Magiging-senadora Yasmin Busran-Lao, peace and justice advocate, and our Muslim sister


Dear Sisters (and Brothers na rin),

Many of us should be aware by now that our very own YASMIN BUSRAN-LAO filed her certificate of candidacy (COC) as the 12th senatorial candidate of the NoyMar slate.

Here’s an abridged version of how it happened:

For quite sometime, the NoyMar campaign team had been headhunting for a Muslim candidate who would embody the reform-oriented politics of the Team. Several candidates were recommended, including Aminah Rasul who declined the nomination. Noynoy, however,asked for more nominations, so Ging boldly put forward Yasmin’s name. And the rest is herstory!

Needless to say, the nomination came as a shock, not just to Yasmin, but also to her family, friends and fellow NGO workers. After the initial adrenaline rush of her filing had worn off, the reality check of buckling down to the nitty-gritty of campaigning hit us.

Why did she do it, especially after the dismal showing of Abanse! Pinay in the 2004 nd 2007 electoral exercises? What was she thinking? She could’ve just gone on with her role as coordinator of CPM until she leaves for her academic fellowship to Hawaii in January 2010!

In our talks after she filed her COC, she said she felt she had to accept the challenge to raise the bar for her (and our) advocacies on gender rights, peace and good governance. Following the mantra of Ging and Dinky: We need to connect the dots of the struggle for democratic rights and good governance with meaningful engagement in electoral (partisan) politics; and what better way to do this than to accept the challenge (or burden) that practically fell on her lap? Still others asked, “But can she deliver the votes?” I think the question, should be, “can we deliver the votes for her? For our advocacies?” I must admit the task generating the 7 million votes to get the no. 12 slot, is extremely daunting.

Can we, the like-minded in the women, peace, Bangsa Moro RSD and development movements consolidate ourselves to ensure a respectable outcome for Yas?

During this time when the Muslim faithfuls go on their annual pilgrimage, Yas is engaged in a different kind of haj. We hope you will join us in this fearless journey.



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  1. 1

    arc said,

    hello! sino naman po ang taong ito? ni sa panaginip e di namin kilala.
    ang alam ko lang na very qualified na muslim for the senate sa panahon ngayon ay si atty Adel Tamano!

    let’s support sir Adel Tamano for senator!!!

    • 2

      Pen Guro said,

      Some might not know Ma’am Yas, including you, but many knows her too well to say that she is always making difference to many lives, especially in the community as always. As her staff, i can firmly say that we need her to make the first step of CHANGE in our place and the country. I’m inviting u to know/hear/ask about her then reflect and ask ur inner self, “don’t she deserve my vote?” . . . . May Allah enlighten you. Godbless!

    • 3

      john santiago said,

      halo. sa dinami dami ng mga muslim, para sa iyo isa lang ang very qualified na maging kandidato. wow. ano ang ibig sabihin nito. at ang very qualified pa na ito ay sumuporta ke manny villar with the monicker money villar. hehehehehehe. good judgement indeed. very good judgement. saludo ako sa iyo at sa maganda mong pananaw sa buhay. aasenso nga tayo.

  2. 4

    vani said,

    alam ko na very qualified person for the senate si Mr. Tamano. He is on my list to support.

    But let’s not support a candidate because of their religion. But of what they can do and their advocacies. I know about Abanse! Pinay for I supported them in previous election. (even though I’m a male) I hope people get to know her more once the election period starts.

    • 5

      sychitpin said,

      adel tamano is lawyering for villar “the father of C5 scam” a very corrupt politician, this shows adel tamano’s priority is money first and his self interest before anything else, as the saying goes “birds of the same feather flock together”

  3. 6

    Jef Menguin said,

    I completely agree with Vani that we must not support a candidate because of their religion but on their merits.

  4. 7

    cesar c.cipriano said,

    I will support Yasmin and vote for her to truly represent Mindanao. My advice only is to spread more about her achievements and her NGO activities.

  5. 8

    John Santiago said,

    when i registered for this coming election, i also made up my mind that i will vote for the entire ticket of the liberal party because of senator noynoy aquino. as my future president i trust that his decisions including his senatorial slate, while done in consultation with the party, is in accordance with the mandate for good governance that he espouses. still, i would appreciate and i know others too, if the merits of the senatorial candidates other than those who are already known by the voting public be published.

  6. 9

    sychitpin said,

    mabuhay to yasmin busran lao ! you qualify to belong with NOYNOY-MAR winning team…

  7. 10

    Rank said,

    One vote more for yasmin. Let’s see if I could persuade my wife and daughter too. I spent my childhood among Maguindanaoans and Iranons of Zambo Sur. So I see the need for a Muslim representation. I am an atheist so it is not about religion here. I think I can insert Adel too. His record (and that of his father before him) is ok with me despite his connection with the NP.

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