Yellow Ribbon: A Promise I Intend to Keep

By: Louie Bryan Mirafuentes Lapat,
Davao del Norte

“I am only one but I am still one. I cannot do everything but still I can do something. And because I can’t do everything, I will not refuse that something which I can do.”

Yesterday, I received 50 pieces of yellow ribbons – which is actually made of rubber — from Miss Bea Azcuna of the Supreme Court of the Philippines and it’s free of charge. Each ribbon is tagged at 50 pesos each and would have left our pockets empty and tattered. =) Me and my friends expected this for about a month and yesterday, we were happy to receive it. Thanks to Ma’am Bea. Ooops, Bea. She is insisting to drop the “ma’am.” =)

Louie and Yellow RibbonsThis morning, I was accidentally tasked to go to Nabunturan, capital town of the Province of Compostela Valley, and is 35 kilometers away from Tagum City. Of course, I wore the yellow ribbon.

While on my way, the bus conductor told me “ Ganahan ko sa imong yellow ribbon. Asa ka nagpalit?” (I like your yellow ribbon. Where did you bought it?)

I answered with a smile “ Diha ka? Gipadala ra man ni sa ako… pero promise, balikan taka sa terminal next weekend para matagaan taka.” (Really? Someone sent this to me but don’t you worry, I will see you at the terminal to give you one next weekend!”

His reply: “Salamat bay! Kabalo ka, sa amo-ang pamilya, kay Noynoy jud mi! Hulaton taka next week ha!” (Thank you! You know, my family is all-out for Noynoy! I will wait for you next week, ok!” Without a word, my yellow ribbon made a statement. Its impact is really great.

On my way home, I boarded a jam-packed bus and I had no choice but to stand all throughout the trip. As I stood on that bus, I noticed that some people are smiling at me. Maybe they just think that I am that good-looking, I thought. =) Oh, come on. I really wondered why. Until someone who is fat smiled at me (I forgot her name) and said: (I WILL TRANSLATE IT NA LANG TO ENGLISH.. HEHE) “Wow… I love your yellow ribbon and I love Noynoy! Where are you from? You know what, I really am voting for Noynoy because I feel that he alone can bring the change that we really need today. He is my president and he must win!”

She told me about her dismay over the inability of the present administration and the problems that we are facing today but she said that she is hopeful that Noynoy can bring the change that she wants to see in our country. After she talked, her child – maybe eight year old — flashed the “Laban” sign which made me smile.

Some people on her back agreed on what she said and it seems that they are really hungry for change. This happened without me talking and initiating. That yellow ribbon prompted them to do so.

For me, a yellow ribbon is more than just a ribbon. It is a silent campaign material and it symbolizes the people’s thirst for genuine change in the government and the people’s audacious hope that with Noynoy, we will be on the right track again.

From now on until June 30, 2010, I made a promise that I will wear this yellow ribbon so many people will be encouraged to vote for Noynoy… to vote for change.

As what Edward Everett said: “I am only one but I am still one. I cannot do everything but still I can do something. And because I can’t do everything, I will not refuse that something which I can do.”

That’s a promise I intend to keep.


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  1. 2

    MM said,

    A very inspiring article. Thanks a lot, Louie! Tuloy natin ang laban.

  2. 3

    hustisya said,

    I used to get my yellow ribbon replenishment sa mga lamp posts and electric posts sa Kalayaan st and JP Riza St. in Makati . Ngayon wala na, sana maglagay sila uli….I have yellow blankets tied t the back of my car. Kung di pa loud ito, ewan ko lang.

  3. 4

    hilotMD said,

    i still remember how the yellow ribbon was transformed from just a line from a song to a symbol of unity and change…i was just a young boy in grade school but because my family enshrined in us kids the importance of having a true democracy, i already knew what the yellow ribbon symbolized then. now, i am a grown man. i have a family of my own…i am teaching my daughter why i tie a ribbon on the antenna of the family car…and why i’m voting for NOYNOY…it’s actually for my daughter’s future.

    i am not voting for noynoy because he is the son of the late senator benigno aquino nor the late president corazon aquino. i am not voting for him because i think that i am voting for the lesser evil? i am voting because i am so tired of corruption and that he will be able to solve this problem. he’s relative inexperience, which most of his opposers are saying about him i don’t consider a liability. yes, he maybe relatively inexperienced but i think this inexperiece in TRADITIONAL POLITICS and CORRUPT POLITICAL PRACTICES is his feather on his cap.

  4. 5

    vsl1975 said,

    yellow ribbon 4ever! for change… for noynoy… for the country

  5. 6

    I’m from Tagum City, Davao del Norte and not from ComVal. The story just happened there. =)

  6. 9

    Ina Aquino said,

    Could you please check if there is a volunteer who makes this rubber yellow ribbons which could be used as a brooch/pin? I would like to give some away. If possible, I’d like to give as many as I could so if I could buy them at cost or if someone could teach me how to make them and where to buy the raw materials, that would be great.

    Just wearing them like Louie did is a message by itself. And they are great conversation starters on how we could contribute to make the change that we are all dreaming about.

    Go, Noynoy! Go, Pinoy!

    Salamat po.

    • 10

      Louie Bryan Lapat said,

      Miss Bea Azcuna is making yellow ribbons. She is actually selling it for 50 pesos each and proceeds will go to Benigno Aquino Foundation and PinoyME Foundation.

  7. 11

    laida galagata said,

    brooch na yellow ribbon? iyan ang ginawang souvenir ng boss ko on his 54th birthday last oct. 26. O di ba ang ganda. nakalagay siya sa small box na may nakalagay na VOTE wisely !! yellow ribbon din ang design ng kanyang invitation…

  8. 12

    Juancho said,

    you can buy yellow ribbons at SM Dept Store TEXTILE & NOTIONS section. get the thin ones, they make good lapel ribbons. it’s a cheaper (but less durable) alternative to rubber. anyway, if you need to change it frequently, it’s just 3 pesos lang per square meter. 🙂

  9. 13

    clark laurence said,

    Hope ceases the moment we cease to hope for a hope!

    ” All sectors of our society that are fed up of political turmoil will now be driven towards a single direction and be mobilized in pursuit of National MORAL and economic recovery, thanks to the initiative of Noynoy Aquino. Break the Chains!”

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