Our Common Credo

Our Common Credo

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A government, based on core values of transparency, personal and institutional integrity, honesty, and good governance, is a goal we must all share. To achieve this goal, we must unite based on shared principles.

We therefore present this Credo to the Filipino People so that our basis for unity is clear and unequivocal. These are our guiding principles in approaching the perils and problems of our society as elected officials, and we hold ourselves accountable to each other and the public to uphold these principles in the campaign and in office.

We believe that our democracy is best maintained, as it was restored, by the ways of democracy.

We believe that true change can be achieved only through peaceful means.

We believe that the first step towards prosperity and progress for all is for all sectors and classes to discuss our differences reasonably and with goodwill.

We believe that grievances that cause rebellion will not be solved by purely military solutions; and furthermore only a more equitable distribution of power and opportunity will enable peace to reign in our hearts and homes.

We therefore believe we must strive for a genuine national reconciliation founded on justice, even at the cost of our individual political self-interest.

We strongly believe that Social Justice is our common birthright: the working person must be given his just and rightful share of the fruits of his labor, and that to the owners and managers must be restored a regime of laws that are fair and not discriminatory.

We believe true national unity is possible if we commit ourselves to the rights and freedoms enshrined in our Bill of Rights.

We believe that if we Filipinos are secure in our rights and freedoms, we will all be motivated to live up to our duties and obligations as citizens.

We believe that a President, in order to be able to inspire and to lead, must possess the fundamental requirement of a genuine mandate from the people.

We believe that the presidency is an institution that only works, if both the president and those affiliated with the administration recognize they only hold that office temporarily.

This means, too, that we must lead by example; insisting on integrity not only for ourselves but all our appointees; upholding meritocracy in the bureaucracy; and believing in, and insisting on, the supremacy of the civilian over the military always.

We shall not hide from debate, suppress the mechanisms for the redress of grievances, or thwart the participation of the public in the formulation of policy.

We believe cynicism corrupts and corrodes our ability to dream and work for a better nation for ourselves and for our children.

We believe we must maintain at all times an unshakeable faith in the Filipino.

For these reasons, we commit to this Credo. We have each taken different roads to reach this point; but henceforth, we will be together because we are confident that we will be in lock step with the Filipino People.

Benigno Aquino III

Manuel Roxas II

Franklin Drilon
Nereus Acosta
Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel
Sonia Roco
Ruffy Biazon
Danilo Lim
Ralph Recto
Alex Lacson
Teofisto Guingona III
Sergio Osmena III


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    • 2

      ben_blanco said,

      Siguro bago magsalita tungkol sa hustisya si Senator Noynoy at mga kasama nya, dapat unahin nilang ipakita na wala silang pinipili. May warrant of arrest ang nagtataong si Raffy Recto dating VGovernor ng Batangas dahil sa salang Frustrated murder kay Gov. Armando Sanchez.

      Di ba niya pwede ipasuko kina vilma at Ralph ang kanilang kaanak? Madaling magsalita lalo na sa nangyaring massacre sa Mindanao, pero dapat unahin niya si Raffy… Pakita ang salita sa gawa, Mr. Senator..

  1. 4

    junb said,

    thank you for this credo of yours… pero ano po ba ang nagbibigkis dito para maging matibay… tulad ng walis tingting… kailangan ng bigkis…

    • 5

      john santiago said,

      ang magbibigkis nito ay ang mga nagkakaisang tao na naniniwala na nasa sama samang pagtutulungan ang pagkamit ng matagal ng minimithi para sa mamayan at bayan

  2. 6

    […] place and to increase the quality of life for Filipinos. The Aquino Campaign comes together under a common credo: a government based on transparency, personal and institutional integrity, honesty and good […]

  3. 7

    ben blanco said,

    Mr. Senator,

    Mas credible sana ang angako nyong hustisya kung kayang nyong kumbinsihin si Relph at Vilma na isuko a sa mga may kapangyarihan ang kaanak nilang si Raffy Recto na matagl ng tinutugis ng batas sa salang frustrated murder.

    Kung an maliit na bagay na ito ay hindi nyo magawa gayon sila ay mga kasapi ng inyong partido, paano pa kayo paniniwalaan sa mga pangako nyo? Pakita nyo ang inyong mga salita sa gawa…salamat po.

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