LP-Vice President for Minadanao Neric Acosta on Martial Law


Martial law in Maguindanao is ominous, signaling a prelude to fuller state control and manipulation of the 2010 elections. Martial law, as well as the conveniently-timed Supreme Court ruling on incumbents deemed resigned, constitute a sinister pretext for a sitting president’s (and now congressional candidate’s) continued grip on power, and a sordid cover-up for the failure of the rule of law and justice in the face of state-sponsored warlordism.

All that is needed is Maguindanao (and for all of Mindanao) is for the the rule of law to prevail, for government to exercise its full institutional power to contain violence, mete out justice for victims of the abominable massacre of innocent civilians, sustain peace initiatives — and ensure free, orderly and credible elections in 2010.  All of these government can and should do without the imposition of martial law.

This turn of events warrants no less that the full vigilance of a people to safeguard their democracy.

Neric Acosta

Liberal Party Vice-President for Mindanao
LP senatorial candidate


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    Christian Deiparine said,


    Now that the country is under Martial Law,

    What are you going to do??

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