Wearing Yellow

by Jeanne Carmel Puertollano,
Quezon City

The fifth of August 2009 will forever be etched in my mind. From La Salle, I marched with several other members of the community to pay our final respects to the woman to whom I am greatly indebted to for the freedom I enjoy.

As the flag-draped coffin on top of the truck guarded by four honorable men from the Armed Forces passed by me along Roxas Boulevard and “laban” signs were flashing right before my very eyes, I knew that Filipinos will never be the same after the heroine of democracy has been laid to rest. I knew that the dormant activists will be awakened:  like the heat of the lava that comes out of a volcano after it has erupted, citizens of this country knew that the country needs a revolution. Somehow, hours spent being drenched in the rain, weeping for the loss of the country’s former leader, the fire inside each mourner’s heart started burning.

Everyday, as I descend the FX and cross to the other side of Banawe, I see a complete contrast of the life I knew and lived. I see children sniffing rugby so as to relieve them from hunger, as if they will get some form of sustenance from it. I know that somehow, if the economic growth of our country trickled down to the poorest of the citizens, I would not have to see these kids make a waste out of their lives. I know that we need an honest leader who will boost the morale of our people and inspire everyone to make a difference for this land we call home.

My friends sometimes make a joke about me wearing yellow. But to me, it’s a symbol of my conviction to elect the one person whom I know will try his very best not only to let down his parent’s wonderful legacy to this country, but also to lead the Philippines with all sincerity and honesty. I am wearing yellow because it is my way of saying that this country has grown far too tired of hearing nothing but empty promises. I want to vote for a leader who can inspire everyone to be the change they want to see in this country. I want a leader who will fight for this country to the very end. And all these things, I know would be possible if Noynoy Aquino becomes the next president.


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  1. 1

    Ruben Tayco said,

    I believe we Noynoy supporters must start wearing yellow and tie yellow ribbons on our cars to show our numbers. I believe Noynoy himself must make that call immediately after he files for candidacy.

    • 2

      noypipol said,

      Hello Ruben!

      Did you know? Some fans on Facebook had this wonderful idea of a Yellow Christmas. The word has been spreading like wildfire over email and text as well — if you’re for HOPE, return to decency and integrity, and stopping the abuse of power, then decorate Christmas this year in yellow, and let the light shine!

      Pass the good news along 🙂

  2. 3

    Juancho said,

    Good idea! 🙂

    but perhaps the “call” won’t come from Noynoy after he files. i think they’re trying to be careful/cautious/prudent in observing the campaign-ban period.

    but that shouldn’t stop us from tying ribbons to our cars, gates, and walls. we should also try to convince others to do the same. 🙂

    you can get good quality ribbons at your friendly department store’s textiles area. i got mine at SM for P3 to P6 lang per meter, depending on the thickness. 🙂

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