Glimmers of Hope and Change

by Louie Lapat,
Davao del Norte

Wherever I go and when perfect strangers talk to me about politics, the topic would always fall on truth, transparency in government, corruption and their excitement to vote and aspirations of a clean and credible election this coming May 2010.

Again, this is triggered by that piece of yellow ribbon which I wear everyday when I go out along with that Lipad Pinoy pin on the strap of my backpack. As what I had shared in my previous post, this yellow ribbon is indeed a silent campaign material that ignites excitement among the people who will see it and reminds them of the noble task that lies ahead of us: to elect leaders who will take this country forward, unite and inspire us and clean the system of governance that has long been tainted with corruption and immorality in the past years. That’s what we are fighting for and we must win this together.

There are lots of stories from ordinary people who are hungry for change, who are awakened by the social realities in the country and who are willing to be part of the change that they wanted to see in our government.


It was one hot afternoon in Davao City when I joined my elementary school paper adviser Mrs. Antonietta Igcalinos for the Davao Regional Elementary Schools Press Conference. Along with us is her student who competed in the aforementioned tilt and Jake, a friend of mine and is also Mam Tonet’s student in college. All of us attached the yellow ribbon on our shirts except Mam Tonet.

Change, according to her, could only be delivered by that man who likes the color orange a lot. You know who. =) Since I did the layout for their school publication in late October, she kept on asking me why I am really all-out for the man-in-yellow and with “almost-bald head.” She said the man-in-yellow is too inexperienced and can’t deliver the change that we want to see. We spent an hour everyday for one week just debating on what’s really the color of change: orange or yellow?

One time, I had given her fresh-from-the-internet articles about the man-in-yellow in which she had painstakingly read. After the competition and before going back to our billeting quarters, we dropped by at a nearby shopping center where we planned to buy some stuffs. While waiting for a fresh-from-the-warehouse stock, one sales lady told Jake, in vernacular, translated here in English:

“I love that yellow ribbon on your shirt.”

Jake and I replied with a smile until another sales lady stressed: “I really have to vote for someone who is the exact opposite of her,” referring to that girl with a big mole on her face. “I can’t wait to vote so that she’ll be out in our lives,” ending with a giggle.

I asked them who will they vote for in the upcoming elections. Unanimously, their preference was the same as that of mine. Why, I asked. A sales boy gave the perfect answer: “Because I know that he is sincere and he will not put a stain on the good name of his family, especially his parents whom I admire so much.”

From a corner, a self-confessed first time voter in her twenties, quipped: ” I know he will not use the presidency to advance his own interest. I believe he has no personal interest upon declaring that he’s running. The interest that he is carrying is the interest of the Filipino people.”

Mam Tonet just smiled while listening to our conversation. She can’t relate herself into it. She’s orange, we’re yellow.I was in awe of their answers. Amazing, indeed. As a way of gratitude to them, I gave my yellow ribbon to one of them until everybody demanded that they too wants the same. I returned the following day to give them the ribbons — including the store manager — and saw their passion while they’re pinning it on their clothes.

And as I prepared to go, one sales lady made a promise to me: ” We will wear it everyday.”


While on our way to our billeting quarters, the driver noticed the yellow ribbons on our clothes. He got himself connected and it that he started to relate that he’s voting for the man-in-yellow. He confessed that he is an avid supporter/loyalist of he-who-must-not-be-named. But not now [anymore].

His idol, once convicted in court and was ousted from office, according to him is not worthy to be entrust our country’s future. He must retire from politics, he said, and give other young leaders to govern the country. If to choose between his idol and the man-in-yellow, without batting an eyelash, he chose the latter. Still, Ma’am Tonet can’t connect without our topic. She just smiled.


Back here in Tagum City. Last week, throngs of local politicians here in Davao del Norte had taken the oath of affiliation to the Liberal Party, the humble party of the man-in-yellow. That includes Governor Rodolfo P. del Rosario, Tagum City Mayor Rey T. Uy, and other local politicians from the different cities and municipalities of the province. All of them came from the ruling party of that girl with a mole on her face.I am not surprised. I’m proud of them because they chose to lead the people in our journey towards genuine change. They did the perfect decision.

A few days after this, someone made an exodus too.Just yesterday, at the height of the parochial fiesta of Tagum City, I was invited by Mam Tonet in their house to join their festivity. The moment I arrived, I teased her: ” Wow, Ma’am! You really have a very nice outfit today…full of yellow! Ran out of orange?”

She smiled and said: “Give me a yellow ribbon. Louie, I am now for Sen. Noy. Thanks for awakening me and for that printouts you had given me… that really helped a lot. You are right, s’ya na nga!

I am proud of her for making that bold choice. She chose to surrender the orange flag and raised the yellow banner of hope and change. As I see her treating us her visitors yummy foods and telling them why she is wearing a yellow ribbon, I can’t help but to smile.

The yellow ribbon made an accomplishment once again!

A friend in facebook and a fellow Tagumeño sent me a message last, last week in which I am so glad. Here’s the part of the message coming from a girl aged 17:

“A friend of mine told me that she has a yellow ribbon. She asked me if I want one coz she has this friend na dagahn daw ug ribbon. I answered yes. She then reminded me that it’s just simple rubber. I told her that for me, it’s not about THE rubber. It’s about what the rubber represents.”

My 17-year-old friend is correct.

Indeed, Sen. Noynoy Aquino is correct when he said that “if we continue with this momentum, we will make change a reality.”

We will. Though the roads ahead will be long and our climbs will be steep, we will make change a reality! We will. We will.

Nothing’s more pleasant and inspiring when the sales ladies, the sales boy, the taxi driver and a teacher uttered Sen. Noynoy’s name and their belief that change can be achieved. Nothing’s more pleasant and inspiring when you see them utter his name and while they’re doing it, you see glimmers of hope and change in their eyes.


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  1. 1

    mo said,

    di ba GAY sina NOYNOY at MAR
    Senator Nonoy Aquino is currently leading the survey for Presidential aspirants. This is good for him and his associates but is it good for Filipino people?

    First, he has to solve the Hacienda Luisita issues, that for many years farmers are neglected and some are massacared. Until now, no justice has been served for those people who died fighting for their rights.

    The other issue is that is he a gay or a women hater? Senator Nonoy Aquino is now 49 years old and until now he has no first lady in case he will win the Presidency.

    The Filipino people are anxious to know if Nonoy belong to the third sex. Baka maging beuty parlor ang Malakanyang Palace kung si Nonoy ang maging president.

    We need clarification or kung totoo magladlad ka na.

    • 2

      asus said,

      sorry to say but Noynoy is a whole true man, just take a look sa mga pinagdaanan nya simula bata,nakulong ang tatay nya at pinatay,baka kung nangyari sayo yon nag-pakamatay kana.Baka mas lalaki pa sya sayo,ask your self nga? Pinanindigan nya lahat ng problema ng pamilya nya pati pag-aalaga sa mga kapatid nya. Kung bakla sya nung time na presidente si nanay nya sana nagladlad na sya. Pero kahit pa palagay natin bakla sya, e ano ngayon? Importante tao sya na may puso at kaluluwa, hindi CROCS.

      The HL issue is not the issue of all Pilipino people, first hindi nya kasalanan na pinamanahan sila ng 4% ng mga ninuno nya nito and yet he tried his best na maayos yon. Second, hindi pera ng Pilipino people ang ginamit dun, unlike sa C5 project na until now, may poste nga ng ilaw pero madilim parin pag-dumaan ka ng gabi,kasi hindi pinaiilaw, kunting ulan baha na, alam mo bakit liko2 ang C5 kasi dito ang dulo sa townhouses na pinapatayo ng Crown Asia, yong VENEZIA. Alam ko kasi lagi ko nadadaanan, ng inquire pa ako ha, nakatago lang kunwari yong main gate sa Naga Road pero yong likod ng subdivision nya C5 extension.

      si Noynoy Aquino lang ang sincere sa lahat na aspirants ngayon, di natin kailangan kwestyonin ang pag-ka lalaki nya. Ang importante honest and decent leader, we cannot change overnight pero sya lang ang makapag-bigay ng malaking PAG-ASA para sa pag-babago. Hindi tulad ng iba na ginagamit mga kababayan nating mahihirap para manalo, kaliwa’t kanan ads. nya para manalo. ANG DATING MAHIRAP AYAW NA MAG-HIRAP KAYA LAHAT GAGAWIN PARA LALONG YUMAMAN, LAHAT NG MAHIHIRAP GAGAMITIN NYA.

  2. 5

    tala said,

    nope. he’s not gay. It’s just that the responsibility of his father, Ninoy Aquino became his responsiblity as well. So, he decided to focus his attention to his family…until now.

    About the Hacienda Luisita thing, Sen. Noynoy owns only 1/5 of 1/6! Imagine how SMALL it is. And it means, he doesn’t have any power to influence the majority owners of the Hacienda. Besides, it is a corporation. It is owned by MANY.

    *about the blog: LOVE it! as a first time voter, i’d rather risk my vote to someone who aims to make a change…than someone who would do THE SAME thing again.

  3. 6

    annecy parumog said,

    i also want to wear the yellow ribbon everyday…but where can i get it?
    im also happy that in my own little way, im doing my share in campaigning for Sen. Noynoy. like when i always talk to my family, relatives and friends, i always see to it that i ask them “who do you think willl win?” and from that, i start to talk about Sen. Noy, and almost always, i get their positive nod that they agree with me that Sen. NOY will WIN and he will bring change!

  4. 8

    MM said,

    Sen. Noy is the only hope for our nation.

  5. 10

    basilio jamisola said,

    I am for Noynoy all the way. But I’m scared the HL issue could affect his candidacy. We need more media releases explaining the issue like what you are doing now. It will really hellp.

  6. 11

    Juancho said,

    I also seize opportunities to try and politely convince people about voting for Noynoy. But i pleasantly find that I don’t need to do much “convincing.”

    Last Sunday, I had a haircut at Podium. I asked the lady who was shampooing my hair if she had already registered (my usual opening line). She said yes, and I gamely asked her to guess who I was voting for.

    She answered correctly, and pointed to my shirt (black polo shirt with yellow Philippine map). It was nice to know that she also supported the same candidate. She told me that most of her colleagues also support Noynoy.

    It even blessed my heart to hear her say, “kahit late na ako umuuwi, talagang hinihintay ko yung late night news. kasi diba? importante talaga na maki-alam tayo sa mga nangyayari sa bansa.” social involvement runs high! 🙂

    I asked my stylist the usual opening question. She said yes, and so I asked her if she already had a candidate. She hesitated at first, saying that she had yet to decide. I began talking about Noynoy and intended to enlighten her on why he is the best choice. But before I could even state my argument, she nodded her head and said “oo, yun! pwede yun!” just after i said Noynoy’s name. 🙂 no convincing needed anymore.

    I recently ordered 32 sqft worth of Noynoy tarps and had it mounted on my wall and gate. When my manang saw it, she asked me if I could also make tarps for her sister’s house in Marikina. Manang said that her sister’s neighbors are also for Noynoy. I told her that I would send tarps their way.

    Then manang asked me if I could also make a big tarp for another sister in Ormoc, who happens to be a barangay official. Manang said that many of the people in their place are also for Noynoy and that they would hang the tarp along the highway. I’m sending them a tarp when they leave for their Christmas vacation.

    My tita saw the tarps on my wall. She asked if i was involved with a group for Noynoy’s campaign. I said that I wasn’t officially, and that I had made those stuff myself. She told me that an uncle is one of the leaders of the volunteer group in Davao.


    • 12

      Juancho said,

      for prudence’s sake, my tarps are coming down early Saturday morning. That’s right before Noynoy files his candidacy.

      i might retain the yellow ribbons on the fence though. 🙂

  7. 13

    Paul Benemerito said,

    We are for the man in yellow . We believed in his principles. I and my family will campaign for Sen. Noy. My officemates also are for Sen. Noy. Go Go Go Sen Noy….

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