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Fighting the Good Fight

by Iris Dy,
Cagayan de Oro City

I have exercised my right to choose our country’s president twice before. Each time I did, I made sure that I chose the one person whom I believed was less likely to steal from the country’s coffers, less likely to trample on the rights of the less privileged, and less likely to abuse power in any way. Both times, the candidate I chose failed to win the coveted position. The first was railroaded by popularity and the second by massive cheating. I can, in fact, attest to the cheating part since I was working in the infamous DILG at that time.

I became so disgusted with how politics worked in our country that I left government service and vowed never to vote again, especially when I realized that I had done nothing but choose “the one less likely” since I was old enough to cast my ballot. I no longer wanted to choose the lesser evil, but I figured that exercising my right to suffrage in this country meant just that – choosing the least of several evils. So I decided not to choose at all.

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The Truth About Noynoy Aquino’s So-called “Dark Secret”



This is to refute the malicious allegations raised in an article titled “Noynoy’s Dark Secret” written by Alfred Dalizon and published in the October 26, 2009 edition of the People’s Journal.

This is an old story and it is unfortunate that Mr. Dalizon’s article got the facts completely wrong. A certain “Charlotte Marie Datiles” indeed died during the August 28, 1987 coup d’etat. She was not the girlfriend of Senator Benigno “Noynoy” S. Aquino III nor was she in the same car as the senator.

According to Ramon Tulfo in his September 9, 1987 column “On Target” that appeared in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, she was the 19-year-old girlfriend of a certain Lt. Teodoro Sanchez, an undercover operative of the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Tulfo wrote: “Sanchez and Datiles and another ISAFP agent were passing by Malacañang aboard a car during the attack on the palace. They came from a mission following up a lead in the slaying of Local Government Secretary Jaime Ferrer. Sanchez’s car was sandwiched between the Palace guards and the rebels firing at each other.”

A copy of the said article is attached. While we all expect evil propaganda of this nature to continue as the election nears, we have no doubt that truth will prevail in the end. We must not be distracted in the campaign to fight for what is right. The Filipino people deserve nothing less. Our call remains: “Tanggaling ang tiwali, itama ang mali!”

Florencio “Butch” Abad
Campaign Manager


View the text of the September 9, 1987 PDI article about that incident here:

On Target


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The Reproductive Health Bill: the Fact and the Fiction

by Liberty Chee

Reproductive health is not new in the Philippine legislative landscape. It has gone through many permutations and versions since the 11th Congress. Reproductive health bills have progressed little in the past decade owing to the strong and organized opposition of the Catholic clergy. However, in the last year, the polemic has escalated to capture the attention of many Filipinos due in part to the strong language coming from the CBCP. In July 2008, the bishops threatened to excommunicate politicians who would support the bill.

The discourse coming from those opposed to the bill often degenerates into the willful distortion of “reproductive health” and spreading misinformation on the content and implications of the bill.  This either betrays a complete ignorance of what is written in the legislation or a malicious intent to defeat the bill at all cost. If the Church hierarchy’s arguments against the bill were to be addressed point by point, then they would have no ground for reasonable opposition.

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Yellow Ribbon: A Promise I Intend to Keep

By: Louie Bryan Mirafuentes Lapat,
Davao del Norte

“I am only one but I am still one. I cannot do everything but still I can do something. And because I can’t do everything, I will not refuse that something which I can do.”

Yesterday, I received 50 pieces of yellow ribbons – which is actually made of rubber — from Miss Bea Azcuna of the Supreme Court of the Philippines and it’s free of charge. Each ribbon is tagged at 50 pesos each and would have left our pockets empty and tattered. =) Me and my friends expected this for about a month and yesterday, we were happy to receive it. Thanks to Ma’am Bea. Ooops, Bea. She is insisting to drop the “ma’am.” =)

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