Noynoy Aquino leads 2010 presidentiables online

Launches “60 seconds with Noy” video blog to sustain Web presence

MIRRORING the popularity of Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III in recent surveys, the online presence and buzz about the Liberal Party standard-bearer have also spiked.

In top online social networking sites Facebook and Friendster, Noynoy is leading the pack with almost double the “friends’ list” of his nearest opponent, according to the tracking of online portal

Noynoy has a combined total of 155,950 friends on the two popular sites followed by Chiz Escudero with 81,114 friends and Manny Villar with 56,945.

On Twitter, Noynoy also leads with 17,970 followers as of November 9, followed by Chiz with 14,679 and Gibo Teodoro at 3,609.

To sustain the momentum, Noynoy today launched his video blog—the only one among candidates to mount such an initiative. Dubbed as “60 Seconds with Noy,” the video blog will be a series of 18 episodes to be posted online in the run-up to the November 30 deadline for the filing of candidacies.

The video blog, according to Noynoy’s director for communications, Yoly Ong, will offer an “unscripted and raw look” of Noynoy to allow voters to better know the presidential candidate, his advocacies and his planned platform of governance.

“The Internet is a very important medium for voter education. It allows us to reach the growing Internet-savvy, Filipino population relying on the Internet as an important source of information. It also allows us to reach Filipinos overseas who have very limited access to Philippine tri-media and who we are unlikely to reach through our sorties,” Noynoy told a group of online media and bloggers in a video satellite conference from his Times Street residence. WiT and GeoMedia donated the use of the satellite technology for Noynoy’s campaign.

The video blog is just the latest in Noynoy’s foray in cyberspace. His website has already generated 75,000 page views since its launch. An ongoing contest to upload and select the avatar for Noynoy has also been staged to encourage interaction with the site’s visitors.



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  1. 1

    jazmin bonifacio said,

    hello kuya noy, ipagpatuloy ang laban….u can make it..

  2. 2

    Dodi Are said,

    My wife and I have just joined the movement. We cannot vote anymore coz of our change of citizenship. BUT WE ARE STILL PINOYS NO MATTER WHAT, and NOYNOY’s agenda will represent the struggle that ALL PINOYS EVERYWHERE have been longing for – Social Justice, Job Creation as our population alone is a big market, Big Business Investment, Stopping and prosecuting involvement in corruption, Better Education system in both Technical and University and most of all – to Restore the Pride as a FILIPINO.
    We have seen your ’60 seconds with Noy’ video and We believe it will create a greater enhancement and awareness on your campaign for NoyNoy’s Presidency. That’s one Tool that worked wonders for US President Barack Obama. We say ITULOY NINYO ANG eKampanya ninyo. GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS NOYNOY AQUINO and all His Staff.

  3. 3

    meme said,

    yes my vote is for you ,hindi ka nag iisa GOD IS WITH YOU and people of the phils wake up wag na tayong nagmamagaling dahil walang magaling puro tayo husga magtulungan na lang tayo,sa lahat ng tatakbo as pres si noynoy lang ang nararapat at tunay na tao na nagpapakatao GOD BLESS YOU NOYNOY

  4. 4

    meme said,

    here in gensan all my friends and relatives will vote you noy and i start ng e kumpanya ka ng walang hinihintay na kapalit ipaglaban mo lang ang pagbabago we dont need any promisses ,do only your best to be a good leader ,listen to your people and ask always the guidance of HOLY sa lahat ng may doubt sa kakayahan mo at lahat ng humuhusga sa iyo wag mo na lang papansinin at sila ay mga sugo ng evil para maghasik ng lagim kaya go go go fight of all evils

  5. 5

    OZpinoy said,


    you seem to be a top good candidate. Keep it up. Dont forget your morals.


  6. 7

    Mo said,

    Presidential wannabe Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino must face squarely the valid issues involving his family’s Hacienda Luisita estate, including the recently bared benefits it derived from an overpriced P33-billion Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), including as well the P80 million direct cash right of way (RoW) payment from the government and a P170 million private interchange which appeared to have been built for the Cojuangco property.

    With the gross plunder that the nation has been through under the almost nine years of misgovernment of Gloria, Filipinos are expecting the next president to clean up her mess, which can only be achieved by one most perceived to have the ability to resist the temptations that go with the position.

    Resisting temptations is an important factor in a presidential equation, considering that Aquino and his elite Yellow supporters continue to claim that their candidate is honest and has integrity, which they say are all that matters in a presidential candidate.

    No stain of corruption? But Noynoy hasn’t been in the top post, for him to be stained with graft of the Gloria magnitude, although if, as stated in reports, he personally lobbied for that overpriced SCTEX and the private interchange as well as the overpriced RoW, plus giving the shareholder workers a mere pittance as their share of the RoW payment, what would the Yellows call this? Honesty? Integrity? Delicadeza-filled? No personal or selfish interest involved? Clean transactions? Transparency? Full disclosure?

    In a similar way that another presidential hopeful, Manuel Villar is facing his colleagues in the Senate to clear up the P200-million double-insertion mess in the C-5 road project, Noynoy should be able to face up to demands for public scrutiny, particularly since he is being projected to be the civil socialites’ clean government bet.

    Based on an ongoing probe of the SCTEX project, it was found that the government paid the Cojuangcos P80 million to have the interchange, that could have been the family’s own, since it linked Hacienda Luisita to the expressway, built over their property.

    The question on propriety does not stop there, as a potential leader of the land Noynoy should have been expected to have looked into the whole project that seems all too ready to splurge to have it completed.

    Based on the House probe, the project was overpriced by P12 billion as a result of supposed alterations or more likely accommodations, such as the Hacienda Luisita private interchange.

    Legislators are also looking into the possibility that both the interchange and the RoW payments to Noynoy’s family were both obscenely overpriced.

    Cavite Rep. Crispin Remulla said the Cojuangcos were paid nearly P100 per square meter when the prevailing market price for land in the area cannot be over P10 per square meter, or a 900 percent overprice.

    An opprobrious part of the story is that the Cojuangcos may not have even shared the bounty with their farm hands who supposedly owned 32.5 percent of the Hacienda which was turned into a corporate land to evade appropriation under the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law — and after Cory Aquino, then the sole law and government, exempted her Hacienda from the CARL.

    The abuse of tillers in the property is well documented despite Noynoy’s allegations that the accusations are all black propaganda and politics, including the so-called Hacienda Luisita Massacre that happened five years ago.

    Noynoy is being packaged as a Cory Cojuangco and Ninoy Aquino all rolled into one and is the savior in waiting for the country despite his having no defining accomplishment during his years as a congressman and as a senator.

    How he confronts the issues on Hacienda Luisita will give the nation a good measure of Noynoy’s capability to lead and unite.

    Brushing the issues off as part of political mudslinging going into the elections will not wash.

    The nation had had enough of an opaque presidency in which allegations of misrule and abuse are dismissed with a wave of a hand as part of destructive politicking.

    Noynoy is following a similar path on the Hacienda Luisita issue starting with the abuse of farmers working for the Cojuangcos for generations.

    To say that his actions on the Hacienda mirror a Noynoy presidency is belaboring the point.

    • 8

      John Santiago said,

      sobra naman. 100 per square meter ang presyo ang dami mo nang sinabi. wala ka bang sasabihin sa napabalitang pagkakabili ng c5 ni manny villar. me pagkakaiba ba sa mga lupang yan. yong isa residential yong kina noynoy agricultural na malaki rin naman ang kita. bakit yong isa 100 lang at yong isa ang balita ko libo libo. ano naman ang tayo mo diyan?

  7. 9

    Siegfred Tuberon said,

    Hello friends of Noynoy. I just want to share this Article written by a friend of mine in a local newspaper ( Dyaryo Magdalo ). I just shared this with my friendster group, Filipinos Around the World, and got a positive responses.



    FEARLESS but scientific and logical. This is my take without fear of contradiction: NOYNOY IS A SURE WINNER.

    Initial salvo

    In the initial salvo of the survey conducted by the credible Social Weather Station (SWS), Senator Noynoy Aquino III soared to 56% of the voters voting for him if today is the election day.

    In the early unofficial report of the SWS syndicated out, it showed that this 56% was registered in Region III or Central Luzon, which is composed of Tarlac, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Bataan and Zambales provinces and the cities within.

    In the said early syndicated release, it showed that Noynoy was to be voted by at least 54% of the people of Region IV-A.

    Consolidated release

    In the final unofficial consolidated report, however, Noynoy averaged a total 50% in three regions. The SWS has yet to complete its survey in other regions of the country.

    The said survey was conducted on Sept. 5 and 6, right after Senator Mar Roxas announced his withdrawal of his presidency bid in favor of Noynoy and the latter has not yet announced acceptance of the offer for him to run for the highest office of the land.

    In this syndicated result of SWS, it shows Noynoy clinched a total of 50% of the total votes. He got 50% in NCR, 48% in Pangasinan, 49% in Region III and 51% in Region IV-A.

    Running second to him is Senator Manuel Villar at 14%; third is former President Joseph “Erap” Estrada at 13%, fourth is Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero at 12%, and fifth is Vice-President Manuel “Noli” de Castro at 7%.

    The question in this survey is: “Sa mga sumusunod na listahan ng mga pangalan sa listahang ito, sino po ang malamang niyong iboboto bilang Presidente ng Pilipinas, kung ang eleksyon ay gaganapin ngayon?”

    Reasons why Noynoy is sure winner

    Only the premature death of Noynoy can stop him from becoming the 15th President of the Philippines. Now 15th if we consider the presidency of Arroyo as legitimate, otherwise Noynoy will be the 14th President.

    Nevertheless, I conclude he is a sure winner because of the following reasons:

    (a) The public is convinced he will never commit corruption as her mother did;

    (b) There is no other presidential timber who has the image of being “super” incorruptible as Noynoy;

    (c) The only major issue in the 2010 elections is how to stop and rid corruption;

    (d) The other issues as to skills in governance have been rendered a non-issue;

    (e) The extremely big initial support given by the people from all walks of life;

    (f) The unprecedented massive and series of corruption scandals have saturated the minds of every Filipino that each of us have come to a firm resolve, “enough is enough”;

    (g) The decision to give to the tenants all his shares in the storied Hacienda Luisita;

    (h) The decision to convince the rest of the Cojuangco family to give up Hacienda Luisita to the tenants who deserve it;

    (i) He is supported by a major and grand old political party;

    (j) He is supported by other political parties;

    (k) He is supported by cause-oriented groups; and

    (l) He is supported by persons most or all of whom have no questions of impropriety.

    Public is convinced Noynoy will never commit corruption

    The public is convinced that Senator Noynoy will never ever commit corruption.

    First, the public is convinced that a good tree will never bear a bad fruit. With this strong traditional belief, Noynoy can take comfort riding on the belief without it fading out until the day the people vote on May 10, 2010.

    Ninoy has been enjoying the image as having extremely high degree of honesty in public service. His wife Cory also has been enjoying the reputation as an incorruptible president—in addition to her absence of greed as manifested by her refusal to run for a second term as president when everything was at her disposal; contrary to the petite woman who promised by Jose Rizal’s grave she would not seek new office only to desecrate the honor of the Filipino.

    As such, Noynoy holds the edge as being known to be a fruit from not only a good tree—but extremely good tree in terms of honesty and lack of greed.

    Second, Noynoy has not been reported to have committed any form of corruption in all his nine-year life as a congressman of Tarlac and almost six years as a senator. With this, he firmed up further the good-tree argument for him.

    Third, he cannot afford to destroy the extremely good and very rare legacy established by his parents.

    In fact this legacy is the best argument why he will never dip into corruption.

    Can he afford to lose this legacy by gaining money in the amount of at least 20 billion pesos?

    I argue he cannot.

    This legacy is priceless. It cannot be bought even by 100 billion of pesos.

    If he does otherwise, there will be no more tomorrow for his succeeding generations. Look at what happened to Marcos. His son and daughter cannot go beyond winning election in their locality. His wife, Imelda, can only win in her district in Leyte. The same fate will befall surely on the heirs of Gloria Arroyo.

    This is so because his father, the late Senator Ninoy Aquino, has proven to the people that the latter is incorruptible.

    The father accepted torture for seven years in prison in exchange for losing all the bribes and promises of material fortunes dangled on him by the late strongman Ferdinand E. Marcos.

    Not only that, Ninoy even never minded the actual threat of death waiting for him in the Philippines as soon as he would step out of the plane from the United States of America.

    Warned of the impending assassination, Ninoy replied: “The Filipino is worth dying for.”

    At that time, Ninoy went into a virtual suicide without seeing any personal, family and material benefit. It was not clear whether offering his life would bring goodness to the nation. To the contrary, clear to his eyes were untold miserable consequences to her virtually-unknown wife, Corazon, and his children. He knew his death would leave his children fending for themselves and even deprive his small children of a better life he could have given if he only accepted the millions ready for his taking from the hands of Marcos.

    No other ‘presidentiable’ has reputation solid as Noynoy

    Another reason that the voters will prefer to stick with Noynoy is that there is no other presidential timber having a reputation “super” incorruptible as Noynoy.

    His closest opponent, Senator Villar cannot claim he has that clean slate .

    Villar has also been haunted by allegations of land grabbing in his subdivision business. Now, he is facing an ethics investigation in the Senate for causing the approval of a budget for a major road in Sucat, benefiting his subdivision projects.

    This, despite the fact that Villar has been listed by Forbes Magazine as the No. 9 richest person in the Philippines.

    Estrada, who is the next closer possible opponent, was convicted of plunder but was pardoned by Arroyo.

    Erap is no doubt so popular but this popularity cannot be converted into votes because of the lingering effect of his conviction from plunder. The only way for this effect to be negated was squandered: which is to fight for his acquittal in the Supreme Court.

    The image of Erap further got a beating anew when Senator Panfilo Lacson delivered a privileged speech revealing that during the latter’s time as the chief of the national police, the former president was giving direct orders to subordinate police officers, including Sr. Supt. Michael Ray Aquino and Supts. Caesar Mancao and Glenn Dumlao.

    Lacson was trying to lay down a foundation that it was possible that there was a person other than him who could have ordered the liquidation of publicist Salvador “Bubby” Dacer and the latter’s driver Emmanuel Corbito.

    Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero also enjoys a reputation as another incorruptible official, but the time seems not favoring him. However, there are sprinkles of issues coming out from his native Sorsogon that he has not done any good in his district there in the entire nine years that he was the congressman there.

    Vice-President Noli is also suffering from the stigma of Arroyo. In all the crises besetting the Arroyo administration, particularly the “Hello Garci” scandal of tampering the votes, De Castro openly sided with her.

    The acts of Noli in sticking to Arroyo until the last days of this petite woman in the presidency caused a debilitating effect on him. The preference for him then as No. 1 in the surveys has been sliced down to less than a third.

    The other “presidentiables” do not have the fire and passion to convince the public they are also incorruptible.

    Corruption is the only issue in 2010 elections; skills and platforms in governance do not matter

    The only consideration of the greater majority of the Filipinos is: who is the candidate who is most likely not to steal from the government or earn profit using the government or its power.

    This will of the greater majority is reflected on the first survey of the SWS that included Noynoy.

    As shown above, more than 50% of the respondents surveyed by SWS said they will vote for Noynoy as president if the elections were held today.

    It is undisputable that these voices did not see that Noy would be a good economist, or good manager of the government, or an intellectual, or one who can deliver millions of jobs, or one who can bring in investments, or one who can solve rebellion and secession, or one who knows the law.

    If that is so, why half of these respondents chose to elect Noynoy?

    By the process of elimination of possibilities that cannot be possible, we would be left of only one. That is only one, but that is the strongest point for it is the clamor of almost all.


    So that if half the people want him even if he has no profound expertise in governance, there is no other reason that they want him: HIS HONESTY.

    And if it is so, the only issue that matters most is: WHO IS THE MOST HONEST?

    The only reason we can see why these respondents acted this way is the series of corruption scandals plaguing the Arroyo administration.

    The level of corruption in every office of the government has gone so high and has never been equaled in any other times of our history.

    Almost all citizens have knowledge about how the police extort from persons they arrested, legally or illegally. We all know that during the time of Lacson as the PNP chief, he succeeded in his campaign against police corruption. The “kotong” cops were either frozen after having been caught or killed when they resisted. Having seen the overwhelming will of Lacson to cleanse his ranks, the other crooks laid low. This earned Lacson the love of the lowly masses: the taxi, jeepney and tricycle drivers, the vendors, the suppliers of vegetables from Baguio, and others.

    Almost all citizens know that when Lacson was gone, Arroyo came occupying the position of the President. Almost all citizens know that when the new dispensation came, crooks in uniform came back to life. Almost all citizens know that police operatives receive money from gambling lords. Almost all citizens know that “hulidap” is aplenty. Almost all citizens know that even drugs case can be fixed with policemen as arresting officers.

    Almost all citizens know that when the jueteng payola issue erupted, starring Sandra Cam, it showed evidences linking the First Gentleman, his brother Rep. Ignacio Arroyo and his son Rep. Mikey to monthly protection money from gambling lords all over the country.

    Almost all citizens know the P750-million fertilizer fund scam presided over by FG’s friend Joc-Joc Bolante. Almost all citizens know nothing happened here and no one has been punished despite the fact that it led to the assassination of whistleblower broadcaster-journalist Marlene Esparat.

    Almost all citizens know the IMPSA deal where Rep. Mark Jimenez was reported to have given a bribe of $2 million to Hernando Perez, Arroyo’s Justice secretary. Almost all citizens know that after more than two years criminal charges were filed by the Ombudsman against Perez, which the latter took advantage of by invoking right to speedy disposition of the case as a ground for acquittal. Of course almost all citizens know that the Ombudsman purposely sat on the said case to give Perez a ground for freedom from imprisonment.

    Almost all citizens know that the North Rail Project was overpriced yet it was pursued, with the Housing agency chaired by Vice-President Noli implementing the plan to evict the squatters on the railways.

    Almost all citizens know that the Cyber Education project of the Department of Education was overpriced.

    Almost all citizens know that the $329-million NBN-ZTE project was overpriced, leading whistleblowers Jun Lozada and Joey De Venecia III to expose the same. Almost all citizens know the famous line of then Comelec chair Benjamin Abalos to NEDA chief Romulo Neri, “Sec, may 200 ka dito.”
    Almost all citizens know that the Ombudsman acquitted First Gentleman from this scandal despite that famous line: “BACK OFF!,” which was uttered by FG to Joey De Venecia. Almost all citizens know that Gloria Arroyo was acquitted with shallow invocation of immunity from suit.

    Almost all citizens know the Jose Pidal privileged speech of Senator Panfilo Lacson, exposing FG as the Jose Pidal who bought property for the First Couple in the US. Almost all citizens know how FG was saved by his loyal brother Iggy Arroyo, owning up that he is actually Jose Pidal and not FG.

    Almost all citizens know that the P1-billion money of OFWs in OWWA was transferred to Philhealth for those Philhealth cards bearing the picture of Gloria. Almost all citizens know that Philhealth now is bankrupt and needing for funds to be put back to life anew.

    The list is long that all the corruption cannot fit this space.

    A few things are clear, however. Corruption incidents are aplenty. Those involved as front-actors are absolved in some. In other scandals, not one case has been filed. These are the very reasons that are more than enough for the people to be fed up and shout: “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.”

    This shout, for sure, will be done through the ballots because we are the silent type of people.

    With this and the poverty plaguing in almost all families, the people’s attention is consumed by anger and they are focused only on who can give deliverance from these acts where the only cure is honesty.

    What we see now is only one: HONESTY IS THE ONLY POLICY.

    Extraordinary initial support for Noynoy & support from major political groups

    No one has matched the survey rating of Noynoy. Not even Erap during his prime. Not even Fernando Poe whose best was at 30%.

    Comparing to the best rater thus far in FPJ, there is no question that the rating of 50% for Noynoy is “super best.”

    Eillen Tordesillas, one of those in Vera Files who wrote the exposes on Mikey Arroyo, called the survey rating of Noynoy as “tsunami.” We may call it in Tagalog as: “Delubyo.”

    If FPJ started out at 30% of survey rating just before he declared he was running for president and everybody agrees he was the winner of the 2004 presidential race if not for Comelec Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano, with more reason that Noynoy will win with 50% survey grade even before he announced he would run for president.

    If all kinds of attacks were hurled against Fernando Poe Jr. yet he won, although unofficially, with more reason that Noynoy can survive the storm of attacks, that would include the Hacienda Luisita issue.

    Many may disagree but I argue that what is important for Noynoy is he has extremely high moral edge over all other candidates in order for him to win the 2010 elections.

    This is so because it is much easier to maintain than to build up support with only a few days away from election day.

    Comparing to FPJ, Noynoy has relatively clean baggage. Hence, Noynoy will have no much problem bringing his campaign until the Vote Day. Added to this, the issue of possession of minimum college education is not an issue with Noynoy, who graduated with AB economics from the Ateneo de Manila University. Moreover, skills and platforms of government are not much of an issue.

    By the time his supporters from cause-oriented groups have consolidated and started campaigning, whatever that would be wasted along the way would be quickly recovered.

    By this time, the Liberal Party will have already acquired reinvigoration to lead the charge in the main cities and provinces.

    By this time, the party of another statesman, Raul Roco, will have already gained steam to push for him.

    By this time, the moral dimension that can be provided by Father Ed “Among” Panlilio will have rolled higher for him.

    By this time, the progressive and alternative politicians led by Isabela Gov. Grace Padaca and Naga Mayor Jessie Robredo will have accumulated strength among its ranks.

    The Church is expected to go for him.

    To the distaff side, the other major political parties, Nationalist People’s Coalition, Nacionalista Party, PDP-Laban, Partido ng Masang Pilipino (PMP), Reform Party, Lakas-Kampi are faced with the problem of how to use their monies to win moral support—and they will certainly find that today’s election for the presidency money is not much of a factor.

    The decision to give ownership over the storied Hacienda Luisita

    Just a few days ago, Noynoy announced he will relinquish his ownership over Hacienda Luisita in favor of the tenants.

    At the same time, he also said he will convince his Cojuangco-side family to relinquish this vast farmland to the farmers because they can no longer afford the high cost of maintenance.

    SWS Survey shows support from even Classes D & E

    What is more astonishing in the unofficially released result of the SWS is the fact that even the voters coming from the poorest of the poor, Classes D & E, the bailiwick of Estrada, are strongly supporting Noynoy.

  8. 10

    Aubrey (Atlanta, GA) said,

    I knew then (when he went for a retreat) that Sen. Noynoy would run for the Philippine Presidency, I only wish I am in the Philippines to be around all this excitement and for his campaign. I am doing my part by emailing cousins and family to register and vote for Sen. Noynoy!

    And BIG Thanks to Facebook and Twitter! I can post my support for Sen. Noynoy and have others read it! 🙂

  9. 11

    Olan said,


    You spoke about “Tanggalin ang tiwali at itama ang mali” and people knows the meaning of this words. Will you, if we are to vote for you, spearhead to appoint an OMBUDSMAN that is truly independent and well funded? Will you demand politicians joining your bandwagon as an LP commit to support ammendment’s to have a Grand Jury and Jury System in place in our judiciacy?

    Very respectfully,


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