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From: Robert

Date: Fri, 4 Dec 2009 17:07:56 -0800

To all,

I am a member of a forum for Ateneo graduates and I was asked by a friend C.B. on why I was supporting this movement for the Noynoy – Mar candidacy.   Previous to this, there was an article written by Emil Jurado questioning the legislative record of Noynoy.

Following is my reply:

Subject: Love of country versus love of self Index


My decision to back the Noynoy Aquino – Mar Roxas ticket is based on a simple idea.

The idea that I have come up with is that there is a constant struggle, call it a tug-of-war, between a person’s love of country and love of self.

On one end of the scale would be a 10 (ten) wherein a candidate’s actions once in office would be dictated only by his love for his country and his fellow Filipinos, nothing else.

On the other end of the scale would be a 0 (zero) wherein a candidate’s actions will be based only on his selfish interests, such as power, money, paying off political debts, fame, and other considerations.

I do not care what a person’s past legislative acts have been.  I do not care about whether he was a womanizer, gay, a gambler, etc, etc.

And I don’t even care if he came from Ateneo, UP, or La Salle, a member of Mensa,  or whether he or she has an advanced degree in Economics or Political Science.  Just look at the people in the current administration.  I rest my case on this one.

What is important to me is how I perceive him to be once he is in office.

I agree that one’s perceptions is very subjective but I do believe that if a candidate’s heart is in the right place, everything else falls into place.

I do not have the time at the moment to put into graphics form my ranking on the different candidates but suffice it to  say that in my opinion the Noynoy-Mar ticket is way ahead of the pack in terms of this very simplistic idea.

Call me naïve, but you asked for my opinion.

Robert P.


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    sychitpin said,

    i agree with you completely, and you are not naive, you are very wise, mabuhay !

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    […] Source: […]

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    Elvie Z said,

    I am supporting Noy because I believe that he has a clean of heart and will fight corruption. This is what the country needs now. Noy needs assistance and if Mar who is his VP would win too, then they’re objectives will be much stronger and we will all benefit. Thank you.

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    Glenn J. Dator said,

    Very well said, simple as it may be, I belive it is the direct answer to the question as to why we support Noynoy and Mar – it is in the HEART and not in political grandstanding !!!

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    … i am with you… i believe that noynoy-mar tandem is more than enough to push for real change in our government system… enough with false promises… and most of all, enough with corruption.

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    Maria Rocela P. Marquez said,

    I am one of your million supporters, I believe that you and your team can change the our Government system, and my family & friends will support all LP, because we want a leader with an honor and we hope true to his words…. Our country need an action not promises, to Progress, specially to change image,Others countries always say that the Filipinos are nothing, but slave, prostitute, itc. I hope if Sen Noynoy become a Pres, he can lead filipino people to be a good citizen too,

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      mary gertrudez B. Linggayo said,

      I am supporting the LP team not because of personal benefit but because of what I believe they could and would do to our beloved country who has been governed for 9 nine long years by abusive and corrupt leader.

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    ChitoC said,

    I’m sorry. I’ve been trying to see that “love for country” of Noy and Mar but I just cannot see it. I want to believe in them so please help me!

    Mary Gertrudez said “I am supporting the LP team not because of personal benefit but because of what I believe they could and would do to our beloved country who has been governed for 9 nine long years by abusive and corrupt leader.” But we were miserably led by an honest Cory (excluding the kamaganak inc.) that led to a dismal and precipitous downturn of the Philippine economy.

    Love requires a competent expression of that love.

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      HI Chito, it’s so hard to encapsulate Noynoy’s love for country in words on a blog.

      But I’ve met him, and you can see it talaga in his eyes, in his tired smile. He really, really genuinely loves this country.

      You should listen to his speeches, some of which are posted here. Listen when he talks on tv and the radio. It’s loud and clear 🙂
      I think one telling thing is he keeps saying “maski nandito ako, maski wala na ho ako dito, alam ko tatagumpay tayo sa laban na tapat.”

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        ChitoC said,

        Love for one’s country cannot be seen in the eyes alone. One has to to see it in a LIFETIME body of work. One can see it in the discipline and the lifestyle of a man in love with his country. One cannot see it in his speeches…especially because his speeches would be slanted towards his wanting to please everyone because precisely he is running for President.

        No, one cannot see the LOVE for one’s country when one is running for President.

        Look at his past life. Look at his pre-occupation. Look at his accomplishments.

        I, just like you, love my country. You can see it in my eyes, you can see it my tired smile. I am sure you do too. And I am sure if we can meet, face to face, you can feel as I can feel, the genuine love for our country.

        My friends some of them already love their country perhaps even much more than either you or I. Some of them have been shot in defense of their freedom. A couple of them are dead now. There, in their graves, with their bones crumbling away with time, you can see the real LOVE for their country.

        These dead friends of mine cannot look into your eyes. They cannot give any tired smiles. They cannot give fiery speeches. And you cannot meet them. But I assure you, they too LOVED their country.

        But they are not running for President. Neither you nor I are running for President. To be President of this country, LOVE of country is a MINIMUM, not the qualifying character. To be President of this country you NEED more, much much more, than LOVE for one’s country. You need competence, you need experience, you need a lifetime body of work to give you the confidence of achieving the goals need to uplift our country from the quagmire of poverty — poverty in moral values and poverty in material wealth.

        Unfortunately, Noynoy just doesn’t have it.

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    Marcial B. said,

    Why hasn’t Noynoy or Mar commented on major corruption issues like those that have been publicized, such as those detailed in:

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