    Within our present system of a six-year term with no re-election, and without having to change charter, continuity can be done by presenting a ticket of a promising good president with a vice-president who is not only as promising and as good as, [or even better than], his would-be direct report, but also one who is a virtual shoo-in for the next presidency.

    In other words, we need to approach the leadership choice of our nation by proposing to the electorate the best combination there is for a President – Vice-President, with the view that the vice-president will be the next president. For purposes of the discussion, we will call this team T4-12, a Team for 12 years.

    Two major T4-12 benefits are :

    1. Zero Transition Cost. same team, same cabinet, same passion, same direction, same momentum.

    2. Institutionalized Programs. Here are a few examples :

    On Environment, a T4-12 administration who will plant trees on a massive scale on its first year will find thriving forests and green cities in every island by the end of 12 years;
    a T4-12administration who will train every child to put his candy wrapper in his pocket will produce a non-littering generation by the 12th year;
    a T4-12 administration who will clean and dredge Pasig River and clean Manila Bay on its first year and shut down and/or relocate all polluting manufacturing plants to a designated place, and complete a metro city-wide sewage treatment system will find a touristy river and a bay teeming with fish;

    On Shelter, a T4-12 administration who begins addressing the livelihood and squatter problems will see no shanties, nor street beggars, before 12 years are over;

    On Education, a T4-12 administration who addresses the quality and pay of teachers on Day One will produce a generation of school children who will speak good straight Filipino and good straight English, possessing integrity in character, true fear of God, higher-order thinking skills, and pride in being a Filipino;

    On Rice Sufficiency, a T4-12 administration on Day One who launches an intensive rice program can feed its own people and export rice before 12 years are over.

    On Graft and Corruption, a T4-12 administration who is honest for 12 years will spawn a generation of honest public servants and restore the people’s faith in government and in themselves;

    On Peace and Order, a T4-12 administration who will forge peace with our Muslim brothers sincerely and progressively, and who will deal decisively and uncompromisingly with the communist insurgency and terrorism will be rewarded with peace in the long run; a T4-12 administration who will reward the police and soldiers with good pay and send the corrupt ones to jail will bring respect back to the man in uniform.

    On Infrastructure, a T4-12 administration who will ensure every government peso spent goes into good roads, clean and renewable energy, and technology will spur private sector growth;

    On Tourism and Foreign Investments, a T4-12 administration who puts all above in place will make the Philippines the destination country of Asia for Education, Business, and Tourism.

    Today, we possess a rare chance at a non-revolving door T4-12 combination. It is in a Villar-Aquino ticket. Both are good and are promising and, if they just come in separately, are shoo-ins for president.

    Sen Villar has displayed executive and entrepreneurial experience. No dirt has been associated with him; more slung mud than real dirt. Equally important, it is not everyday one sees a ‘slumdog’ rise on hard work and vision. He is the Pinoy against-all-odds, self-made taipan. If he can do that feat in his personal and business life, there is great chance he can do that with Philippines Inc. He does not have to pedal a trisikad on national television; he just has to show where he lived in Tondo and where he is right now.

    Sen Aquino is clean but has no executive nor entrepreneurial track record. And he knows that as much as we do. If we are the Board of Directors of Philippines Inc, he will not even make it to our HRD’s shortlist, especially when we are desperate for a turnaround. And of course, we will not hire a CEO because his well-loved mother died.

    There is no question Sen Aquino is a shoo-in for president. People see a promise in him. I do too. But his time has not yet come. He is young and he can be trained. He will be an active vice-president. He will not be a vice-president who will merely attend the less presidential functions like most VPs do. He will be groomed and he will be given take-charge and critical executive functions in the T4-12 programs. Between the fifth and sixth year, he would be virtually running the government, presiding and strategizing in the cabinet meetings, working closely with the legislature and the judiciary and taking active role in military affairs. And while this may sound facetious, it really is not : Sen Aquino in six years will hopefully marry and raise a family. Fatherhood has a way of deepening one’s understanding of what sacrificial and selfless leadership is.

    A fight between Villar and Aquino will just divide the votes and tip the scales to favor those who propose no change from the present dispensation. We now have a rare chance at change AND at continuity in 12 years of promising good governance. A Villar-Aquino ticket can produce a convincing landslide win that cheating it is next to impossible.

    In the unfolding of this T4-12, the onus is on Sen Aquino. If he agrees to the idea, he can offer to work with Sen Villar and Sen Villar has to embrace the idea as well and train and position this would-be successor of his to seek the people’s mandate convincingly in 2018.

    Sen Aquino will have to take one step backward in his quest for presidency so this nation can take two steps forward in the next 12 years. That is the true sacrifice because he is topping the surveys with wide margins. And this sacrifice will go down in history to rank almost at the level of his father’s. Sen Aquino’s watch will come and he will be rewarded in time.

    Needless to say, he will by then choose a running mate for Vice-President who is as promising and as good as, or better than he is, AND one who is a virtual shoo-in for the presidency of 2024. Then the cycle repeats. By that time, the electorate is so satisfied with good governance, they will easily recognize the pretenders from the true public servants. That is the legacy of a T4-12.

    There is doubtless heroism in taking a step backward when one has a great chance at winning, so that a greater good can be served. It is different from taking a step back when one knows he is losing anyway. The first type is self-less sacrifice, the second type is self-style strategizing. It is quite possible Sen Aquino is dangerously surrounded by a good number of the second-type.

    CN Barrameda teaches math in a Montessori farm campus in Baungon, Bukidnon.

  4. 5

    Dear Senator Noy,

    I was there at Lennox Hotel and University of Luzon in Dagupan City where you took your meetings and consultation. I am exaggerated listening to “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” song performed by the UL Drum and bugle corps as I reminisced the time of your parents.
    Before I knew it, my tears fell down. I told to myself, I will support Noy.

    As I watched though the people who earlier came, I saw local politicians who were corrupt and ambigous leaders around you. I wonder the process on how you choose your people or supporter? Was it because they voluntarily come to your doorsteps, was it because they are influential in our locality or was it because of their integrity.

    I don’t question your prerogative to choose, but if you intend to make our country a place for integrity and honor, I guess you have to start with the first step right.

    Some people around you do not know respect to people and will probably take the advantage of your person. Some of them are even “balimbing.” You see them with your camp today, and days with other presidentiables.

    But, I hope our living God will give you the light so you could clearly see your path to the truth which you will bring to your presidency.

    When you become president, which I could say you will be, please be a good president, not only for me, my family but for the future generation of the Filipino people.

    May God guide and bless you!

    Diego B. Ledda, Jr., CPA, MBM
    259 Malued District, Dagupan City
    Mobile No. 0920-919-0365

  5. 6

    Manny said,

    The recent pitch of a presidentiable at the KBP convention in Tagaytay City is a manifestation that the “good vs. evil” campaign for 2010 is hurting the other presidentiables. We should sustain on this strategy by isolating Noynoy from all tainted transactions that opponents would try to associate him. Clarifications should be made immediately to clear all doubts from the mind of the televiewers and the readers who might start to get blurred by these negative propaganda.

  6. 7

    hannah said,

    what improvement can u contribute for health and education

  7. 8

    You said that corruption is the single biggest threat to our democracy. According to Claro M. Recto, perhaps the greatest Filipino thinker since Rizal:

    Since his time, subsequent administrations practiced with fidelity and enthusiasm what RECTO called “subservience and colonial mentality”, most of them with greed and rapacious intents. To the judgment of Claro M. Recto and many political gurus,

    “colonial mentality towards America by the sycophant Philippine government, and its evil twin–servility to the almighty dollar, are among the major contributories to graft and corruption, which in turn have paralyzed the nation’s economy.”

    What is Noynoy’s position in creating a long term solution of purging our country from being a lapdog and a doormat of the world, and finally be self-sufficient without the need for VFA or call centers and OFW’s to sustain our country and our liberties.

  8. 9

    Libertine Ivy Matutes said,

    Hi! I’m Libertine Ivy Matutes, 18 years old from Leyte. Since you are one of the candidates for this coming election, I just want to have some answers to the following questions:

    1. What are your plans for the country if you become the president?
    2. What are you going to do if you lose the election?

    I’m a registered voter. I hope you could answer my questions. This would be a great help for me in choosing the right leader for the country. Thank you so much!

  9. 10

    francis said,

    sino ang kandidato ng liberal party sa parañaque city?

  10. 11

    hecbrizuela said,

    Hello Senator Aquino,

    What’s your stand re: the increase of tuition and other fees in the University of the Philippines, as well as in other state universities? And what are your plans regarding the state of the state-funded tertiary education in the country?


  11. 12

    Ernesto V. Mendenilla said,

    Other presidentiable candidates clamming that they are more intelligent, which I don’t agreee in any angle.

    The late President Ramon Magsaysay said during his time of campaign his opponent to be more intellectual than him, but came out to be the best president of the Philippines. Most, except of very few, intelligence of our present politician used in bad faith, no fears coz they know to master the way out, but politicians who is God fearing but full of common sense serving the country for the best interest of the majority.

    I am willing to be interviewed on TV on this matter and suggest to interview more similar or related matters to be sure the next president will be Noynoy Aquino.

    Very truly yours,
    Mr. Ernesta V. Mendenilla
    74 yrs old(still very strong)
    35 mapulang Lupa, Pandi Bulacan

    Candidate during the 1971 Constitutional Connection Lone Dist of Camarines Norte-Independent
    No Political Affiliation up to now.

  12. 13

    Vic Dalanon said,

    Hello my Dear Senator,

    I’m a Realtor, I just want to express my profound gratitude for your support for the approval of Real Estate Service Act, which the late Tita Cory initiated during her term but only this time truly enacted into law. I signed up as your volunter and happy displaying the yellow shirt with Noynoy for President Initiative’NOYPI Ako” which i bought. Because there is no standard bearer of Liberal Partyin our municipality, i affialiate my candidacy to Nacionalista Party.

  13. 14

    Vanessa said,

    Hi noynoy, what are your concrete plans on how to make your platforms happen? How will you measure your performance (concrete KPIs please)? Thanks.

  14. 15

    Leonardo De Guzman said,

    Good day Sir, I’m one of those too many people who truly believes in your political advocacy…
    I’m working as one of a professor in Far Eastern Univesity, Manila, I would just want to ask if we could invite you as one of our speakers on our seminar this coming January, together with Sen. Mar Roxas…
    Where could we send an email so that it would be formal for you and your good office on what would be our main topic on the said seminar in which I truly believed that both of you are the best resource speakers…
    Thank you and God Bless…

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