Cory-Ampatuan link: Poor research or polluted sources?

to: Isagani Yambot
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Dear Sir,

After reading Belinda Olivares-Cunanan’s 10 December 2009 “Political Tidbits” column in the PDI, I was very alarmed to see that Mrs. Cunanan stated as a “fact” that Former President Corazon C. Aquino appointed Andal Ampatuan Sr. as OIC of Maganoy in 1986.

As an avid reader of the PDI, I am disappointed to see such an irresponsible statement printed, whether or not it is attributable to poor research or polluted sources.

What is perhaps more disturbing is that this malicious historical error has been refuted over and over by credible sources even from within your paper.

Furthermore, Fr. Eliseo “Jun” Mercado, OMI, has publicly corrected the outright lie that President Aquino appointed Andal Ampatuan Sr. as OIC.

The truth is that Ampatuan Sr. was already OIC of Maganoy (now Shariff Aguak) and was appointed by the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, when President Aquino came to power. In fact, President Aquino *removed* the Ampatuan patriarch and replaced him with a non-political member of the Ampatuan clan, Datu Bodhi Ampatuan, who served as Chief of Police in Maguindanao.

Fr. Mercado, who was then parish priest and NAMFREL Chairman of Maguindanao, personally told Ampatuan Sr. that the latter was being replaced by President Aquino.

Seeing how volatile the situation is now, the said statement is very disparaging of the memory of our beloved Tita Cory. Ethics dictate that such statements should be made with extreme caution, and should be founded on good, solid facts from unimpeachable sources.

In the interest of balanced views and fairness, I hope my letter finds its way into publication if only to correct the blatant falsity perpetuated by Mrs. Cunanan’s statement on the matter.

Yours truly,

Abigail dela Fuente-Valte


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    Jackc said,

    Belinda’s articles are usually filled with malicious lies to protect her benefactor in Gloria Macapal Arroyo.

    Belinda would go the extra mile to place herself in good stride with gloria.
    Correct me if I am wrong, is it Belinda’s husband who is in the administration of gloria? If correct, then, the answer lies in the keeping of her husband’s position in the government of Gloria Macapal Arroyo.

    It’s a shame, that the PDI is allowing itself to be used by Pseudo-journalist, such as Belinda. She may have the experience, but her experience may have provided her with callousness to write articles without proper research or pure malicious lies. She may have thought that since she has been writing for so long, readers would actually believe all the articles that she writes.

    To place Tita Cory in bad light and besmrich her great name by blaming her for the foolishness in Maguindanao? You are a hallucinating writer Ms Cunanan. Stop using those psychedillic-inducing drugs, if you are using ’em.!
    The Ampatuans gained notoriety after the 2004/2007 elections, in which fraudulent results benefitted Gloria Macapal Arroyo. The Ampatuan family became so blatant in their misdeeds, that they commit crime with impunity. Thank you Gloria for creating such a monstrous family! That is only in Maguindanao.
    Way to go Abigail for writing to PDI.

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    Jef Menguin said,

    Everytime I see Cunanan’s column, I usually expect only two things: defense of the GMA’s governance and praises for Joe De V. Yes, I still read her columns as they are constant reminders that educated people may choose to be ignorant.

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