Noynoy Aquino on burying the remains of Marcos at Libingan ng Mga Bayani

In the interest of TRUTH against some news articles that had irresponsibly taken the Senator’s words out of context, here are the words spoken by Sen Noynoy Aquino himself.

During the open forum at the Isabela provincial capitol on Friday 20 November, a reporter asked Sen Noynoy Aquino for his stand on moving the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ remains to the Libingan ng mga Bayani if Sen Aquino becomes president.

His answer:

“Mayroon akong personal na opinion diyan. Pero kung magiging presidente ako, hindi pwedeng pairalin ito, dahil hindi ako diktador. Ang dapat diyan ay mayroong pagpupulong kung saan makakarating sa isang desisyon from a majority. Decision should be as president, not personal.”

We hope this clears any misinterpretations.

~ Ed.


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  1. 1

    mo said,

    di baGAY sina NOYNOY at MAR
    Senator Nonoy Aquino is currently leading the survey for Presidential aspirants. This is good for him and his associates but is it good for Filipino people?

    First, he has to solve the Hacienda Luisita issues, that for many years farmers are neglected and some are massacared. Until now, no justice has been served for those people who died fighting for their rights.

    The other issue is that is he a gay or a women hater? Senator Nonoy Aquino is now 49 years old and until now he has no first lady in case he will win the Presidency.

    The Filipino people are anxious to know if Nonoy belong to the third sex. Baka maging beuty parlor ang Malakanyang Palace kung si Nonoy ang maging president.

    We need clarification or kung totoo magladlad ka na.

  2. 3

    This one is a good news not only for Marcos Family but… to the Filipinos as a whole!

  3. 4

    A great answer from the president to be. Looking forward to your plans for the country as a whole.

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