Explainer: Why Noynoy Aquino won’t be on Nov 29 “Isang Tanong Isang Sagot”

This is a response to the mounting questions as to why Senator Noynoy Aquino did not participate on the second half of “Isang Tanong, Isang Sagot,” which will air on November 29.

Senators Aquino and Roxas will be filing their certificates of candidacy on November 28, and the decision to do so was made as early as the first week of November.

According to the Omnibus Election Code, and in light of the recent Supreme Court decision in the case of Penera vs. Commission of Elections, after the certificate of candidacy has been filed (Nov 28 in the case of Senators Aquino and Roxas), candidates may not participate in election-related events until February 9, 2010, for those vying for national positions

Section 80 of the Omnibus Election Code prohibits any person from engaging in election campaign and partisan political activity outside the campaign period. Under 79 of the OEC, election campaign and partisan political activity refers to any act designed to promote the election or defeat of a particular candidate to a public office, which includes:

“Holding political caucuses, conferences, meetings, rallies, parades, or other similar assemblies, for the purpose of soliciting votes and/or undertaking any campaign or propaganda for or against a candidate;

This provision of law has been expanded by the Supreme Court in the recent case of Penera vs. Comelec, G. R. No. 181613, September 11, 2009, where the Court ruled that “the conduct of a motorcade is a form of election campaign or partisan political activity, falling squarely within the ambit of Section 79(b)(2) of the Omnibus Election Code, on “[h]olding political caucuses, conferences, meetings, rallies, parades, or other similar assemblies, for the purpose of soliciting votes and/or undertaking any campaign or propaganda for or against a candidate.”

If a mere motorcade as in the case of Penera was considered a form of premature campaigning, then appearing on a televised program such as “Isang Tanong, Isang Sagot” where known presidentiables are invited to answer policy questions that may touch on their respective platform of governments, will be certainly be considered as engaging in an act designed to promote one’s candidacy.

Based on the advice of his legal team, Senator Aquino  declined to participate in the second half of “Isang Tanong, Isang Sagot,” which will be aired the day after he files for candidacy, on November 29.

An agreement between the broadcast network and the Senator’s office had already been reached on this understanding prior to taping.

The other candidates in the said program will be presumably be filing for candidacy AFTER November 29, as the deadline has been moved to December 1.

We hope this clarifies any misgivings. ~Ed.



Editor’s Postscript:

Some have been asking, why not just move the date? Good question. Here’s the answer:

(1) The Nov 28 filing date was chosen and confirmed before the invitation to join Isang Tanong Isang Sagot reached the Senator’s desk.

(2) It was also chosen, on a more personal note, because it is the day after Ninoy’s birthday. (You might ask, why not Ninoy’s birthday itself? Well, because there are a lot of events to celebrate Ninoy Day and Sen Aquino wanted to celebrate it freely with the people, without legal constraints).

(3) Also traditionally, major political parties choose separate dates to file, so it can be “their day” with their supporters, and no confusion. That gives only 2 days for an invariably more number of presidentiables to file AFTER “Isang Tanong, Isang Sagot.”


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  1. 1

    jo tan said,

    I have a question for Noynoy and Mar…..

    We all know that government agencies such as BIR, Customs, DPWH…. actually I would say ALL government agencies are corrupt. No matter how honest the leader you put there, the people who have been in those offices are so accustomed to the culture of corruption that they it is said that “nakabaon na ang mga kuko nila diyan, wala ka na magagawa”.

    How do you intend to deal with this?

    I am a citizen who works and pays all my taxes accordingly, follows traffic rules and regulation (have been ticketed 2x in my 30 yrs of driving and paid my dues accordingly).
    I try to be a good abiding citizen, yet, it frustrates me to see that instead of the government working for the people, it is the people working… not even for the government, but for these government thieves. Nagkakandakuba na nga tayo magtrabaho, tapos nanakawan lang tayo! Haaaay! Nakakadismaya! Paano niyo matuturuan ang mga tiwaling government employees na magbago na sila… at matuto naman sila mahalin ang ating inang bayan.

  2. 2

    delia paciencia said,

    kailangan mag-ingat, maraming naghahanap ng butas para kayo ay magkamali at ma-disqualify! PANALO ANG BAYANG PILIPINO DAHIL SA INYO!

  3. 3

    Jaune Pais said,

    I’ve commented heavily on the original Mo Twister entry.

    I explained to him the same stuff this blog entry is explaining to us. I also provided him a link.

    A few hours later I got attacks based on my post. So I looked for my original post.


    Why, is he threatened?
    My original post was pretty much the same as what is says here, but I also added that Mo is known for providing unequal airtime to a certain candidate with deep pockets.

    I guess he’s threatened. Here’s a copy of my followup post, AFTER my original post was deleted and after attacks based on my now nonexistent post ensued.

    That’s the same tactic used by Stalin, by the way, to encroach on power. Remember him?

    Anyway, here’s my followup post:
    “By the way, people are talking about the interpretation of the law based on my post.

    I talked about the legal precedent upon which the decision was based (Penara V Comelec, decided by Supreme Court in September of this year), the actual section of which comelec ruling it was, and the implications on actions by any and all candidates based on that law,


    So i looked for it.

    Aba, it’s gone!


  4. 5

    Rio Bautista said,

    So if that’s the technicality of it, I suppose the next question from a simple mind would be: why not move the filing to Nov 30 if only for the sake of those who wants to hear from Noynoy. I mean I’m already a Noynoy supporter and I certainly wouldn’t want to wait til Feb to hear him tell the Filipinos his plans and his marching orders.

    From a simple persons perspective, this doesn’t make sense. Maybe you can explain the logic behind this. I don’t think it will be a wise decision if the only reason is because we don’t want to be late in filing the candidacy. So what then is the true wisdom in this decision not to participate in this program.

    • 6

      noypipol said,

      Hello Rio,

      To answer you directly:

      The Nov 28 filing date was chosen and confirmed before the invitation to join Isang Tanong Isang Sagot reached the Senator’s desk.

      It was also chosen, on a more personal note, because it is the day after Ninoy’s birthday (and if you ask, why not Ninoy’s birthday itself, well, because there are a lot of events to celebrate Ninoy Day and Sen Aquino wanted to celebrate it freely with the people, without thinking of legal ramifications).

      Also traditionally, the political parties choose separate dates to file, so it can be “their day” with their supporters, and no confusion. That gives only 3 days for invariably more number of presidentiables to file AFTER Isang Tanong, Isang Sagot.

      On that note, it would be imprudent to rotate the calendar of a people’s campaign around a single broadcast dictated in time and date by market forces and network ratings, no?

      If you think about it, if he does go on Nov 29, tayo din po ang mawawalan ng kandidato sa pagkapresidente, kasi bawal ho talaga, it’s grounds for disqualification. And we all know, Noynoy is not on this campaign for himself: laban po ito para sa tao.

      Last, but not least, Noynoy’s policies and pronouncements, and his stand on issues, are already making the rounds online, and he’s been talking about it with the people in his various sorties and forums. Na-eeclipse lang po ito ng mga black propaganda sa news, sayang.

      Like the Senator said, we do not need new laws. We have many wonderful laws copied by countries around the world. We just need to make them work. He’s working on the latter part 🙂

      I hope this answers your questions.

      Thank you!

      • 7

        wise voter said,

        laban nga ng tao.. but we need to hear something from him.. he need to speak..clearly and knowledgeable.. kailangan natin malaman ang plan nya as soon as possible.. we dont need to wait until feb..ngayon plang dapat may sagot na xa.. baka takot xa matanong about the hacienda luisita.. at malaman ng taong bayan na ang ina nya ang may batas na pamigay sa mga magsasaka ang sinasaka nila. at ang family nila ang unagng lumabag dito.. dapat siyang magsalita about that issue before siya mag file ng candidacy.. huwag tayo mamuhay sa CORRY magic… hindi si noynoy si corry as well as ninoy… we need to challenge him to prove his worth. hindi namamana ang kabutihan, nabubuilt yan thru life process..baka naman pag nanalo siya, mag rally na naman sa edsa kasi hindi pla siya worthy. think and think and think

      • 8

        Waldy said,

        So hindi po pala ganun kahalaga ang forum na iyon… Hindi po puede mabago ang schedule ng candidate…

        Yung lahat po ng iba na nandun sa forum, madidisqualify po sila… kawawa naman po. Galing po ni Sen. Noy, siya na lang matitira sa Presidentiables? Sigurado na panalo!

      • 9

        vietnam rose said,

        ninoy’s bday? bakit ba palaging nakakabit sa laht ng bawat gawin niya ang pangalanng kanyang taay at nanay?

    • 10

      tina said,

      NOYNOY is just showing all of us that he prefers to do what is right wid out the fear of losing votes. its VERY NOYNOY to do just this. such a role model
      (thanks BF for the idea)

  5. 11

    Noynoy said,

    Well if that’s the case, then I respect their decision. I guess I have to wait til February to hear their plans for the country and hopefully it’s worth waiting for.

  6. 12

    tin said,

    noynoy, in your political ad,, i did not hear you say anything….Ive watched the first part of isang tanong nd i’m sorry to say this, but I’m not impressed on how you answered all the issues given to you..I’m having this feeling that the main reason why you cannot make it to the the second part is mainly bacause you r intimidated…presidential forum is very important especially to us who will vote for you…you should not miss this kind of oppurtunity…..some of my family members including my relatives r your supporters…now they r having doubts on your capabiliy if you r really worthy for their votes…you r running 4 the highest position of the land..you have to remember that..nd its still a long way to go..

    • 13

      wise voter said,

      aritsta user.. mahal nun ah.. nakalaylay pa labi

      • 14

        noypipol said,

        Hi Wise Voter,

        This is a forum for discussion of issues, whether for or against Noynoy Aquino.

        Baseless, impertinent attacks do not contribute to discerning, intelligent discussion worthy of a discerning, intelligent public.

    • 15

      wise voter said,

      if noynoy will win on 2010. kris aquino will be the president.

    • 17

      noypipol said,

      Hi Tin,

      Hindi ka nag-iisa is NOT a political ad.

      It is a project undertaken by Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda and their friends as a public show of support for the Senator.

      The senator’s campaign paid not a single centavo for the production, artistas or airtime.

      Also, he knows it is a great opportunity to reach out to the public, and he finds it unfortunate he cannot participate. But legally, his hands are tied.


  7. 18

    wise voter said,

    why noynoy keep on using his parents on his political plan? napilitan lang siyang tumakbo ang he cannot stand on his own. how can noynoy solve the problems of our country if he cannot solve the problem of hacienda luisita? pag naging presidente ba siya pamimigay niya lupa ng iba tao and he will keep hacienda luisita. Former president corry aquino signed a law to give lands to farmrs and yet why the aquino family cannot follow that law? plz explain this.. kawawa tayo kung ganito simple problem hindi nya masolve

    • 19

      noypipol said,

      Hi wisevoter,

      In my own personal opinion, the Luisita is indeed telling of how he will run the country: by not using his influence to enact what is easier and expedient, by exercising due prudence in weighing the legal and policy implications of decisions.

      It is not that he is doing anything. If you have been reading the news, the Senator and his family are in discussions with the relevant groups involved in the issue, including farmers and the other shareholders.

      Also note that the Aquino siblings together only own 4% of the hacienda, which is a corporation, and as such, any action they take MUST be governed by existing laws of incorporation, as well as with the blessing of the majority stakeholders.

      Sen Aquino has repeatedly said he wants to personally divest. But you cannot just let go of a problem and leave it for the people to make a mess out of. As the saying goes, “Give the fish (the hacienda), and they will eat for a day. Teach them to fish (manage the hacienda) and they will eat for a lifetime.”

      That is what leaders do. You take the HIGH ROAD, you make difficult decisions. His decision was to forgo his personal preference to just let go of HLI (that would be so much easier for him), and let go ONLY WHEN they are able to find a mechanism that will secure stable employment for the laborers, and not let the land be left to the dust, and the farmers at the mercy of opportunists and landgrabbers.

      It is the same way your parents take care of you until you are ready to go out into the world and stand on your own.

  8. 20

    this will not help noynoy or his followers at all. such a flimsy excuse. if he can’t move it to the 27th, why not the 26th, or 25th?

    and if his camp was really all that concerned about the airing date of the forum then they should have also considered the possible airing of replays after the 28th. well, now you know so go tell noynoy’s legal advisers about that.

    noynoy, you’re really missing out on an opportunity to prove to us non-believers that you are the one.

    • 21

      noypipol said,

      Hi Betterphilippines,

      If he moved it to Nov 26, 25, etc, it would still be BEFORE the Nov 29 airing, so it would be pointless.

      Also, Nov 26 25 or any time before then would still be BEOFRE Nov 27 as well, meaning his activities during his Father’s birthday would be severely limited.

      He knows he’s missing out, and he finds this unfortunate. But legally, his hands are tied.

    • 22

      noypipol said,

      And regarding replays,

      There is an agreement between the network and the senator’s office that the senator can only engage in the program on the understanding that he will be filing for candidacy on Nov 28 and that any airing of the show which includes the senator after that date would be against COMELEC regulations.

      The network agreed.

      • 23

        Waldy said,

        Willl Sen. Noy stop all campaigning efforts after filing of the COC? Will he not engage in public forums and or interviews? Will his advertisements cease to show too? Will this website close also after Sen. Noy’s filing of COC until the start of the campaign period?

      • 24

        noypipol said,

        Waldy, the quick answer is: YES.

        He will continue his work as a senator, but will not engage in political campaigning until February 9.

        Please note that a recent ruling by the Supreme Court MIGHT allow him to continue campaigning all the way from now until May, but the decision is still awaiting signatories. Until the decision is confirmed by the SC, we should expect that he will abide by the previous prevailing ruling.

        Abangan nalang ho natin kung ano ang ultimong sasabihin ng Supreme Court ukol dito. Maraming salamat.

      • 25

        Waldy said,

        So nagcacampaign na po pala talaga si Sen. Noy ngayon… nun dati po kasi sa mass media, sinasabi po na masama daw po yung mga nagcacampaign kahit hindi pa campaign period… ngayon po hindi na sinasabi iyan..

        Pero ano po ang stand ni Sen. Noy, OK lang po ba magcampaign at walang masama doon kahit hindi pa campaign period?

      • 26

        tins said,

        haaaayyysss, waldy. THINK! hanap ka ng link na sasagot sa tanung mo nag mumukha ka lang ewan eh

    • 27

      vietnam rose said,

      imy heart bleeds for noynoy. tumabi lang siya kay GIBO ay political suicide na…how much more kung makikipagsabayan pa siya sa debate? LP…WAKE UP!!!

      • 28

        tins said,

        it seems to me that ur really from vietnam.. well, hello im from TARLAC.. itatabi mo si GIBO kay NOYNOY? suicide nga un… k GIBO at di k NOYNOY.. think!

  9. 29

    refbern said,

    noypipol , walang kwentang pagpaliwanagan ang hindi nakakaintindi, obvious naman hindi natin botante si wise voter. hindi ka naman pinipilit…sa lahat ang mahirap makaintindi ay yung ayaw umintindi

    • 30

      ellen mariano said,

      well said, kahit gano kalinaw at kaganda ang argumento mo kung ayaw tanggapin wala kang magagawa.. a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.

  10. 31

    Eva said,

    I think, choosing Nov 28 is a chinese thing or Fheng Sui. So wag na kayo makialam, sabi nga walang basagan ng trip!

    There are other ways to hear these candidates.

  11. 32

    Pinoy Potter said,

    Wow, giving more priority over “filing” vis-a-vis a forum that should cater more to public’s interest. if that really is the case. 😆 what’s with November 28 kahit pa sabihin na its committed. Hello? Hindi ba mas matimbang ang public interest to hear their platform versus a filing schedule?

    Also, kung ang December Metro Manila Film Festival nga nagawan ng paraan na ma-exempt ang mga artista from appearing in the movies, why not GMA Network’s Isang Tanong the Presidential Forum? obviously, Noynoy didn’t even think of arranging for a gentleman’s agreement among the other Presidentiables, GMA Network, and COMELEC. After all, it’s for public’s best interest.

    • 33

      mopu said,

      Pinoy Potter,
      Obviously, since ang talino mo at alam mo lahat ng considerations behind the scenes and since filing for candidacy is not important for you pala, mag-apply ka nalang kaya as the campaign manager. ang galing mo grabe, hanga ako. masmagaling ka pa sa mga abogado at sa batas chaka at sa mga seasoned and trusted advisors ng senador, GALING!!! ikaw nalang kaya tumakbo ng presidente?

      and your basing all this on what, A TV SHOW’s airtime???

      Please child, take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

    • 34

      noypipol said,

      Sorry pinoy potter, can you please explain,

      what part of “it’s against the law” don’t you understand?

      madali nga i-legal gymnastics ang batas. pero TRAPO yun e. that’s a very marcos, arroyo and power-abuser move.

      Noynoy stands for everything that is against that.

      The law exists not for us to bend it to our will. If we did that, we’d all be like GMA. Look at what it has done to our country.

  12. 35

    LITHIUM478 said,

    Isang Tanong, Isang Sagot?

    Isang Tanong, Isang Sagot???

    “Isang Tanong” ang title ng program! Yan na nga ba ang duda ko, limited sa ‘isang tanong at isang sagot’ lang si Noynoy…

  13. 36

    goldfinger said,

    Tsk tsk.. very disappointed. The first episode clearly displays how mediocre noynoy is. And I think it’s better if he did not continue with the second and more challenging episode. Its better to run and save your ass, than step up to face the challenge, right?
    I believe, He might loose more votes if he continued. Good job lawyers and advisers and everyone controlling Noynoy’s actions. Keep it up and soon you’d also be controlling the Philippines through noynoy.

    So for now lets MAKE SURE… that noynoy won’t be doing any EVENTS(holding political caucuses, conferences, meetings, rallies, parades, or other similar assemblies) until February.

    And If he would participate in these events before February (which is more likely to happen), I am PRAYING HARD that people would start opening their eyes instead of defending him with another lame-ass excuse for all his short-comings.


    • 37

      tins said,

      control NOYNOY? u wish! eh sa kagaganyan nyo kayo ang gustong kumontrol sa kanya. this only shows na may paninidigan ang future president ng Phils. napag desisyunan na nya kaya un ang masususnod.si NOYNOY matatag at may paninindigan.

  14. 38

    rocastro said,

    How does the recent ruling of the SC overturning the Penera decision affect Noynoy’s stand? The SC has ruled this week that even if the candidates filed their candidacies this month, they are considered candidates only once the official campaign period starts, as provided in the poll automation law. So nawala na yung illegal campaigning period kahit pa nakapagfile na ng candidacy. Here’s the link:


    • 39

      Jaune Pais said,


      Nasa meeting ako ngayon with election lawyers.

      That ruling has NOT been signed yet, although sana nga masign na, malalaman ng mga abogado sa Friday pa, kung ganoon nga kabilis.

      If it is signed, that’s great news for everyone, and for the sake of Noynoy’s campaign, sana nga ma-sign.

      But the signing CONFIRMS the ruling, until then, the former ruling is still the prevailing ruing.

      Also, kahit mareverse man, remember the following:

      1. The taping happened two weeks ago

      2. The decision of the Senator’s office was made regarding the no-show on Part 2 on Nov 16.

      3. The ruling, which is yet to be signed, happened on Nov 24.

      Therefore, unless you have the power of time travel, absolutely no one could have known that ruling would be reversed, and with what we might know in the coming days cannot affect what already happened.

      The decision was made based on the PREVAILING RULING at the moment of the decision.

      Since the taping already happened, wala na siguro magagawa ang kampo regarding the actual air on Nov 29. Siguro may magagawang iba, sana. Gusto ko ulit siya mapanood e 🙂

      But before anything, aabangan muna ng bayan kung pipirmahan nga ba ng mga judges and ruling. Ganon lang ho tlaga ang proseso.


      • 40

        Waldy said,

        2 weeks before pa po pala ang taping.. sana nag gentlemen’s agreement na lang na hindi ipalalabas ang show kung lumabas sa COMELEC’s guidelines na bawal ang ganun… Panigurado ko, 2 weeks ago, hindi rin alam ni Sen. Noy kung ipagbabawal nga o hindi. Sana tinuloy na lang po ang taping..

        Panigurado naman hindi rin ilalabas ng GMA7 kung bawal kasi sila din ay madadamay!

      • 41

        noypipol said,

        May agreement nga po, na dahil ang airdate ay talagang Nov 29, at talagang Nov 28 ang filing, hindi talaga pwede sumali sa part 2, kaya wala po siya.

        Hindi naman po pupwedeng sabihing, “sasali ako sa taping pero huwang ninyong papalabasin ha?” pano ang ibang kandidato? pano ang gastos sa pag-gawa nga programa? walang punto ho, lalo nang alam nila ang mga araw.

        ngayong wala si noy, pwede ituloy ng GMA ang programa at walang madadamay. sakripisyo na po iyon, hindi naman kasi pong si Noynoy lang ang tumatakbo, may ibang kakandidato din.

      • 42

        wise voter said,

        why not 30 and dec 1? for the sake of public interest?

      • 43

        wise voter said,

        why not nov 30? or dec 1?

    • 44

      tins said,

      nililigaw ka na lang ng ruling na yan at ng balita mo na yan. gudlak

  15. 45

    noynoy-palaboy said,

    Bwahaha..tumakbo si noynoy kasi sabi ng madlang people
    eh tinaggap nman nya… naku naman ano kaya future ng pinas pag Sya ang Nanalo ?=o
    pwera gaba

    • 46

      mopu said,

      so sinasabi mo mali ang sambayanan?


      ang demokrasya ay nakasalalay sa kagustuhan ng nakararami, hindi ng kakaunting walang masabing mabuti at walang pagmamahal sa bayan tulad mo.

      • 47

        noynoy-palaboy said,

        sinasabi mo na rin ba na OK kana sa ganitong uri ng demokrasya?
        na ginawang reactive ang pilipinas hindi preventive =)?

        anyway ang gusto ko lng sabihin sana noon pa sya naghayag ng kagustuhan sa presidential position (maari na rin natin sabihin na may plano na syang ayusin ang pilipinas ng malawakan ) at hindi sya tatakbo dahil sa pagpiliit ng madlang people na nakakuha ng attention sa pagkamatay ng nanay .Hindi nman ako naninira pero parang gusto ko lng talaga tong sabihin sa kanya kaya hinanap ko itong site nato 🙂

      • 48

        daglenz said,

        to sir noynoy palaboy,,

        hindi naman lahat ng bagay na ginagawa natin ay matagal nating pinaghandaan at pinagplanohan diba?

        may mga pangyayari na nangangailangan ng mabilisang aksyon at ito ang hamon sa kakayahan ng tao sa pagpili ng tama at kung alin ang nararapat…

        at minsan,,may mga bagay na akala natin ay hindi natin kaya subalit para sa ibang tao ay oo,,at ang tiwalang iyon ay dapat na pagyamanin natin sapagkat iyon ay isang pundasyon ng maayos na sistema na nais nating mapalooban..

        itigil na natin ang paulit ulit na pag gamit ng pangalan ng mga yumaong bayani ng pilipinas,,dahil c NOYNOY na ang pinag uusapan natin dito,,hindi na c CORY o c NINOY, por respeto naman patahimikin na natin sila at wag nating gamitin iyon para sa mga negatibong aspeto,dahil hindi naman iyon ang ipinakita nila sa atin noon..

  16. 49

    Ramgarra said,

    Its a very lame excuse not to attend…alam ng mga handlers ni Noynoy un. Kung pwede pa lang nga ayaw nila na magsalita si Noynoy before questioning voters to sustain the voters curiousity of him.

  17. 50

    Ramgarra said,

    I dont question the integrity of Noynoy…but his ability and leadership skill remains to be seen despite his years of being a congressman and senator. Mar Roxas is perceived to be excellently qualified as President…why we have to go for a candidate because is popular? Noynoy did not even go through the normal selection of his own party..his handlers just rammed it to their party’s throat to make him the candidate by virtue of the thousands who attended his mom’s funeral. His sisters knew of his ability kaya di sila basta-basta nakapag agree…its only through Noynoy’s handlers relentless prodding that he and her sisters ay nag yes na lang. Di ba sinabi ni Kris na their mother told Noynoy na tapusin niya ang term niya as senator?

  18. 51

    daglenz said,

    whew! grabe!

    basta ang importante ang iboto nating presidente yung magdadala ng hinihingi nating pagbabago sa gobyerno! hindi yung puro pa pogi sa camera tapos at the end of the day bayad lahat ng effort niya galing sa mga buwis natin!

    let’s grow up!tama ng pagpapadala sa mga mabulaklak na kwento kung puro wala naman kwenta!

    hindi natin kailangan ng perpektong tao para mag presidente,,hindi rin importante ang detalye ng kanyang mga plano,,ang importante ay katotohanan ng PAGMAMAHAL NIYA SA SAMBAYANANG PILIPINO!

    mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

  19. 53

    yellowback said,

    regardless of his appearance, people could always refer to this site (and so many others such as the official site of the senate of the philippines) to see where noynoy stands, what he advocates, etc. i don’t see the point of going on air in those shows where politicians are merely grandstanding, actually.

    • 54

      Gian Paolo said,

      Quite obviously, not every Filipino has access to the Internet. Mas malawak ang abot ng telebisyon sa mamamayang Pilipino kesa sa Internet na somehow limited pa rin ang reach.

  20. 55

    Yolly said,

    Unbelievable!!! All these anti Noynoys are everywhere. Even with small and insignificant issues, they would bash, aside from the old issues like Hacienda Luisita, his legislative experience. They must be loughing out louds. I believe we are wasting our times with these people. They are in all of Noynoy’s websites and always ready anytime. We are here because we are supporters. They are not and they are here, why? Your guess is as good as mine. Money always works.

    • 56

      wise voter said,

      OLD issue? wow..old pala, upto now hindi pa nga nasosolve eh..FYI, the carp law of 1988 exempt Hacienda Luisita. Then noynoy is against the extension of the CARP bill. YUNG lupa na yun is for the farmers..na matagal na nila piangpapaguran, hindi paba sapat na ibigay na ito sa kanila. go back to the old issue, if noynoy cant solve it, pano nya masosolve ang problem ng pinas? read this, http://www.tribune.net.ph/commentary/20090910com1.html

  21. 57

    rozzie said,

    I think, just by reading the comments above, Noynoy will have a very very STRONG and AGGRESSIVE opposition once he is elected. These people will scrutinize his every move and will grab the slightest opportunity to seize his power. I am not a Noynoy fan and Im not planning on voting for him but I just wish that whoever is elected, people will unite and put an end to political bickerings and mudslingings. We can be successful as a nation if we just focus on more important things like poverty, education & peace talks in the south. The government needs the support of each and every citizen to make the system work. Good Luck to them all…

  22. 58

    Martin Perez said,

    This is a very weak excuse in my humble opinion. Sounds like a cop out.

    I’d like the next President to grab at every opportunity to be known, heard, and engage the people in a continuous discourse. Legal gobbledygook aside, let’s all admit that we’re already in the campaign period, thus a greater reason not to miss any and all opportunity to be heard.

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