Fighting the Good Fight

by Iris Dy,
Cagayan de Oro City

I have exercised my right to choose our country’s president twice before. Each time I did, I made sure that I chose the one person whom I believed was less likely to steal from the country’s coffers, less likely to trample on the rights of the less privileged, and less likely to abuse power in any way. Both times, the candidate I chose failed to win the coveted position. The first was railroaded by popularity and the second by massive cheating. I can, in fact, attest to the cheating part since I was working in the infamous DILG at that time.

I became so disgusted with how politics worked in our country that I left government service and vowed never to vote again, especially when I realized that I had done nothing but choose “the one less likely” since I was old enough to cast my ballot. I no longer wanted to choose the lesser evil, but I figured that exercising my right to suffrage in this country meant just that – choosing the least of several evils. So I decided not to choose at all.

Then came September 1, 2009 when Senator Mar Roxas sacrificed his own ambitions to give Senator Noynoy Aquino the chance to lead this country towards real change. Once again, the fire of intelligent activism burned inside me. The hope for a stronger and better nation – dead and forgotten for several years — came alive again. I prayed that Noy would accept the challenge and rejoiced with the nation when he did. Finally, I have a good reason to cast my vote again. No longer will I have to choose the least of several evils because there is now someone who dares to stand up against them. This time around I can proudly choose the GOOD AMONG EVIL.

The road that Noy will have to travel in his bid to claim the presidency will indeed be a rough one. Not only will he have to contend with the wealth, connections and machinery of his rivals, but also with the ignorance of many in regard to his stand on some issues – the Reproductive Health Bill in particular. There are those who are too quick to lambast him for supporting this bill without even reading and understanding the provisions therein. If only they would take time to read it – as I did – they would realize that Noy did not give up his moral values when he decided to support the RH Bill.

But then, there are people who are content to simply listen to those who choose to mislead them. Such is my worry; and such is the reason why I will not just stand back and watch my candidate railroaded yet again. I have, in fact, started printing out copies of the RH Bill and take every opportunity to make people understand it. I will fight, and I exhort everyone else to fight the good fight with me. Let us be one in sending out the message: “Times have changed, we will NOT be cheated out of our rightful leader this time around. We will make a stand!” Take heart, yellow team. Ituloy ang laban!


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    Jose Maria Bernabe said,



    It is said that no one fools around with destiny; nor has anyone the power to stop or delay the fulfillment of a man’s destiny in its own time. The unfolding of recent events has started to reveal the destiny of one man to become president of the republic; one man who just a few months ago was not even among those seriously considered for the office—Noynoy Aquino.

    Among the first to make sense of the seemingly unlikely impending reality was no less than Senator Mar Roxas, himself a presidential hopeful. While he might also have sought an appointment with destiny, Roxas understood the signs and came to realize that his was meant to be a supportive, albeit crucial, role to Noynoy’s destiny. No doubt, Roxas’ decision to withdraw from the presidential race and instead support Noynoy’s candidacy was a most difficult one, something carried out with a heavy heart. But Roxas only knows too well that to proceed with his own plans will not only be futile but can have disastrous consequences not only to his political life but to that of the nation as well. His decision to forego, or to postpone if only for the moment, his own plans to run for president is nothing less than inspired.

    If Noynoy’s appointment with destiny was not revealed earlier, it was because the long shadow of his late mother, former President Cory Aquino, as well as the lingering memory of his hero father, the late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino eclipsed it. With Cory’s passing, however, the heretofore seemingly unexciting figure of the man who never before hinted of a desire to run for the presidency was suddenly cast into the light.

    At a time when unabated and endemic corruption in all levels of government have caused the people to almost completely lose hope and faith in the nation’s leaders, the people’s desperate clarion call is to search for one honest man. A decent, honest, and principled man with a simple lifestyle, Noynoy has always been around. However, he was never considered a presidential, or even just vice-presidential material, simply because our political culture has always regarded as true the conventional wisdom, articulated by no less than presidential candidate Manny Villar that one cannot hope to win a presidential election unless he has billions to spend. It is this very unfortunate political mindset long accepted as gospel truth, that has long barred our minds from hoping, much less, believing that a less than moneyed person can aim for public office.

    Until Cory Aquino’s death shattered that false reality.

    To pave the way for her son’s destiny, President Cory had to bear pain and die at the appointed time, the selection time—not long before, nor after the 2010 Presidential elections.

    She had to suffer long enough so we could have time to reflect and recall what she, an ordinary housewife, was able to accomplish for our nation—restore us our basic freedoms from the clutches of the Marcos dictatorship.

    And she died at a time when the country is desperately searching for someone whom our people can trust to lead a serious war against corruption, restore decency and honesty in public service, and put our country back to its feet.

    The grieving multitude that lined the streets as President Cory was being brought to her final resting place provided the answer. The sight of the sea of grieving and grateful humanity suddenly became a living testament—an answer to the country’s crying need. All of a sudden, like a spirit beckoning on the nation’s collective psyche, the country began to realize that the people power history etched by the heroism of Ninoy and the sacrifice of Cory now needed a historical sequel to be played or carried on by their only son, Noynoy.

    It has also made many of us realize that the so-called conventional wisdom was no wisdom at all but a conventional folly. For true wisdom is embedded in the belief that a moral force can overcome the power of wealth: if the people of a nation bonded together, they can be united into an unstoppable force of change. With that realization is confidence that where we had done it before, we can do it again and now.

    It would therefore be a tragic mistake to believe that the surge in Noynoy’s popularity is purely due to emotional reasons, or that it is merely an expression of sympathy for her departed mother that would soon simmer down. On the contrary, all indications are that there is definitely more to it. In more ways than one, the outpouring of grief was not just for the passing on of the former housewife who restored our freedoms; above all, it was an expression of anguish for the demise of morals and decency in governance and public office that she had come to symbolize. And from that view comes hope: A new people power movement cannot bring back Ninoy and Cory back to life, but it can give them immortality by resurrecting their legacy of an upright society, governed and run by righteous men and women.

    The Filipino people will install Noynoy to the presidency, not because he is the son of Ninoy and Cory, but more importantly because the call of the hour is for an honest man. On this score, over and above all the other pretenders to the presidential office, Noynoy stands alone.

  2. 2

    Lorenza said,

    Bravo, Iris! I admire your spirit, and what you are doing to enlighten our countrymen about the RH bill that Noynoy is supporting is really commendable. I wish a lot more would follow your example. God bless.

  3. 3

    Dennis Villarta said,

    Noynoy will be the next president because the people have seen hope in him . He is clean and he is not in association with the dirty people of the society .
    It is our hope that Noynoy will not , in anyway possible , to associate himself with these dirty and powerful men from the past and present ,like Danding and the Marcoses for him to be able to protect the legacy of his parents and to effectively initiate radical reforms for the country.
    Noynoy should not in a hurry to create changes of our system but rather to Listen and find a solution to the current problems we have today .
    Corruption is the no.1 problem we are facing today , Noynoy must implement very immediately measures to curb corruption in the gov’t , otherwise the momentum would just easily fade away , We need to regain the investor confidence to propel us to much a faster economic recovery and progress .
    Support People Empowerment by addressing the declining educational condition of the country , he must widened the TESDA education program to the rural areas .
    Solicit a better approach for a better quality education .
    Initiate programs to protect the environment thus to provide and prepare a better place for our children’s children .
    Promote Nationalism by patronizing philippine products and control the influx of foreign products especially from China that didn’t even pass the PSA but continue to freely flow in our country . Product standard is so important to provide safety usage by the filipinos .
    Among other things and by all means and whatever it takes , you must led this country into a better philippines .

  4. 4

    regina carillo said,

    Ibabalik ko ang kulturang Pinoy na pangha-HARANA!

    Tapos na ang panahon ng ‘bilihan sa boto’, wala na ang ‘padri-Padrino’, pati na ang kampanyang may ‘personal-na-interes’ bilang kapalit ay tuluyang maglalaho.

    Isang kampanyang nagsimula sa Edsa 1 na ngayo’y muling nagbabalik sa puso ng mga kababayang Pilipino. Pakikipaglaban para sa bansa, pagmamalasakit, sakripisyo at serbisyo, panunuyo at panliligaw na hindi regalong materyal ang alok o suhol kundi ang tapat at dalisay na pag-ibig lamang.

    I will campaign for Noynoy & will mobilize the youth to volunteer for ‘The Dream’.

  5. 5

    Al said,

    Good Day…..Salam……

    As I read this nice and yet simple, I admired you Ms. Irish Dy for such a words you said in ur article ang galing mo….Sa panahong ito dapat mga kabataan marunong na mag husga kung sinu sinu ang pipiliin na susunod na mamuno sa ating Mahal na Bansa….I’m from Southern Mindanao kung saan mararanasan mo ang mapait na kalayan kalayaan sa mga kaguluhan….sana kung sinu man manalo sa pagka Pangulo ng bansa suportahan niya ung Peace and Order hindi makisawsaw sa kaguluhan o yung manguna pa sa kaguluhan dito…sa ngayon nasa 70/30 stages pa ang isip ko sa pagpili ng Pangulo pero kung papaipiliin ako sa lahat ng kumakandidatong pangulong nakikita ko sa kaanyuan ni NoyNoy yaong pagmamalasakit sa kapwa at may takot sa Diyos and sya lng nman sa mga Kandidatong may malinis na records na walang bahid ng pangungurakot sa pagkat alam niya na sya ay inilahal ng mamamayan ng Pilipinas na maglingkod at gawin yung nararapat na gawain at hindi ung mangurakot na ginagawa ng iba sa Gobyerno…..Sa nakalipas na mga Election this is my 2nd times to vote for Presidentiable hope now not only me will choose the right one but everyone especially the YOUTH and the New Voters Vote Wisely dont get rid of others na kesyo na ganito na ganun but this one i will say just vote for less evils dont give your vote to more evils…Youth of Philippines this is our times to Vote and give Chance ourself to vote who are the best and can uplift us from Poverty which we are experiencing…NoyNoy I admired you not because you are popular or maybe your Parents are popular nor Kris but I admired you for being simple, less vocals and you done what is best for us and one thing Noy Noy is afraid to get what is not for him this is why my heart and mind are in favor of you…….
    Maraming Salamat and Mabuhay

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