Maguindanao: Impunity continues to reign supreme under GMA administration UPDATED

Latest news: Government weapons found in lot near Ampatuan mansion, investigators confirm they belong to government arsenal. Read the story.

The departure of foreign forensic experts from Maguindanao because the places they were staying in kept being visited by alarming armed men, means Justice once more recedes for the victims of the Ampatuan Massacre, while the dark shadow of impunity deepens over the area.

This only shows that what the administration has been doing is posturing as it remains unwilling to enforce the law without fear or favor due to the web of lies and past favors in which the President, her cabinet, and the Ampatuans are tangled.

If anyone had any doubt that ultimately, Justice would become a victim in the continuing crime of this adminsitration being trapped by “utang ng loob,” just as its former and present allies have refused accountability and justice out of transactional ties to the President, no one should doubt anymore that under this administration and its ruling party, impunity will continue to reign supreme.


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    Rongen said,

    I agree. Most parents teach their kids that kind of principle and most Filipinos practice the “Utang na Loob” lifestyle, then pass through generations. That’s the reason why many Filipinos are trapped. Many crabs in our society and even our Government is acting like one.

    Sad to say, but I want my children to change their citizenship – Not me and not for me. I want their next kin live harmoniously away from corruption (or at least minimal not brutal), threat, crimes and obtain no-visa-requirement to travel. That’s the truth.
    The question is, where is the best place on earth is that! The world is sick.

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    tins said,

    if this is the case palabas lang lahat ng ginawa ng pamahalaan like disarming the supporters and private armies of the perpetrators.. tapos, what’s next? makakawala si DATU UNSAY? sasabihin nakatakas. so sick and tired of this administration ginagawa na lang nilang tanga ang mga pilipino..
    and now i know y Gloria didnt push through wid charter change coz she has better things in mind.. made better plans.. she is such a genius, whiz kid and a master mind. she’ll win her congressional bid then her bet GIBO will sit as the President.. VIOLA! PRIME MINISTER GLORIA! what else can we ask for..i
    if we want GLORIA BACK, VOTE FOR GIBO!
    nakakasuka na

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    andres said,

    Maguindanao Massacre was a product of massive cheating and corruption of GMA, GMA is responsible for the heinous crime in partnership with the ampatuan clans.
    by the way,regarding SC ruling allowing appointed officials to run without resigning: how can something unfair be made legal ? and how can injustice be justified? this SC ruling showed how. In effect, said ruling legalized what was grossly unfair and justified what was clearly unjust. it was a shameful day for the SC indeed, which used to be the bastion of fairness and justice and the court of last resort……….

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    sychitpin said,

    The Ampatuans were Lakas party chairman and members in Maguindanao. They were close allies of GMA, and partners in the massive cheating in 2004 , 2007 and corruption. GMA was also responsible in the impunity.

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