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Magiging-senadora Yasmin Busran-Lao, peace and justice advocate, and our Muslim sister


Dear Sisters (and Brothers na rin),

Many of us should be aware by now that our very own YASMIN BUSRAN-LAO filed her certificate of candidacy (COC) as the 12th senatorial candidate of the NoyMar slate.

Here’s an abridged version of how it happened:

For quite sometime, the NoyMar campaign team had been headhunting for a Muslim candidate who would embody the reform-oriented politics of the Team. Several candidates were recommended, including Aminah Rasul who declined the nomination. Noynoy, however,asked for more nominations, so Ging boldly put forward Yasmin’s name. And the rest is herstory!

Needless to say, the nomination came as a shock, not just to Yasmin, but also to her family, friends and fellow NGO workers. After the initial adrenaline rush of her filing had worn off, the reality check of buckling down to the nitty-gritty of campaigning hit us.

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Sana Hindi Totoo


Gov Grace Padaca

December 7, 2009

We received notice that the decison  on the  election case  filed against me by Benjamin Dy will be promulgated tomorrow, December  8, 2 pm.

Okay  lang sana  iyon kasi talaga namang  hinihintay rin namin ang desisyon para alam na kung ano talaga ang mga nangyari noong eleksyon – pero sa mga nakakarating na kaalaman  sa amin ,  they also say that panalo daw si Benjamin Dy sa kaso niya laban sa akin na nagpaparatang na dinaya ko siya sa eleksyon

One tv reporter  called me up as early as last Thursday ,wanting to get my reaction  sa pagkatalo ko daw sa election case.

Tinext din ako ni Gov Panlilio na may information na  pagkatapos daw ng adverse decision laban kay Gov Jong Mendoza ng Bulacan, kami na raw ni Among Gov ang susunod na idedeklarang talo at patatalsikin sa aming puesto.

Ang hirap namang intindihin ng ganoon  –  kasi iba-iba naman ang  detalye  ng aming mga kaso.  Naikwento na sa inyo ni among gov ang kaniyang kaso. Ganito naman ang sa akin… Read the rest of this entry »

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Noynoy Aquino – A Leader in His Own Right

by Roy Sangil,
Association for the Socioeconomic Advancement of Pinoys, Inc (ASAP)

Noynoy Aquino is a leader who can lead the Filipino people toward social change through good governance, transparency, and honest leadership. 

While Noynoy is known as a low profile son of President Cory Aquino and Ninoy, he is a leader in his own right and would stand out in times of crisis, which is a proven test of a leader.

Unknown to Filipinos, Noynoy was instrumental in the survival of government and democracy when, in November 1989, renegade soldiers wanted to seize the government and perpetuate themselves to power. It was the bloodiest coup d’etat staged by the Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM) and soldiers loyal to the Marcos administration. The coup attempt left 99 people dead and 570 wounded. Read the rest of this entry »

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Liham ni Ninoy kay Noynoy

August 25, 1973

Fort Bonifacio


Mr. Benigno S. Aquino III


My dearest Son:

One of these days , when you have completed your studies I am sure you will have the opportunity to visit many countries. And in your travels you will witness a bullfight.

In Spanish bullfighting as you know, a man – the matador – is pitted against an angry bull.

The man goads the bull to extreme anger and madness. Then a moment comes when the bull, maddened, bleeding and covered with darts, feeling his last moment has come, stops rushing about and grimly turns his face on the man with the scarlet “muleta” and sword. The Spaniards call this “the moment of truth.” This is the climax of the bullfight.

This afternoon, I have arrived at my own moment of truth. After a lengthy conference with my lawyers, Senators Jovito R. Salonga and Lorenzo M. Tanada I made a very crucial and vital decision that will surely affect all our lives: mommie’s, your sisters’, yours and all our loved ones as well as mine. Read the rest of this entry »

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