Update: Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas’s demands in the Maguindanao Massacre

Noynoy and Mar demand swift and decisive action on Maguindanao massacre

The innocent victims of the Maguindanao massacre and their grieving families deserve no less than the full force of the law against the brutal perpetrators of this unspeakable crime.

We know that the President possesses the power and authority to act firmly and swiftly.  Under the PNP Law, she can order the suspension and withdraw the deputation of chief local executives as representatives of the NAPOLCOM in their respective jurisdiction.  This effectively removes any power the local chief executives may exercise over the police force assigned in their respective local government units.

The body count in Maguindanao has risen above 50.  Primary suspects have been identified by witnesses.  However, we have found the government response to this slaughter of innocents severely lacking.  Worse, because we know that the power and authority to do more is vested in Executive agencies under the control of the President, and that they have exercised this power and authority swiftly in the past, we conclude that in the case of Maguindanao, this administration has chosen to turn a blind eye.

In order to prevent the escalation of violence in Maguindanao resulting from this administration’s inaction, we demand that the following measures be put in place:

1. The preventive suspension of Mayor Andal Ampatuan, Jr., and all other local officials who will be charged in connection with the Maguindanao massacre.
2. The suspension of the local government’s control and authority over the local police force.
3. The immediate relief and replacement of all police officials and personnel in the province of Maguindanao.
4. The immediate revocation of Executive Order No. 546 which authorizes the Philippine National Police to deputize barangay tanods as force multipliers in the implementation of peace and order in local government units.
5.. The immediate return of the COMELEC office to Cotabato City.



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    art said,

    If the government didn’t take immediate action to that incident it only proves that protecting their own interests and worst case scenario there are two possibilities: next in line of cold case files or looking for potential “scapegoat” to protect their interests.

  2. 2

    Waldy said,

    Nagawa na po lahat itong mga demands na ito.. In fact, nauna pa nga yung action nila kaysa sa demand na ito… Tapos hawak na rin po ng government ang suspect na si Mayor Andal Jr, ayos po ba iyon o hindi maganda iyon….. OK na po ba kaya ang ginagawa ng Arroyo government?

    Hindi po gusto hilingin din nina Sen. Aquino na isuspend din ang lahat ng mga Ampatuan (ARMM governor at Maguindanao Governor), o baka nakalimutan lang?

    • 3

      mopu said,

      Waldy I think nademanda na iyon ng buong Liberal Party. I remember them saying kelangan may preventive suspension of Ampatuans so that their influence cannot get to the survivors and witnesses.. GMA News ko ata narinig e..?

  3. 4

    venice said,

    suspension is not enough.


    i hope, when you take the position in our country, you will separate religion from politics. the church of any kind, shoud not have a great influence in how you run the country, but only to give spiritual guidance to you and your decisions for the country.

    (correct me if i’m wrong, i was in elementary these days)

    let us all remember , our so called president lifted the death penalty in order to get the sympathy or whatever she needs to get from the catholic church. “nag piyesta ang mga kriminal”.

    during President Joseph Estrada’s term, there is death penalty, i remembered echagaray, if i remember it correctly, he under go the lethal injection.he made the right choice to put Panfilo Lacson as the head of PNP because he is effective. (remember how the policemen looks like back then compared to now.) Anyway, as i was saying, what Erap did to mindanao was an all out war, no cease fire or holidays and the military men were able to win against the terrorists in abu bakhar.

    when President Estrada was impeached and gloria took over the country, gloria returned abu bakhar to the muslims. and now they are uncontrollable.

    I ask sen. noynoy and mar roxas, what are your plans for terrorism and in such case that happened in mindanao? this does not only concern the people in mindanao, but the whole people of the country, i want that the death penalty should be implemented again, though some will say that it violates the rights of person to change his lives, but of we look to the lives of the family and victims themselves, should they be given their rights?

    lethal injection though is a very relaxed way to die, my idea of a death penalty is it also has different stages, in the case of the for people who did the maguindanao massacre they should not be just given suspension,(this is my rage speaking on what should they face) when proven guilty, they should have 3 suffering days as in SUFFERING DAYS that even in the 1st hour of the 1st day they are all wishing they were dead but they are still alive and “hindi mamatay matay”) it may sound barbaric but that is what they deserve.

    However, we could not let our policemen do that because it would be dirt on their hands, instead let the other criminals do it, they killed children, old women mothers who are innocent? they can do it.

    in ‘layman’s term” dadagdag lang sa palamunin ng gobyerno ang mga kriminal. kung yung binibgay sa kanila ibgya sa mga batang hindi inaalagaan ng maayos ng mga magulang nila.

    i think you should think about it. well peace and order for our country cannot be done when there are criminals who wander around.

  4. 5

    migo said,

    Well, I really hope that we are moving towards a better philippines not the worst. I strogly agree on the statement above that Death Penalty should be imposed again on the Phils soil, Let us put fear in the law not in the streets.

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